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Gio | more...  0 Comments

More Lies from Daily News--"Protests May Turn Bloody"

Bon Scott | The FBI fears some protesters are plotting bloody confrontations during the Republican National Convention starting late this month, a top counterterrorism agent said yesterday. "We have reporting that people who are going to a site to protest [in New York] may be planning to do more than protest," said FBI counterterrorism chief Gary Bald. more...  8 Comments

Life After Capitalism Conference August 20-22

morning sun | Life After Capitalism Conference more...  1 Comments

New NO RNC Art Space OPEN!

slug | A new ‘No RNC Art Space’ is opening up this week and is ready to accommodate 100’s of people/artists dedicated to creatively derailing George W. Bush. We are open 9am to 10pm EVERYDAY! The 'No RNC Art Space' is a colorful and comfortable 3000 square foot space in Bushwick(Brooklyn) located 1 1/2 blocks from the M line(Central stop) and 4 1/2 blocks from the L line(Dekalb stop). We invite everyone interested in challenging the Bush agenda/RNC to utilize this space for creative art projects, meeting space, chill-out/safe space, etc.(no law enforcement or media) We will provide art supplies and snacks. We have many projects in production that you can plug into. It's crunch time! Let's creatively overthrow Bush! Address- 678A Hart St., Bushwick(Brooklyn) Email- Phone #- (917) 363-7242 more...  0 Comments


Gio | more...  2 Comments

"Truth Convention" double header documentary films: WMD/State of the Union: Aug 31st.

Jon Hawk | NEW YORK, NY: With mass media focused on the Republican convention in Madison Square Carden, two independent filmmakers have joined forces to screen films that focus on issues that the convention will ignore---mania manipulation and growing inequality along racial lines. Both films indict Bush Administration policies and call for deeper change. They will screen eight blocks north of the Garden at the Loew's Theater,Cinema 1, at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue, Aug 31st 7 PM. Press attention as well as the Indymedia public are welcome to call attention to the contrast in the issues raised. LOCAL INDYMEDIA READERS ARE INVITED & WILL GAIN COMPLIMENTARY ENTRANCE WITH RSVP TO THE 4SEASONS.COM WEBSITE OR CALL 1.800.728.2008 BY 8/24. RECEPTION FOLLOWS AT FILMCENTER CAFE 1 BLOCK WEST OF THEATRE. BE THERE! more...  0 Comments

August NoRNC Sound Coalition UPDATE

AF - August NoRNC Sound Coalition | ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ more...  0 Comments

A Student-Led Campaign to Support the Starbucks Workers Union

Campaign for Starbucks Workers | A group of Starbucks workers organizing with the Industrial Workers of the World have sparked a national campaign to unionize the world’s largest coffee chain. The workers and their allies have a vision of a groundbreaking union campaign that seriously challenges prevailing organizing paradigms. Instead of a select group of staff organizers taking on Starbucks, it will take a social movement to defeat this company. Imagine for a moment a fighting union of retail workers and what a constructive force in society that would be. more...  0 Comments

Late August Calendar of Trainings - Prepare to Protest the RNC

trainings working group | With only 2 weeks left, come prepare to protest the RNC. The calendar includes know your rights, medic, arts, bike block and bike repair, direct action, anti-racism and much much more! more...  0 Comments

THE POWER OF PROTEST: From Civil Rights to the Iraq War

ISO Harlem | This meeting will address three main questions: 1. why didn't the february 15, 2003 protests stop the Iraq war? 2. why aren't more people protesting in general right now? and 3. what can we do about all this? more...  0 Comments

Canadian Brings Patriot Anthem to New York for RNC

Sam Turton | Canadian songwriter Sam Turton to sing his Patriot anthem at the Knitting Factory's Involver music series during the Republican National Convention. more...  0 Comments

FL GOP delegate speaks out: I'm not scared of "radical anarchist punks"!

Billie Moon | more...  3 Comments

Unconventional Heroes: An Evening of Performance to Honor Courageous Resisters

Artists Network of Refuse & Resist! | more...  1 Comments

Pictures from today's tour

M27 Coalition | more...  1 Comments

Our oppostion and the hate mail they send us | Out of the 250 or so pieces of nasty emails from right-wingers we have gotten in the last year, this one is pretty indicative of the intelligence of our oppostion. Feel free to write them and tell them what you think. more...  6 Comments

AUDIO: DNC2RNC Update from Ryan Harvey in New Haven, CT

~Bradley | On August 16, radical folk musician and organizer Ryan Harvey called into Free Radio Santa Cruz from New Haven, CT to give an update on the DNC2RNC march. (35 minutes / 32 megabytes) [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ] more...  0 Comments

training for a31 media spokes tomorrow -- Thurs. 8/19

reality check a31 media | training on corporate media work more...  0 Comments

AUDIO: DNC2RNC Marchers Update FRSC from New Haven, CT

~Bradley | On August 16, Cedar, Peter, Giana and Cody, participants on the DNC2RNC, called into Free Radio Santa Cruz with updates from New Haven, CT. (24 minutes / 22 megabytes) [ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ] more...  0 Comments

A31 Massive Outreach Push on Thursday!

A31 | A31 Massive Outreach Push Thursday, August 19th - 4pm-7pm Union Square Park (near stairs on the south side) more...  0 Comments

Zapatistas Storm NYC - Call for a REVOLUTIONARY ZAPATISTA CONTINGENT at the Protests against the Republican National Convention in New York City

¡Enough is Enough! Project |

Zapatista Contingent at the Protests against the Republican National Convention in NYC – Aug.29/30, 2004

"Democracy is the majority of people having decision making power concerning issues that concern them. The Zapatista concept of democracy is something that is built from below, with everyone, even those who think differently from us. Democracy is the exercise of power for the people all the time and in all places."
- EZLN communiqué regarding elections
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