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Documentary Screening - This Land Is Your Land

virginiawilliams | This Land is Your Land a one-hour documentary THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND is a film that looks at the impact of corporations on American society, told mainly from the perspective of average citizens. The film explores and defines both the evident and not-so-obvious areas of corporate influence, hears how people across the country feel their own lives have been affected, and looks at some of the brave, compelling and sometimes hilarious ways in which individuals and communities are reacting. Featuring radio commentator Jim Hightower, author Naomi Klein, The Raging Grannies, veteran journalist Jack Newfield, artist Ron English, and many others from across the U.S. more...  0 Comments

Wednesday: Kickoff Party for Youth Convergence @ Bowery Poetry Club

@ youth | more...  0 Comments

"FBI Goes Knocking" NYT registration-free URL

NYT via Mike Flugennock | The complete NYT "FBI Goes Knocking For Political 'Troublemakers'" URL without that NYT data-gathering "registration" rigamarole more...  1 Comments

NY Post attacks LAC conference; hunter college space threatened

@ | more bullshit from the media... more...  5 Comments

Bush Iraq Policy in Shambles, But Can Kerry Challenge It?

Dave Lindorff | The fighting in Najaf exposes the fraud of the June 30 “sovereignty†handover, and represents a complete failure of Bush’s Iraq strategy, but Kerry can’t bring himself to condemn the whole thing as the colossal disaster that it is. more...  0 Comments

Wednesday, Walking Tour and Protest of War Profiteers in Midtown Manhattan

m27coalition | more...  0 Comments

FBI Tracks Potential GOP Protesters

(repost) By Tom Hays (AP) | NEW YORK -- Federal agents and city police are keeping tabs on people they say might try to cause trouble at the Republican National Convention, questioning activists, making unannounced visits and monitoring Web sites and meetings. more...  8 Comments

Street Medics Need Your Help!

kaitlyn tikkun | Please help us finance our comms and health spaces. more...  0 Comments

Antiwar Candidate Jereski Charges Rep. Carolyn Maloney with Corrupt Abuse of Authority, Electioan Abuse

Anti-War Activist | NEW YORK, NY ˆ Embattled Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (NY 14th D) continues to face serious charges that her primary campaign engaged in corruption with complicity from a Board of Election clerk. Democratic Party candidate Robert Jereski filed a petition with the court requesting that Maloney‚s designating petition be thrown out, based on her violation of New York State Election Law. The Jereski case rests on two striking instances of electoral abuse: *Corrupt Abuse of Authority Rep. Maloney‚s Congressional Staff worked on Campaign! *Court Clerk who reviewed signatures for ballot and made the determination that Jereski missed by 4 signatures, actually collected signatures for Rep. Maloney! more...  0 Comments

DNC2RNC video diary

dnc2rnc imc | DNC2RNC 16th day of the march from Boston to NYC more...  1 Comments

"OUTFOXED" this Thursday, at the TIME'S UP! Bike Space

TIME'S UP! | Come outfox Rupert Murdoch and his war on journalism. more...  2 Comments

IMC Tech Note

Indymedia | Please Note: IMC techies have just implemented a mirroring / cache system to help allieviate the server load as the RNC approaches.

Because of this, there is a 1-2 minute delay in the appearance of stories on the open wire. Please wait a minute or two, and do not repost your story-- it will appear.

more...  1 Comments

Building Bridges Mon. Night -1. Paul Krugman 2. Venezuelan Elections Analysis

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, August 16, 2004, 7 p.m., EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at http://www.2600,com/offthehook/hot2.ram more...  0 Comments

RNC Corporate Media Roundup (2)

The Brass Check | Mainstream media disinfo. coming thick and fast:

FBI Knocking on Protesters' Doors (NYTimes) || Activists "Releasing Mice" (NY Post) || "Finest" Prepare for "Anarchy" (NY Post) || "The Right Way To Protest" (Is Behind Bars) (NY Post) || Protesters Rap Sheet Cause for Convern (Daily News)

more...  0 Comments

Here's the rightwing counterprotest 8/29 in NYC

J. Fox | Here's a taste of the what the right wing has planned as a counter protest in NYC 8/29. more...  14 Comments

Call for a spokes council to coordinate direct actions occurring during the week of the RNC | more...  1 Comments

needed: dancers, brass, flags!

Michele | If you are a DANCER, a BRASS musician (trombone! trumpet!), or someone who would like to just spend a few days carrying a FLAG, and perhaps sometimes twirling it, the RUDE MECHANICAL ORCHESTRA could sure use your help! more...  3 Comments

Groucho Speaks

Groucho Marxists | Groucho replies to the naysayers. :-) more...  1 Comments

Harassment of Denver, Kansas, NYC Anarchists Hits Times Front Page

NYTimes | WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 - The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Republican National Convention in New York. more...  9 Comments

Post smears August 29th Broadway actions

i hate the NY Post | The smearing of the August 29th Broadway show actions are now beginning. In this wonderful piece of fear-mongering, the Post claims that live mice will be released on Broadway. Nowhere on the internet does this information exist and the Post does not disclose where they got this info from. more...  9 Comments

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