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Bands Against Bush!!! Friday!!! ALL AGES SHOW!!! Benefit for Not In Our Name

manny, Not In Our Name | Friday August 27th. 8pm. All Ages* show brought to you by Bands Against Bush in benefit for the Not In Our Name project. more...  0 Comments

What Happens if They Protest Anyway?

Newsday | However, some police officials have said they will be flexible, intending to abide by the spirit of the law rather than its letter. However, the source said problems could arise if protesters who visit the park interfere with people who have scheduled permitted events, like a softball game. more...  10 Comments

Note for the Anti-Intellectual Left

dv | more...  7 Comments

Fuck Bush;s Coronation,,,free central park

aron pieman kay | free the park more...  4 Comments

More Paula Revere Photos [BNC]

Jym Dyer | More photos from the excellent Greene Dragon/TIME'S UP! ride last night. more...  5 Comments

Johnny Cash Fans Fight to Take Back His Populist Legacy From Republican Revisionists

Ira Hayes | more...  1 Comments

The whole world is watching - The RNC protests and beyond

Max Uhlenbeck | The 2004 Republican National Convention (RNC) is coming to New York City for the first time in its 150-year history. From an organizer's perspective the convention itself presents our movement-or movement of movements-with an almost endless series of unique opportunities as well as some concrete challenges. more...  2 Comments

NY Young Republican events to disrupt during RNC - crashin' more parties

inside job | A summary of NYC Young Republican events to crash. Since naturally they will be lacking numbers, let's try to fill out their ranks a little. These events will also surely have less, and probably no, police presence. more...  3 Comments

Take it to the Trains - Thursday 11am

William Etundi Jr. | This Thursday, August 26th, at 11am New York City activists and out-of-town allies are invited to Take it to the Trains to invite our friends and neighbors to join us in resistance to the RNC.

For full details see: and I Am New York City invite you to meet at Union Square South anytime from 11am through 3pm, this Thursday. From there we will spread out into the train system with invites to the upcoming protests, information on the issues and friendly conversation about what the RNC and the protests mean for New York City.

more...  0 Comments

Supreme Court shoots down UFPJ rally.

Billy O'Connor | Aug. 25, 16:30 No body needed, title says it all. more...  9 Comments

Prospects & Tactics

Jacob Haller | more...  5 Comments

NYPD Strike Next Week as a Protest for No Pay Increase??

Red Emma | ???? more...  2 Comments

Revolutionary Commentary/Analysis/News

Revolutionary Writers & Artists RNC Team | Come check out!! more...  10 Comments

Video: Another courthouse picket for rally permit - regardless, "We'll see you in the park"

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | 1:30 min. short video highlights Tanya Mayo, Not in Our Name national organizer. MS Windoze Media Player required. "Download file" if the display is wacky. more...  0 Comments

Another courthouse picket for rally permit - regardless, "We'll see you in the park"

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | Picket returns to courthouse for Central Park rally. more...  4 Comments


Virginia Williams | THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND shows that every person can make a difference, even when pitted against the enormous powers of big business. This funny and moving documentary criss-crosses the nation, interviewing experts and individuals about corporate influence on American life, hears how people across the country feel their own lives have been affected, and looks at some of the brave, compelling and sometime hilarious ways in which individuals and communities are reacting. more...  0 Comments

DNC2RNC March Enters the Bronx!

little bird | The DNC2RNC march has entered the Bronx!! more...  2 Comments

Photos: Paula Revere's ride

kimika | Riders and marchers yell, "The repulicans are coming!" as they go down Lexington Ave to Madison Square Garden. more...  0 Comments

RNC Critical Mass

Xander | Critical Mass this Friday, the 27th, as a pre-cursor to the RNC protests. more...  1 Comments

Bush Bash in Brooklyn, August 29, 3pm, Cafe 111, Downtown Brooklyn

Peter Harris | A day of music, comedy and political thoughts to protest the RNC and the Bush Administration. Sunday, August 29, from 3pm, at Cafe 111 in Downtown Brooklyn. ALL proceeds will be donated to MoveON PAC! more...  1 Comments

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