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Picnic in the park

J | Sunday, August 29th, after the UFPJ March more...  6 Comments

Pompadour-and-Guitar Bloc Celebrates Johnny Cash’s Legacy at the RNC!

kirsten anderberg |

Erin Siegal, aka Rine, was listening to Johnny Cash while checking her email a while ago, when she read a post from about an event planned to take place during the Republican National Convention (RNC) being held in New York City at the end of August. The event, being held for RNC delegates, is to take place at Southeby’s, and will be in honor of Johnny Cash. The event is sponsored by the American Gas Association (, a multinational corporation whose membership includes gas companies in Brazil, Korea, and France, among others. Erin says, “It made me really sad…When it was announced that Johnny Cash’s name would be tied to the 2004 RNC, my blood boiled. It was just too offensive, too outrageous…Johnny Cash is a people’s hero.†So, acting like any reasonable activist would, she organized a Man-And-Woman-In-Black Bloc (), to protest outside the Southeby’s event on August 31 at 4 pm, to defend Johnny’s good name.

more...  1 Comments

Squatting with the Poor Peoples Campaign

autonomous lifeform | Tired and exhausted from sleeping in public parks after arriving in Manhattan (forest dwellers will find a amazing forest in Van Cortland Park in the Bronx) I was relieved to find the Kensington Welfare Rights Unions, Bushville Tent City in Brooklyn. I slept on a futon in an empty lot next to a Baptist Church. Poor people have banded together to bring attention to the needs of the poor in Amerika. People from Cleveland, Philadelphia, Louisville, San Francisco, Providence and other places are filling in the space in the Tent City. It is a multi-racial mix, I sit and talk with African-Americans, Latinas and Europeans as we sit in a makeshift shelter. We talk about the issues affecting us as poor people. I am relieved to speak and be understood as I feel so misunderstood by my usually middle class suburban anarchist comrades. more...  1 Comments


Lawrence anarchists to protest in N.Y.C.

Infoshop News | Despite recent visits from FBI agents, more than a dozen people affiliated with a Lawrence anarchist group are planning to go to New York to protest the Republican National Convention. more...  1 Comments

Tamale Bike Brigade

Jym Dyer | Tamales for the Revolution! more...  0 Comments

Images: Paula Revere's Ride

fred askew | The Republicans are Coming! more...  2 Comments

Radical Community Tour, Dumpster Tour, DNC to RNC Welcome [BNC]

TIME'S UP! | Three great events on bikes (or other nonpolluting wheeled devices). Part of the Bike National Convention being held by TIME'S UP! more...  0 Comments

Recent Site Problems and "Electronic Civil Disobedience"

NYC-IMC | Recently, you may have noticed that Indymedia sites in New York City and elsewhere have been slower than usual, and even impossible to reach at times. While some of the slowdown is due to generally higher numbers of visitors as the Republican National Convention approaches, has also been the target of "denial of service" (DoS)attacks wherein an individual or group of people intentionally attempts to disable a target website. NYC Indymedia also wishes to disclaim any affiliation with DoS attacks currently underway against certain right-wing websites.
These DoS attacks and counter-attacks have the feel not of enlightened political discourse, or even of civil protest, but rather of the futile and circular arms races taking place all too often in our world. Neither side seeks to create, only to destroy the other.

We'd like to reiterate that NYC Indymedia has not been associated with any of the DoS or other attacks on right-wing websites. Due to our philosophy of open publishing, anyone can post to our website. Even in the case of content so objectionable (for example, calls to blatantly illegal action) that our editorial collective decides to hide or remove the posting, there can be a delay while the hiding or removal takes place, a delay that is of course all the longer if our website is not working.

We encourage all those interested in the upcoming RNC to turn to NYC IMC and the whole Indymedia network for news and information. And we especially encourage everyone to follow the Indymedia philosophy and become the media.

more...  32 Comments

Latest RNC Delegate List

RNC Delegates Working Group | The RNC Delegates Working Group is proud to release our latest list, now with information on over 2200 delegates to the Republican National Convention. more...  0 Comments

ATTN ppl putting up stickers

trace | make them work more...  3 Comments

How we beat the cops at RNC 2000

Battle for Broad | more...  2 Comments

Cartoon: FBI Pays a Visit

Scott Morris | August 25 strip of Debt On Comics more...  2 Comments

Mouse Bloc Reminder

Minnie | Aug. 29th is also theater night for GOP 'guests'. That means all you Mickeys and Minnies need to converge on theater dist. at 4 pm! more...  0 Comments

radical reference at RNC!!

debbie | radical reference: answering questions from those who question authority more...  6 Comments

A25 - A Call To Mutiny: Reports from Iraq

Clamor | Wednesday - August 25 - 7pm - St. Mark's Church
Clamor Magazine presents "A Call to Mutiny." With video, photos, artwork, music and presentations on the war and occupation in Iraq and the effects here at home. Not to be missed. more...  4 Comments

Special RNC Edition of Screeners Club!

Screeners Club | The Screeners Club is a monthly independent short film series that exists to offer filmmakers an immediate venue at which to screen their work in a casual, lounge environment. more...  0 Comments


KWRU | more...  4 Comments

Video: Courthouse picket for Central Park rally permit - another planned for Wed. 9am

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | About 100 people held a picket outside of the NY State Courthouse this morning for a permit for Sunday's Central Park rally. Another picket is planned tomorrow, Wednesday, from 9:00 - 10:30 am. 60 Center Street across from Foley Square. more...  1 Comments

Courthouse picket for Central Park rally permit - another planned for Wed. 9 am

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | 100 people picket NY State Courthouse for Central Park rally permit this morning. Another picket is planned for tomorrow morning, Wednesday from 9:00 - 10:30 am. more...  0 Comments

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