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call for a japanese noise bloc

sparkle girl | okay, it does not have to be "japanese noise", any noise will do... more...  2 Comments

FBI Interrogation: A Mark of Achievement

Joe Protester | Dear Federal Bureau of Investigation, Can I just say that I am deeply disappointed that I have not yet received my personal visit from the FBI. I have put a great deal of time into my radical activities over the last couple months and frankly, it's time I received proper recognition for my work. more...  5 Comments

Rally At TV Stations And Live Mainstream Camera's

Free Press International | The 1st amendment guarantee's freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. more...  1 Comments

Metroland Magazine Review of Madame President: The Unauthorized Biography of the First Green Party President

Shawn Stone | In this alternate universe, the Greens’ party-building in the late 1990s makes it a national political factor, thanks to their presidential candidate, Barry Frost (think Ralph Nader). The debacle in Florida happens, and—with the Greens on hand to counter Republican shenanigans in a way the real-life Democrats never tried—the election is decided according to the Constitution. When the Greens are accused of being spoilers, the future Ms. President tartly replies: “You can’t spoil anything that’s already rotten.†more...  1 Comments


OUTERNATIONAL | more...  1 Comments

DNC2RNC Pictures | Preview of some of the pictures you can see at more...  0 Comments


NYC Labor Against the War | The following is the revised NYCLAW call for the RNC labor antiwar contingent. The flyer can also be downloaded from: . more...  0 Comments

NYC's 1st Really Really Free Market!

Anarchist Worlds Fair | The Really REALLY Free Market, a celebration of alternative economics in action. Where: In the Courtyard of St. Mark's Church, On East 10th Street and 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side. When: Saturday, August 21 from Noon till Dark. more...  1 Comments

why im not voting

john dennehy | more...  6 Comments

communication during the rnc

ythcgfj | any plans for anouncements via text message on cell phone during the rnc? more...  6 Comments

!BASH-croft! A benefit for persecuted artist Steve Kurtz

Garrett | !BASH-croft! - A Loud Response to the Silencing of Dissent performances by Vague Angels featuring Chris Leo,I Love You, DJ North Guinea Hills, Usaisamonster, Drayton Sawyer Gang, and Unsacred Hearts Monday August 30th, 8pm (RNC day 2!) $6 Office Ops, 57 Thames St., Williamsburg - more...  0 Comments

Without Authority, New York DMV Now Requiring Immigration Documents For Holders of Driver's Licenses

yellow at yellowbrown | Immigration advocates, labor unions, and elected officials rallied today against the NY DMV's new, unauthorized policy of checking that residents holding driver's licenses have a social security number or have current legal immigration status. more...  3 Comments

Be the Media at theRNC! NYC Grassroots Media Coalition needs YOU!

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition | NYC Grassroots Media Coalition call for independent journalists to work collaboratively to cover the events surrounding the RNC. Opportunities for Community groups and new media makers to gain skills and MAKE THE MEDIA! more...  0 Comments

Article on Video Surveillance in NYC - NYCLU has NO PROBLEM with it!!!!!!

come on nyclu, wtf???? | Little-Known New York Police Force to Bolster Surveillance During Republican Convention AND NYCLU SAYS THAT THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THE COPS USING VIDEO SURVEILLANCE THROUGHOUT THE CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ``We don't think there is inherently anything wrong with the ability of private individuals and the government to engage in these types of (surveillance) activities,'' said Udi Ofer, an attorney with the New York Civil Liberties Union. more...  2 Comments

*Tomorrow* 'Beyond Bush' 7pm @ Hunter College w/Naomi Klein, Robin Kelley, Michael Albert, Vijay Prashad

LACista | Removing the Bush administration from office represents only part of our struggle, but it is no less vital for that. There is another power rising. Let us come together on August 20th and in the days that follow to demonstrate unequivocally that we are that power. more...  0 Comments

Dear Mass Mobilization Activists: It takes a second to wreck it, it takes time to build.

BASEMENT CLUSTER | DEAR MASS MOBILIZATION ACTIVISTS: Welcome to New York City and the Republican National Convention protests. This letter comes out of organizing efforts in NYC to make opposition to the Republican National Convention (RNC) a lasting success. In planning your protests we think it’s important that you have a general lay of the land. We tried to address issues of repression, police, prisons, and the media, as well as some ideas about the way New York is set up geographically. We hope you find this useful for planning your protests of the RNC. more...  0 Comments

THE TIME IS NOW - Major postering & outreach campaign needed immediately!

No RNC Poster Project | Spread the word more...  0 Comments

PUMP UP THE VOLUME (NYPD to use sound weapons)

dead end | NYPD to use painful sound weapons on protesters more...  1 Comments

NYPD Closing Its Anti-Graffiti Unit

@ | The NYPD is closing down its anti-graffiti unit. wooo-hooo! more...  2 Comments

RNC War of Smart Mobs?

Sam Rose | more...  3 Comments

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