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The WildMan | more...  2 Comments

Suggestions for Effective Street Protests

We The People | tactics for street protests, including use of symbols, organization, member protection, importance of fun, flexibility for effectiveness. more...  8 Comments

INN World Report On Air in NYC!!

INN World Report | INN is in the HOUSE more...  1 Comments

Call for a Militant Contingent at the March for Women’s Lives at the RNC

Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action | Call for a Militant Contingent at the March for Women’s Lives at the RNC August 28th, 2004 - 11AM Cadman Plaza - Brooklyn Look for the "Pro-Choice By Any Means Necessary" banner! more...  1 Comments

International Surrealists Against the RNC

Depth Squad Distro | An internatioanl surrealist statement against torturocracy on the occasion of the imperial coronation of George W. Bush more...  0 Comments

Call Out to Call Out the Anti-Choicers...

Anti-Racist Action | ...As the violently sexist, loudly homophobic, and underhanded racist villians that they are. more...  4 Comments

Miami Model Screening Raided in NYC

cath | more...  4 Comments

8/26 Unconventional Heroes: Courageous Resister Awards

orenishii | On Thurday August 26th, the Artist Network of Refuse & Resist! will present "unconventional Heroes: An Evening of Performance Honoring Courageous Resisters" sponsered by the NYU Student chapter of the NLG. An amazing night honoring resisters like: Michael Berg, Toni Smith, Aaron Lebowits, Rachel Corrie and more.... Artist presenting awards: Steve Earle; Beau Sia; Reg E. Gaines and more... more...  0 Comments

Blow the Whistle on the RNC!!!! In NY, SF, throughout the US!

Carol Brouillet | A powerful, non-violent protest idea for NY inspired protests and solidarity actions in San Francisco, including a full page ad in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. THEY will try to control the STREETS and the STORY. Here is a chance to not be silenced and get a powerful message out to the whole country. more...  2 Comments

Poets in the Park tonight - 'It's NOT about the grass!'

Not in Our Name | Tonight, August 20, in Central Park. more...  2 Comments

What is this American Fetish About Military "Experience" for Presidents?

Dave Lindorff | Why are American's so obsessed with having Presidents with military backgrounds? The record of such presidents has not been all that admirable. more...  2 Comments

Filmmakers: screen your short films in NYC during the convention

Pioneer Theater | Filmmakers in and coming to NYC - screen your short films more...  0 Comments

Join AntiWar 4 the Million Worker March!

Anti-war supporters of MWM | Get on the bus for the Million Worker March! Oct. 17, 2004, Washington, D.C. more...  1 Comments

Yahoo News: Police Turn Up Volume for GOP Convention

surdus | Police Turn Up Volume for GOP Convention Thu Aug 19, 7:08 PM ET By TOM HAYS, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK - Forget the megaphones. Police will have a much more high-tech — and louder — option to make themselves heard over the din of Manhattan traffic and noisy protesters outside the Republican National Convention. It's called the Long Range Acoustic Device, developed for the military and capable of blasting warnings, orders or anything else at an ear-splitting 150 decibels. more...  6 Comments

NY1 news video on police prep tactics for RNC

tracker | news video, 2 min. on police training for the RNC at floyd bennett field more...  0 Comments

NYTimes Article on RNC and Anarchists

Mattch | check it out, folks... more...  6 Comments

DRUM March in Queens

gio | more...  0 Comments

DNC2RNC Pictures | Preview of some of the 40 pictures you can see at more...  0 Comments

NYTimes Fails To Discuss NYPD Wrongful Arrests And Illegal Activity

reader | more...  1 Comments

ACORN Takes Community Center to Court for Aiding RNC Protesters

Casa Del Sol | Support Casa Del Sol, August 20, 2004 at 3:00 PM at the Bronx Supreme Court Building: 851 Grand Concourse and 161st Street in the Bronx. Don't let ACORN shut down a community center. more...  8 Comments

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