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Central Park Becomes the Battleground

Anonymous | more...  2 Comments

This Land Is Your Land - documentary screening

Virginia Williams | This Land is Your Land THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND is a film that looks at the impact of corporations on American society, told mainly from the perspective of average citizens. The film explores and defines both the evident and not-so-obvious areas of corporate influence, hears how people across the country feel their own lives have been affected, and looks at some of the brave, compelling and sometimes hilarious ways in which individuals and communities are reacting. Featuring radio commentator Jim Hightower, author Naomi Klein, The Raging Grannies, veteran journalist Jack Newfield, artist Ron English, and many others from across the U.S. more...  0 Comments

Queers and trannies bike against the RNC at critical mass

pink bike | RNC out of New York, US out of Iraq! more...  1 Comments

RNC Comms Info

commsnyc | Important comms Info for anyone planning on being in the streets during the RNC. more...  1 Comments

Don’t Take it to the Streets: Uncle Todd’s Revisionist History

Dave Lindorff | In a letter to New York protesters, left-bashing former leftists Todd Gitlin and John Passacantando offer a pinched and erroneous history of the ‘60s civil rights and anti-war movements, in calling on RNC demonstrators to act with Gandhi-like passivity in the face of Mayor Bloomberg’s repressive plans. more...  6 Comments

screenings at Time's Up bike space

Greenmonkey | Screenings at Time's Up bike space more...  1 Comments

The New Culture of Fear

Anonymous | more...  5 Comments

Images: Vomitorium

Fred Askew | Artists stage a contempory vomitorium more...  7 Comments


maggie gram | The New York Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights have filed a lawsuit in NY State Supreme Court on behalf of United for Peace and Justice. The suit seeks a court order mandating the city to issue a permit for UFPJ to hold a rally in Central Park on Sunday August 29. more...  8 Comments

Anti-War Nader vs. Pro-War Kerry & Bush In Big Apple?

dncrncwatch | Nader campaign submits more signatures than required to get on New York State ballot in November. more...  5 Comments

A Sign of Low RNC Turnout??

Cooperstown | One local peace group, Citizens’ Alternative Voice, had arranged to have a 47-person bus take protesters from the Oneonta area to New York City on Aug. 29. Organizers Scott Bankus of Oneonta and Sandy Twang of Columbus canceled the bus reservation Monday night because only five or six people had reserved seats. more...  14 Comments

Phone numbers, addresses, and e-mails of over 1600 RNC delegates!

RNC Delegates Working Group | more...  55 Comments

big victory for protesters!

normal2 | Sunday Afternoon In The Park - August 29th, 2004 (fight for your right.... to stand around on the grass, away from the stresses of the big city) more...  4 Comments

RNC Event: Love-In-NYC

huzhu | Love>Fear Kiss-In on Broadway! more...  4 Comments

left and right wing NYC street fairs during the month of August

just_a_tidbit | more...  0 Comments

Hack the RNC - Online protest, logistics inside!

CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc | Hackers are organizing for a massive electronic civil disobedience campaign against the Republican party to coincide with the massive protests in New York City for the Republican National Convention. This document contains logistical information on how people can participate in this campaign. more...  6 Comments

NY Versus the Protesters

WP | Interesting article in the Washington Post- don't know if its THE Michael Powell, but I assume not- more...  7 Comments

Announcement: 9-11 Truth convergence space during RNC

Adam | The Brecht Forum space, five blocks from Madison Square Garden, has been reserved by the group for use by all activists from Aug. 27 through Sep 2. more...  0 Comments

what to do with the Libertarians

union militant | The Libertarians are attempting to emerge as a prominent sector of the anti-RNC protests. But are they really on our side? An article in the New York Times followed by some commentary. more...  14 Comments

THAW's August Freedom Follies

Sophia Skiles | **********Freedom Follies – The Pro-Peace Anti-Empire Cabaret Beyond November: The War Against the Working Poor and Our Culture of Poverty more...  0 Comments

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