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Press Release - Tell Bush the world says no campaign

ProgressiveBrit | Tell Bush the world says no campaign press release As you are probably aware, this Sunday, the 29th August hundreds of thousands will take to the streets of New York - this time to protest the gross misuse of power by the rogue regime in the USA on the eve of the Republican National Convention which is almost certain to once again select Bush as their presidential candidate. more...  1 Comments

Documentation is critical

ebub | If you are arrested... more...  6 Comments

RNC Media Phone Numbers/Codes

RNC Volunteer Mole | Call-in codes for daily RNC press briefings, frequency of satellite feed, CBS Newspath phone directory. more...  1 Comments

2 arrested in "plot" to bomb subway

Al Kada | Two men were arrested for a plot (more of a discussion) to bomb the Herald Square subway station. Plot was unrelated to RNC. Arrests were not unrelated to RNC. more...  9 Comments

Sean Hannity is trying to screw with demonstrators

One People's Project | A word of caution to progressive people, especially those protesting the RNC: The right-wing radio show hosts know you don't want to waste time with them and advance their market share, so they are trying to pull stunts to get you on their airwaves. A producer of Sean Hannity's radio show noticed that people will balk when they were asked to appear on his program, but when she said she was conducting an interview for ABC News Radio, those same people accepted the offer. Bill Dobbs of United for Peace and Justice was one of those folks, and he did the only thing he really could do - he hung up on Hannity. This is an excerpt from the actual broadcast so you can hear for yourself the exchange. It's bad enough that Hannity can't get off his talking points and is a piss poor propagandist that can get shot down by people who merely crack open a book. Now he has to play games like this. Oh well, let's just chalk it up to another thing that shows us what is wrong with this guy. more...  3 Comments

Hello there!

From Home | Hello! more...  6 Comments

NYC Goverment contacts

whoa9 | Phone # to NYC officials more...  0 Comments

Weather Forecast during the RNC

tracker | It will be fucking hot and humid on Sunday, marchers will be advised to bring water to drink, and to wash out their eyes in case the police uses pepper spray. Monday will more...  5 Comments

manual if you are arrested, and what to do in nyc

tracker | more...  3 Comments

PDX Solidarity with 9/11 Truth Movement NYC

Ron Gassaway | Actions are being planned for Portland on 9/11. Those who are not involved should do their own investigation concerning the many unanswered questions about 9/11 and help spread the truth. more...  3 Comments

solidarity from critical mass torino

saigon | Great big apple and great critical mass riders !!! more...  6 Comments

Clamor Magazine presents Punkrock Protest Party: Aug. 28

omnicrisis | featuring Aa (Big A little a), Shoplifting, The Syndicate, The Dead Betties more...  0 Comments

TAKE CENTRAL PARK!!! A call from UFPJ rank and file.

Rank and File | A call from UFPJ rank and file to take central park on Sunday August 29th more...  8 Comments

Photos - NYC: Critical Mass, When cops attack

jankyHellface | Attack of police at St Marks Place during the NYC Critical Mass. more...  10 Comments

Photos - NYC: 6,000 Bicyclists join Critical Mass Ride

jankyHellface | 8/27: New York's Critical Mass kicked off a week of action against the RNC - Upwards of 6,000 bicyclists descended on New York's Streets snarling traffic throughout Times Square and the East Village. Police Altercations - It is reported that a total of 256 member of Critical Mass were arrested. Police surrounded approx 100 bicyclists after they got past Times Sq. Police also attacked and arrested an undetermed amount of bicyclists in front of St. Marks Church later in the evening. more...  6 Comments

Photos from 8/27 Critical Mass bike ride

Puck | Photos from Critical Mass bike ride and afterparty more...  1 Comments

Now Ive seen everything

ns | more...  5 Comments

Cmass: 23rd & 6th - 1 collision, 2 arrests, 3 bikes stolen

Ro Strummer | one taco'd back wheel, riot cops, my friend freakishly getting arrested, my bike stolen by NYPD more...  11 Comments

Photos of arrests at critical mass

Andrew Stern | During a critical mass bike ride through the streets of New York City in the lead up to the Republican National Convention, police cornered bicyclists in various areas around the city, arresting a total of 264 people. Free usage for the Indymedia network, all others please send an e-mail to for usage enquiries. more...  14 Comments

NYC Becomes an Anti Bush/ Anti War Banner Gallery

Sacco | As we roam the streets of NYC, its hard to go far with out seeing more Welcome signs for Bush, This one is at 30th St and 9th Ave, about 15 stories up. more...  2 Comments

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