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People's Olympics! Take back the streets, take back the sports!

People's Olympics Council | People's Olympics as a part of actions! more...  0 Comments

Nude Protest outside Madison Square Garden

QXZ | A group of nude prostesters arrested outside Madison Square Garden more...  9 Comments

Plan Your Party, Be Prepared

Jethro Heiko | Come say hello to the collective in New York, we will give you a cookie. more...  0 Comments

New York Tramples Bill of Rights to Protect Grass

Cathy Gatling | Grass can be regrown....what abt. the erosion of civil liberities and OUR Constitution? more...  2 Comments

DNC2RNC Benefit Show Tonight!

DNC2RNC | . more...  0 Comments

shut it down!

shut it down! | a unique site designed for locals to call in sick from work to shut down the RNC. more...  0 Comments

pictures from DNC2RNC march in the Bronx

kimika | Pictures of yesterday's march through the bronx: more...  3 Comments

Join DNC2RNC Today - Manhattan Route

DNC2RNC | - more...  5 Comments

Banner Hung On Hotel

The Reaction | A Banner was hung by rock climber artist-activists over a hotel in midtown manhattan this morning at 9:45 a.m. with "Bush" in an arrow pointing one way and "Truth in an arrow pointing in another. more...  16 Comments

Announcing Reality Tours from Bushville

KWRU | more...  0 Comments

"Yea, I say unto you, not 50, but 50 times 50."

Jym Dyer | America's Top 50! Do YOU qualify??? more...  6 Comments

Crossing NY Harbor

Jonny America | Get on the boat for a better America! Crossing of New York Harbor Friday, August 27, 2pm more...  0 Comments

The Republicans Are Coming! ...And So Should We! SAW PARTY 8/29

LIC | Singles Against War (SAW) Party 8/29 more...  0 Comments

New York Post "Weatherman" Lie Exposed

Clandestino Reposting NY Observer | A NY Observer article debunks the Post's story on the Weather Underground. While it's a bit of a stretch to think that there's no observation of protest groups, the article's handy in that it actually names its sources. more...  6 Comments

2004 RNC Protesters Map (updated Aug 26 - final)

rkc | The Protesters Map features an accurate, and up to date street map, along with an extensive list of protest, art, and rnc related events. the event listings are pretty extensive. final edition of map. more...  0 Comments

9 11 Truth Press Conference & Film Showings 8-27

Nicholas Levis | Invitation to press conference & opening for 9/11 Truth events Friday, Aug. 27 more...  0 Comments

Righty counter-protest

scroff | Here are the final details for Right March's "three-day weekend" (August 28-30) counter-protests in New York City during the Republican Convention: more...  11 Comments

Headlines About Permit Denial For Central Park

Cathy Gatling | These are Yahoo/News/Central Park searches on 8/26/04 more...  5 Comments

Images: Poor People vs. Billionaires

fred askew | The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) vs. Billionaires for Bush more...  0 Comments

Official Republican National Events-August 28-September 2 | First and foremost, big thanks to the many people who have taken the time to share this information with us. New Yorkers are the best. Thanks for listening, typing them up and sending them in. Here is the list of official, unpublished, Republican National Convention events. more...  2 Comments

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