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Video: New York City Police Arrest Critical Mass Riders

Sarah Turner, NYC Indymedia | Arrests outside St. Mark's Church in New York's East Village, Friday night. This is one of at least three police arrests made in New York as cyclists kicked off a week of resistance to the Republican National Convention. (Downloadable video, quicktime required.) more...  32 Comments

Speak Out For Immigrants' Rights Update

Jason Halprin | August 27, 2004 --- East Village Manhattan --- St. Marks Church (before mass arrests of Critical Mass participants). more...  0 Comments

Explanation of the Law on When You Have to Give Your Name at the RNC Protests

Katya Komisaruk | This is a two-page article on when you have to give your name, taking into account NY law and the Hiibel decision. We spent three days researching it. more...  3 Comments

Huge Clock in NYC Shows Cost of Iraq War

tao | NYC clock shows costs of Iraq war.... more...  1 Comments

Undercover pig uniform this week...

Bob Dobbster | What they're wearing more...  9 Comments

another banner drop--but it seems to be authorized!

just a regular working stiff queens nyorker | more...  6 Comments

DNC 2 RNC Aug-26

RM | Marchers arrive in NYC from Boston on foot as protest act against the Republican National Convention. March ends in Union Squre. more...  0 Comments

Selected Critical Mass Audio

Quinten / WRCT Pittsburgh | A few clips of protestors and observers at the Critical Mass bike ride through Manhattan, including an interview of a man being arrested. more...  3 Comments

What's it take to HIDE an article??? And, who does it?

Cath | blah, blah, blah more...  10 Comments

Breaking News and Photos: About 100 Critical Mass Riders penned in and Arrested at W.35th between 9th and 10th Avenues

antrim caskey | After a fairly clean start from Union Square, the Critical Mass ride ran into police trouble. At about 8:50 pm, Friday, August 27, 2004, a group of about 100 Critical Mass riders were trapped on W. 35th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. Riders were handcuffed and made to wait in the street as the police dragged them through the arrest process. more...  14 Comments

Yet another banner action

Dr Hempilonius P. Hempenschlock | This one 5th Avenue btwn. 25th & 26th more...  1 Comments

Pigs in Zen?

anonymous donor | more...  4 Comments

Virginia Rides in the RNC Critical Mass

RVA IMC RNC crew - jen, muna, and greg | Approximately 20 people from Richmond, Virginia today rode in New York City's Critical Mass to greet the Republican National Convention. Estimated to include 2,500 exhilarated people, with hundreds of bikeless supporters along the route, today's Critical Mass was the largest in NYC memory. more...  5 Comments

Breaking News for August 27th (Critical Mass!)

NYC Indymedia | - more...  12 Comments

911Truth Sat. & Sun events: Concerts, rallies,Sibel Edmonds!

Jan | Saturday events include: A Green World Is Possible! , Jazz for Peace Concert, RNC Ring Out, A Party for the People!, more. Sunday includes: Peace & Justice Movement Reception, FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, speaks on 9/11 truth to NOW, more. more...  6 Comments

Photos HappyCop SadCop Union Square

Charles Libin | Union Square A28 at dusk. more...  1 Comments

Call For Jail Support - Critical Mass Detainees

IMC NYC | Support those arrested at 100 Center St. They may be released at 4 AM Approximately 240 Detainees more...  4 Comments

Critical mass rocks NYC

perica/HIMC | Some of the wonderful things that happen on a critical mass in New York. more...  18 Comments

Arrests at St. Marks

perica/HIMC | Photos of arrests of ctitical mass riders in front of St. Marks church more...  10 Comments

Critical Mass Takes Times Square

Jessica Kaufman | pix from today's ride through times square more...  8 Comments

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