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Today's courthouse picket for Central Park rally permit - another picket planned for Wed, 9 am

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | (from the Open Newswire): From the streets to the courtroom you could hear the voices. Chanting “Whose park? Our Park†and an interactive pointing game of “This (the picket line) is what democracy looks like, that (the courthouse) is what hypocrisy looks like,†about 100 people from various organizations gathered at the steps of the State Courthouse in New York City this morning to show their support for the permit for the Central Park rally this weekend. Many folks carried “I SAY NO to the Bush Agenda.â€

Judge Silbermann stated she would have a ruling by tomorrow.

more...  9 Comments

Protest Party at Webster hall - tonight!

tom in manhattan | Join other protesters and activits tonight for a pre-convention party...come one come all! more...  0 Comments

screenings at Time's Up bike space

Green Monkey | See great videos more...  0 Comments

First Night at Bushville

eco-squatter | first night/day at Bushville Camp more...  1 Comments

Say NO to the Bush agenda, and make a little money too!

Orion | Help get out "I SAY NO to the Bush Agenda" t-shirts with Not In Our Name and make a little money! more...  3 Comments



Penultimate 1st Amendment Mob 6:30pm

Michael ONeil | Our mantra, our meditation, our Good News - The 1st Amendment - has brought us through 29 weeks of demonstration at Ground Zero. This is our last Tuesday before we perform it for the Republicans. more...  0 Comments

Responses to Life After Capitalism conference?

curious | I was sadly not able to attend the Life After Capitalism conference. How was it? more...  2 Comments

Maintaining Solidarity after the protests: Lessons from 2000

Matt Borus | At the last RNC in Philly in 2000, over 400 people were arrested. One was Camilo Viveiros, a Massachusetts housing organizer who faced charges that could have led to 30-40 years in prison. Supporters mounted a strong supuport campaign over the next 3.5 years that led up to his acquittal. This article is not a narrative of that campaign, but an attempt to distill key lessons that may be useful as the RNC in New York approaches. more...  0 Comments

Friday Celebration with Keith McHenry

nbcommunity | A day full of events in New Brunswick, NJ: Critical Mass, Gallery Opening, Music, Movies and Discussion with Keith McHenry (co-founder of Food Not Bombs in Boston in 1980) more...  0 Comments

Central Park in '82 - Down the Memory Hole

d.o. | short memories create long delibarations more...  11 Comments

The First RNC newsconfrence

messy90210 | This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone with an Indymedia press pass to test it out.... more...  1 Comments

On Aug. 29, Be There, Wherever ‘There’ Is

Dave Lindorff | Whatever a state court decides, the anti-Bush, anti-War march in New York City is on, so don’t let Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts deter you from heading to Manhattan this Sunday. more...  6 Comments

Paula Revere's Ride is Today [BNC]

TIME'S UP! | The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming! more...  0 Comments

"Print Bloc" Floods NYC with Special RNC Publications

IMCista | As the RNC approaches, New York City activists continue to pour out printed materials for mass distribution across the city. The Media Jump Start collective has just produced 50,000 copies of I Am New York Cityâ€, a 16-page color paper that features interviews with radical, grassroots community organizers from across the city. Meanwhile The Indypendent continues to distribute 200,000 copies of its most recent RNC special issue. A new RNC special issue will be out on Friday. Also, El Independiente, NYC indymedia's Spanish-langauge paper, just published its August issue. To help with distribution, call 212-684-8112 or email You can now pick up bundles of the Indy at a number of activist spaces in the city. more...  2 Comments

March to Protest Bush Regime Attack on Starbucks Workesr Union

benjamin | Fascism is coming to America, & this is the latest chapter! more...  0 Comments

Media Spokes Training 8/24, 6pm

Reality Check A31 Media Team | We're holding a fun and interactive training to prepare activists to talk to the media. Time: Tuesday, 8/24, 6-7pm Place: 94 9th St. (between Smith St. & 2nd Ave.), Brooklyn more...  0 Comments

Huge, Free Party for the Protesters

russ | Huge, free party for the protesters with 9 bands, speakers and voter/protest info, Wed, Sept 1st, 7pm til 4am @Siberia, 356 W. 40th St./9th Ave. more...  6 Comments

Call for National Solidarity Actions--A31

diego_mt | more...  4 Comments

Pictures of cops taking pictures of protesters

kimika | Cops are already targeting, video-taping and photographing activists who are protesting the Republican National Convention. See photos. more...  3 Comments

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