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NYT Editorial : "The knock on the door from government investigators asking about political activities is the stuff of totalitarian regimes."

NYT Editor | The F.B.I.'s questioning of protesters is part of a larger campaign against political dissent that has increased sharply since the start of the war on terror. At the Democratic convention, protesters were sent to a depressing barbed-wire camp under the subway tracks. And at a recent Bush-Cheney campaign event, audience members were required to sign a pledge to support President Bush before they were admitted. more...  1 Comments

March For Women's Lives New York

Roger Rathman | Thousands to march across the Brooklyn Bridge for reproductive freedom! more...  1 Comments

Pirate Radio Reporters Cover Convention

Prof. Alex Klystron | The Red Orchestra to provide news and programming for grassroots media. more...  0 Comments

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Slammed for Calling Protest a 'Privelege'

GLENN THRUSH | Wrong about rights? Bloomberg draws criticism for implying anti-GOP rallies could lose 'privileges' of free speech if abused more...  0 Comments

FBI Harassment Story Makes Internation News

Rachael - HammerHard MediaWorks | Papers around the world are printing articles about harassment of protesters organizing for the RNC more...  1 Comments

8/26 - DNC2RNC Finale Party @ St. Marks

DNC2RNC | Join the DNC2RNC to celebrate the end of the march! more...  0 Comments

Be Afraid: Scared of Political Controversy at the Local Library

Dave Lindorff | Farenheit 451 arrives. Ashcroft is intimidating political protesters with FBI agents; He’s already scared some local librarians about presenting authors of controversial books. more...  1 Comments

Rev Billy Flashmob concert at Ground Zero

mark read | Guerilla Performance art at Ground Zero more...  1 Comments

Welcome to NYC - An Open Letter

basement cluster | Welcome to New York City and the Republican National Convention protests. This letter comes out of organizing efforts in NYC to make opposition to the Republican National Convention (RNC) a lasting success. In planning your protests we think it’s important that you have a general lay of the land. We tried to address issues of repression, police, prisons, and the media, as well as some ideas about the way New York is set up geographically. We hope you find this useful for planning your protests of the RNC. more...  1 Comments

Post A29 March Rumors: "No Northward Movement"

FYI | As it now stands NYPD will not be permitting movement north of 34th St. Participates will be forced to march west. Where they will be permitted to disperse is still uncertain; however, wherever it is, do not count on permitted northward movement. In short it will be a mess. more...  19 Comments

RNC Bus Closings

MTA | Bus re-routes more...  0 Comments

The Really Really Free Market is this Saturday at St. Mark's Church

Anarchist Worlds Fair | NYC’s 1st Really Really Free Market! FREE STUFF! FREE SERVICES! FREE FUN! • This Saturday, August 21st • St. Marks Church (2nd Ave Bet. 10th & 11th) • Noon to Dusk more...  3 Comments

Why are you here to protest?

your friendly neighborhood... | Here are three possible styles of responding to the question, "Why are you here to protest?" more...  5 Comments

Two things for out-of-towners to watch out for

your friendly neighborhood... | If you are coming to New York City from out of town, you need to be prepared. Besides knowing the calendar and your way around, there are two things that make the 2004 RNC a special place to protest or produce independent media. more...  2 Comments

Where to Find The Indypendent

IMCista | The Indypendent is currently being distributed at 300 sites around the New York City area. Below are some of the sites it can be found at in the coming days. If we're not getting the paper to your neighborhood, please help us. We can be reached at 212-684-8112 or more...  1 Comments

Republican National (Cult?) Convention

Gods of New York | In an article, the New York Times mentions that the New Yorker Hotel only has 40% of the expected RNC delegates it projected to house. They don't mention that its ownership could be considered a bit... questionable. more...  0 Comments

What to Do if the FBI Drops By Your Home or Office

Varlet...and the National Lawyers Guild | US Government's COINTELPRO - Still Undead The stinking corpse of the FBI's infamous "Counter-Intelligence Program", or COINTELPRO, which was used from the 1940s through the 1970s against Communists, Anarchists, Civil Rights Activists and sundry other decent working-class militants, and which was "allegedly" discontinued in 1971, is fully risen from the grave once again. more...  6 Comments launches for RNC | Moport, a MObile phone rePORTing tool launches just in time for the RNC. Join at or stay tuned to watch it unfold starting August 30th. more...  0 Comments

New York Worker Solidarity with Chavez

Malick McCory | Transport Workers Union President, Roger Touissant, shows solidarity with Hugh Chavez more...  2 Comments

Singles Against War (SAW) Party 8/29

single | THE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING! ...AND SO SHOULD WE! more...  12 Comments

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