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Bomb Squad Responds!

Skyking | 13pct. bomb squad responding to Union Square Park - suspicious package. more...  0 Comments

Liberty Street Protest - New York City

LSP | ** WAR Protest Overlooking The 9-11 Ground Zero / World Trade Center Reconstruction Site. more...  0 Comments

Up On The Roof Blue Banner

Charles Libin | See What You've Done photo August, 2004 Charles Libin more...  0 Comments


m. | A banner was hung from Manhattan Bridge earlier today (thursday) in conjunction with a street theater and march through Chinatown. The action was organized by community-based organizers and activists in Chinatown. more...  0 Comments

DNC marchers arrive in New Yrok

Alladin | Aug. 26 Marchers from Boston arrive to NYC by foot. more...  3 Comments

Bush to Visit NY Firestations

News Junkie | W wants to bond with Bravest more...  9 Comments

Speaker of the House Hastert-- Tavern on the Green 12:00 Noon West Side of Central Park

Give Them Hell Harry | Why Leslie Cagan (the loyal opposition) is not telling you. And why she and Bloomberg want you to go to Union Square instead of the Great Lawn. This little item. Leslie Kagan--Michael Bloomberg Judas' Goat. more...  1 Comments

Info on sonik weapons

tkat | Some aditional info from people who know their sonic waves.... more...  1 Comments

you dissent? you stink.

protest-records/chris habib | FREE SHIRTS TO ALL INTERESTED AS LONG AS THEY LAST!!! more...  6 Comments

Hacktivism Does Us More Harm than Good

@ | If you are going to throw rocks, do not use radical publications as shields. more...  6 Comments

UFPJ Makes Deal?

CNN | NEW YORK (CNN) -- The New York City Police Department (NYPD) and representatives for United for Peace and Justice have agreed on a site for a protest rally this weekend, as well as the route for the march that will precede it, sources familiar with the situation told CNN Thursday. more...  11 Comments

Hacktivism: Attacks on ProtestWarrior, right-wing counter attacks and the electronic sit-in.

we are everywhere | The past few days has seen attacks on both right-wing and progressive websites in response to the electronic civil disobedience campaign against the RNC. The specific tactics involved in these attacks must be analyzed. more...  2 Comments

Commander & Cheif Radio vol8 Bush Slammin the RNC

Skidmark Bob | Commander & Cheif Radio Vol8 RNC here we come!! a compilation of antibush music, mixes and comedians in honor of the RNC featuring The GW Bush singers, Talk Engine, David Cross, Will Ferrell, Bushspeak, Patton Oswalt & More!!! more...  0 Comments

Republicans play golf tomorrow in the Bronx!

me | Give early GOP delegates a welcome, Bronx style! more...  4 Comments

Act-Up reveals the "Naked Truth" about Bush; Eleven Arrested

j_law | After blocking 8th Avenue at 33rd Street and getting nitty gritty naked, eleven activists from Act-Up were arrested today. more...  17 Comments

DNC-RNC Coalition Calls for Immediate Support

DNC-RNC coalition | Help the DNC-RNC coalition take the street as it finishes its march to Columbus Circle. Police have guaranteed that if our numbers exceed 500, we'll be allowed to take the street. Currently, we're confined to the sidewalk. more...  0 Comments

Statement from UFPJ on Aug. 29 March Plans & Central Park

United for Peace and Justice | more...  27 Comments

Inside RNC volunteer training; pt. 1?

Pete Salame | Hi Indy fans! I mean Indymedia fans! I'm a hack writer who generally prefers to contribute to more politically conservative forums. (preaching to the choir and all)But I thought you folks might be interested in some observations on what the RNC host committe does with their volunteers. more...  4 Comments

Poll: 71% of NYers Support Protests

Associated Press | more...  0 Comments

How to Protest - a must read guide

pkj | Basic elements of how to protest. Forming an affinity group, packing for the protest, rapid consensus building, a few links, and an inspirational thought from Howard Zinn more...  0 Comments

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