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Board of WBAI Removes Ailing Black Leader

John Riley | African-American WBAI Board Member Father Lawrence Lucas was removed from the Local Station Board for "unexcused absences" relating to an illness that required hospitalization and surgery. The Board was informed of the nature of his condition repeatedly. more...  9 Comments

Historians Debate (August 28): How Far to the Right Have We Gone?

Van Gosse, Historians Against the War | Leading Historians in a Town-Meeting on Bush's Global War on Terror: How Far to the Right Have We Gone? more...  1 Comments

UFPJ Court Case Still Pending!

United for Peace and Justice | You may have already heard that a federal judge today denied the use of Central Park for a protest at the Republican Convention. This ruling concerns a different organization, seeking to hold a protest on a different day. United for Peace and Justice will have a hearing in state court tomorrow, Tuesday, August 24, seeking a court order to rally in Central Park on Sunday, August 29. The outcome of today's federal case has no direct bearing on our case in New York State Supreme Court. more...  1 Comments

New RNC Know-Your-Rights Brochure

Katya Komisaruk | This is a new, no nonsense, RNC Know-Your-Rights handout. And it's got cartoons! Please pass it on. more...  2 Comments

Time for Martin Luther King-style Civil Disobedience!

dancing_dave | A ruling violating constitutional rights of assembly and expression has come down. It's clearly time for MLK's method of non-violent civil disobedience! more...  6 Comments

Inspired Filmmakers to Document Personal Journeys of Protestors during RNC

Jennifer Lucene | Two independent documentary filmmakers who have been "inspired" by the protest movement are taking out their cameras and capturing stories from several individuals who are here to be heard. more...  2 Comments

If you get in to the RNC, here is the seating chart

miss demeanor | thank you friendly RNC employee for this information. Even the people on the inside hate Bush. more...  3 Comments

A26 Zapatista Street Theatre and Unpermitted March - Start at 5pm from Columbus Circle, Southside of Central Park

Enough is Enough Project | to watch a video announcement, for info about the NYC mask law and updates visit more...  0 Comments

See Bush…Think Revolution --- NO TO THE NEW ROME

rw supporter | TO ALL THOSE IN OR COMING TO NYC "This is a time of great heaviness and, paradoxically, a time of great hope...a time for great deeds and, perhaps, the bringing into being of a great new future. . . if we rise to the occasion. We need to talk with each other. We need to work together. We need to struggle, for our lives and for the future of this planet. Get with us. Check out the revolution." more...  1 Comments

RADICALS PLOT BAD WEATHER, (More NY POST lies) | A number of extremists with ties to the 1970s radical More NY POST lies and govt cover stories: "Weather Underground have recently been released from prison and are in New York preparing to wreak havoc during the Republican National Convention, The Post has learned. " more...  18 Comments

calling all grassroots media!

maggie gram | What are the rights of reporters without official or corporate credentials? How can independent journalists navigate changing rules about recording and photographing in public in New York City during the Republican National Convention? On Friday, August 27th, the NYCLU will hold a know-your-rights briefing and networking workshop at our storefront office to provide up-to-date information on RNC events and the rights of independent media. more...  0 Comments

Anarchists and the RNC

Yvonne Liu | WHAT IS ANARCHISM? Teach-in and media briefing, Mon., Aug. 23, 7:30 pm CONTACT: Eric, (917) 806-6452 Brush, (212) 279-2485 Yvonne, (646) 321-5710 Who: New York anarchists who are organizing against the Republican National Convention What: A teach-in and media briefing on anarchism and anarchists' role in contemporary political organizing When: Mon., Aug. 23, 7:30 pm Where: St. Mark's Church, 131 E. 10th St. at Second Ave., Manhattan more...  6 Comments

Cagan: No Rally if No Central Park Permit

Cagan | Key quote in today's USA Today. "We're not going to have a rally if we don't have a permit for Central Park," coalition head Leslie Cagan says. more...  18 Comments

Is the NYPD Prepared to Avoid Abuse of RNC Prisoners?

Alex S. Vitale | Please Forward more...  8 Comments

NYPD Must Reject Zero Tolerance Policing

Alex S. Vitale | Please forward more...  0 Comments

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND documentary screening

Virginia Williams | This Land is Your Land a one-hour documentary THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND is a film that looks at the impact of corporations on American society, told mainly from the perspective of average citizens. The film explores and defines both the evident and not-so-obvious areas of corporate influence, hears how people across the country feel their own lives have been affected, and looks at some of the brave, compelling and sometimes hilarious ways in which individuals and communities are reacting. Featuring radio commentator Jim Hightower, author Naomi Klein, The Raging Grannies, veteran journalist Jack Newfield, artist Ron English, and many others from across the U.S. more...  0 Comments

Lower Manhattan Dumpster Tour [BNC]

Otto Mans | An evening of bike-riding and dumpster-diving, featuring Soho's most generous dumpsters. more...  1 Comments

Broadway actors-Stay home on the 29th--Broadway unions-call in sick

Nestor | Here is some information for people who are concerned that the Broadway shows RNC Delegates are attending are being used to make it look like NYC is happy they are here. Workers-stage sick-ins and engage in un-permitted (union) activity! more...  2 Comments

PPEHRC vs Billionaires for Bush Basketball Fundraiser

PPEHRC | The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign vs. Billionaires for Bush Basketball Fundraiser more...  0 Comments

Get down with the RCYB in NYC!! Upcoming events...

Twan | Hook up with the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCYB) and other volunteers who have come to NYC from around the country to dig into the question of Revolution and how we're going to get to a radically different future than the one that Bush and the rest are determined to shove down the throats of the world's people! more...  5 Comments

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