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Good Luck and Solidarity

R. | Give em Hell! more...  17 Comments

Littering: When will it stop!

sofiushka | more...  5 Comments

The Mouse Bloc is on! August 29th-4PM

Mouse Bloc | Never mind the speeches, here's the Mouse Bloc! It's on. 4PM at any one of the 8 different Broadway shows attended by RNC delegates. Be smart, study the map and emerge with your crew at one of them. Make noise and look out for the undercovers! [for NY Post writers to dumb to get it, let us be clear-->THIS IS A METAPHOR. THE MICE ARE US. THE ELEPHANT IS THEM. MICE SCARE ELEPHANTS. got it? good!!] more...  6 Comments

Sat. A28 RNC Summary of Official Events

AWOL Bush | From the RNC Guide posted here a short time ago, a text version with locations for your benefit more...  1 Comments

WFMU RNC Remix All Week - Phone-in Sunday Afternoon

Megan Murphy | From Sunday, August 29th to Thursday, September 2nd, freeform WFMU will be producing five days of 24-hour political music, comedy, audio art and live RNC remixes, to be webcast only on the internet. The schedule of festivities is available now at more...  0 Comments

elec. civil disobed./hacktivism @RNC? Be counted.

journalist in NY | Are you planning on engaging in electronic civil disobedience or hacktivism at the RNC? Want to make sure your actions are documented? more...  6 Comments

Bike Blocs on Sunday (UFPJ) and Tuesday (A31) [BNC]

TIME'S UP! | Bike protests. Join us in the streets of Manhattan to celebrate a different vision of our city and public space. more...  3 Comments

Join Prometheus Radio Project in NYC during the RNC!

Prometheus Radio Project | Prometheus Radio Project is an activist organization that builds Low Power FM radio stations with community-based organizations from coast to coast, and all over the world. Below is a list of activities that representatives from Prometheus Radio Project will be participating. Join us in NYC, as we celebrate our victories, participate in the fun, and learn new and exciting ways we can agitate for a free media. more...  0 Comments

After this Sunday’s March, Make Central Park a Temporary Autonomous Zone

Anonymous | more...  10 Comments

March for Womens Lives

. | Brooklyn Bridge more...  11 Comments

Immigrant Workers Speak Out 8/27 (audio)

Puck | Partha Banarjee, an organizer with NICE, fights immigration laws and policies that target and discriminate against South Asians. more...  0 Comments

Protest and Resistance

Julius Lester (reprised) | To protest is to speak out against, to let it be known that you do not like a certain action of another. To protest is an act of intellectual commitment. It is to say, “Sir, I protest†when you are slapped in the face… To protest is to play a game. You go to a demonstration, listen to speeches, wave signs, and go home to see if you got on television. There are many toys in the game of protest. There is a picket line. Originally a picket line was formed by striking workers to keep strikebreakers out. If anyone tried to cross that picket line, the strikers tried to kill him. Today you get a permit from the police to picket… There is no protest if permission must be sought and rules abided by. WE have allowed the form that our protest takes to be defined for us by those we protest against. Thus, our protest is drained of its power because we do not have the power to make our protest effective. more...  2 Comments

Link to video of Critical Mass NYC 8-27-04

A | Link to video of Critical Mass NYC 8-27-04 more...  5 Comments

WMDs Found

Frank Gubasta | Kudos to Critical Mas - now here this... more...  9 Comments

NYC, Starbucks Workers Get Organized - Follow-up

,Worker Independence, | more...  10 Comments

discussion of police tactics

l. blissett | this is meant for a constructive discussion & education on NYPD tactics for the RNC. more...  26 Comments

8/29 - History Demands That We See Each Other In the Park!

Sunsara Taylor | An Open Letter to the Movement from Sunsara Taylor writer for Revolutionary Worker and an organizer with Not In Our Name History Demands That We See Each Other In the Park! August 29th when the whole world will be watching more...  2 Comments

A27 Critical Mass Photos [BNC]

Jym Dyer | More photos from last night's Critical Mass ride. more...  10 Comments

"Elect a Madman You Get Madness" show opens at White Box

White Box | more...  1 Comments

Crit Mass Victory, Tactics., "Police Go On Strike"..

Kuirk Grujird | What an expression of our power when acting together. When police begin... more...  5 Comments

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