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Criminal (IN)Justice contingent - Poor People's March for Justice


A-Noise NYC :: On the Air

unlicensed operator #x031 | A-Noise NoRNC Radio is online... Tune in now! more...  2 Comments

Jaggi Singh reply to New York City tabloid and police smears and lies

earthworm | Reply to New York City tabloid and police smears and lies MONTREAL -- August 27, 2004 more...  2 Comments

Badnarik to be at Park Protest on Sunday

Manhattan Libertarian Party | more...  3 Comments

For First Time Bush Admits Mistakes in Iraq

cath | President admits Iraqi war mistakes. more...  5 Comments

At the CrossRoads: Come to New York city to Oppose the Republican National Convention.

cath | A message from StarHawk from the Pagan Cluster. more...  7 Comments

Courts Kill Park Rally Idea, But the Park Rally is On

tao | Central Park rally on to some ! more...  0 Comments

RNC txt message updates

Saucy | more...  0 Comments

--IMPORTANT--Logistics for A29 March--UFPJ

jamie | Please foward widely more...  2 Comments

Right Wing Protest Warrior Headquarters & Plans

apple crumble | On August 29th, the Republican National Convention will begin, and ProtestWarrior will be there to take on the hordes of leftists whose entire goal is to silence, to hate, to scream out of existence the idea that freedom can flourish throughout the world. Member Comments HQ address: 243 W. 38th St. NY, NY 10018 more...  15 Comments

Anarchism, the RNC, and the '04 elections

David Grenier | The anti-Bush movement is growing as rapidly as the antiglobalization movement did. With the organizing that anarchist groups have done around the RNC, anarchism is becoming a recognized player once again. Certainly we are not to the point where anarchism can be described as “the pole that everyone revolves around†(as we were in a Village Voice article a few years back) – but the fact is that with hundreds of thousands of people potentially in New York to protest the RNC, that’s a lot of folks we can talk to face-to-face or at least get a pamphlet or something in the hands of to explain who we are and what we’re about. more...  7 Comments

Protest the Republican Jewish Coalition with JFREJ

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice | more...  2 Comments

Right-Wing Counter Demo Schedule! | more...  6 Comments

Anti-RNC Communications Network

NYC Comms Collective | An open communications network for anti-RNC protesters that will run from Critical Mass through A31. more...  0 Comments

Unconventional heroes honored

Bennett Baumer | more...  2 Comments

Art of Dissent in New York

dxt | Local events sponsored by Music For America, Voter X, Downtown For Democracy, and Flavor Pill. more...  0 Comments

Union Sq. 10 am Aug 29: Rally to say NO to the Bush agenda with Not In Our Name

Not In Our Name | Rally in Union Sq for a rally before the big march on Aug 29! March with with NOT IN OUR NAME and say NO to the Bush agenda! more...  1 Comments

RingOut Bike Bell Ride [BNC]

TIME'S UP! | TIME'S UP! invites bikes and bells to Saturday's RingOut demonstration at Ground Zero. It's the RINGOUT BIKE BELL RIDE. more...  0 Comments

Create a giant HUMAN NO in Central Park!

e | Say NO to the Bush agenda by creating a human NO in Central Park! Friday EXACTLY 4 pm! more...  4 Comments

Declaración en Conjunto por la PPEHRC y SOA Watch

SOA Watch and the PPEHRC | more...  1 Comments

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