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Flash Actions Proposal

Flash Actions in NYC | This is a proposal for a tactic called Flash Actions. It is all about using our advantages to the full and showing that mass, decentralized, anti-authoritarian organizing techniques can be more effective than the police command hierarchy. If used correctly it should avoid many of the disadvantages of pre-announced mass direct actions, but at the same time is more realistic than simple telling affinity groups to 'plan autonomous actions'. more...  1 Comments

Clock in New York's Times Square Counts War Cost

Project Billboard | more...  6 Comments

Photos from DNC2RNC rally

HIMC | Photos from the rally and start of the march more...  3 Comments

Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army

Col. Oftruth | CIRCA has heard that the clown convention is in town. But how come they're not allowed to go? Get your MISSION ACCOMPLICATED signs ready and help the clowns of CIRCA make their way to the convention. more...  1 Comments

[updated] official Republican National Convention events list | an updated list of yesterdays post. Big thanks to the many people who have taken the time to share this information with us. New Yorkers are the best. Thanks for listening, typing them up and sending them in. Here is the list of official, unpublished, Republican National Convention events. more...  0 Comments

UnConventional Convention ------------------------ Celebrating the UnConventional

random elements | UnConventional Convention - Celebrating the UnConventional - We have been celebrating MEDIA-OH-CRACY for long enough its time we celebrated the UnConventional - Come celebrate yourself, life, uniqueness and the UnConventional - during the REPUBLICAN CONVENTIONAL CONVENTION - Tuesday august 31 Frying Pan (Pier 63 end of west 23rd street) doors open 7:00 - sliding scale - pay what you wish - UnConventioneers please dress to express - more...  0 Comments

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade Convergence

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade | The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade have a convergence center! Come check it out anc check out what the RCYB is doing! more...  8 Comments

Symbolic Unemployment Line during RNC--9/1, 8 AM

chincolco | The Unemployment Line - (8:13 AM - 8:13 AM)THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS WALK ‘THE LINE’ AT RNC CONVENTION Symbolic Unemployment Line Draws Attention to Bush Economic Failure WHEN: Wednesday, September 1st, 8:13 - 8:31 a.m. (Participants will assemble earlier.) WHERE: Beginning at the corner of Broadway and Wall St and ending across from Madison Square Garden and the site of the Republican National Convention (exact route detailed above). WHO: Over 5,000 participants representing eight million unemployed Americans. more...  1 Comments

NYPD To Wear Wireless Helmet Videocams During RNC

RNCWatch | more...  11 Comments

Courts Kill Park Rally Idea, But the Park Rally is On

Dave Lindorff | Both a New York state court and a federal district court have shot down protest groups’ efforts to win permits for a Central Park demonstration, but in what looks to be a major victory for people power and a slap at Mayor Bloomberg, the Sunday anti-Bush, anti-War rally on the park’s Great Lawn is on, with protesters planning to head there immediately after the march ends. more...  3 Comments

Why are there helicopters over downtown Brooklyn?

Downtown Brooklyn | Why oh why? more...  6 Comments

Reply to New York City tabloid/police smears

Jaggi Singh | An open response to recent smears and fabrications in the Daily News and Post about anarchists protesting the RNC. more...  6 Comments

August's NYC Critical Mass Ride [BNC]

There Are No Leaders | It's the last Friday of the month again, and as always, we are riding our bikes on our streets. more...  6 Comments

Subversion of the 911 truth movement in support of regime rotation?

copied from | Maybe it's just me, but this subversion of the 911 Truth Movement to support "regime rotation" seems to be reaching a nauseating pitch, what with the Republic National Conference coming up this weekend, and it will only continue through November, wittingly or unwittingly, unless we stop it. I'm speaking of activists being urged to hurry up and get the word out about Bush & 9/11 before November, so that Bush will lose some votes he otherwise would have gotten as if that matters more...  2 Comments

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Will be Hosting a NoonTime (12PM) Brunch at Tavern on The Green on Sunday August 29th

Central Park West Gazette | Tavern on the Green is on the west side of Central Park between 66th and 67th Streets. more...  0 Comments

Harass RNC Delegates Today!

me | Give early GOP delegates a welcome, Bronx style! more...  2 Comments

Aug 27 NYC No RNC Immigrant Workers Speak Out! and Aug 30 Immigrant Contingents for Still We Rise & Poor People Marches

Lee Siu Hin | more...  1 Comments

e-flyer/blog post, etc.: Save The Date! August 29, 2004, The World Says No to Bush!!!

Savannah Skye | hot links for the anti-RNC actions, etc... more...  0 Comments

RNC Update 6 A Great Beginning!!

kitty | An antidote to fear-mongering, NYC celebrates the arrival of DNC to RNC travelers. Starhawk reports. more...  0 Comments

The Indypendent Issue 55

nyc imc print team | They're Here! It's here! ... the Indypendent is here! more...  1 Comments

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