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March for Women's Lives Photos

Eric Wagner | Just days before the Republicans have there convention in New York City, tens of thousands of pro-choice marchers walk across the Brooklyn bridge to Manhattan in support of choice for all wowman and against the anti-choice policies of George Bush. more...  3 Comments

Reconvergence points for CHAOS on Broadway!

chaos on broadway | It's time to confront the Republicans! Chaos on Broadway! more...  8 Comments

A29: UFPJ Logistical Information

IMC | With all the confusion surrounding UFPJ's march, some folks may still be confused about where to meet. Here are the logistics, directly from the UFPJ site.

"ASSEMBLE beginning at 10:00AM between 15th and 22nd Streets, stretching from 5th to 9th Avenues (view map) It will be easiest to enter the area from either 5th Avenue or 9th Avenue.

Please note: You will NOT be able to enter the assembly area from the north. If you are coming from Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, or any other place north of 14th Street, take any subway line to 14th Street and join the assembly area from there.

The MARCH will proceed up Seventh Avenue past Madison Square Garden. We will turn right on 34th Street, follow it east to Fifth Avenue, march down Fifth Avenue to 23rd Street, then take Broadway down to Union Square, where the march will end. THERE WILL BE NO RALLY."

As for the park ... well, thats another story. For much more logistical info. from UFPJ, go here.

more...  6 Comments

Breaking News From August 28th 2004

callers from the street // diligent imcistas | Breaking news articles from Saturday August 28th 2004. more...  6 Comments

Barbecue grill&space needed to melt Bush/Sauron ring

Ring Project | The Ring Project needs a space with a "hibachi" barebecue grill and a hair dryer(we have tubing for the hookup) to melt down the Ring carried from Boston more...  1 Comments

Sunday! "Married to the State: AShotgun Wedding

QueerFist! | Join radical queers at the RNC as we hav etons of fun! more...  1 Comments

Miasma of Madness

EmpireWatch | It is by that correlation and correspondence that truth will be revealed and healing happens. more...  3 Comments

Help Feed the Protests

eco-squatter | help feed the protestors more...  9 Comments

March On the Media

mod | march on the media more...  1 Comments

Two IWW Union Organizers Arrested at Starbucks Protest - print with audio interview

Puck | Following a rally and march on the regional Starbucks headquarters, two main organizers who have been working to unionize their workplace were arrested by police. This is an mp3 file of an interview with a Industrial Workers of the World member. more...  10 Comments

A Critical Mass Ride Contemplates the Meaning of the Ride

johnny | “Two hours into this small miracle, the police were deployed to constrain the outbreak of humanity.†more...  17 Comments

images of democracy uprising

chickpea | images from the rally and march of demcracy uprising with the dnc to rnc march at columbus circle on thursday evening. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity in Amsterdam

olie-fant | Public screening of news about RNC-protest in Amsterdam more...  5 Comments

VIDEO- Kelly's Press Conference on FBI apprehension of potential terrorists

synchrondeity | Without any explosives in their possession, the FBI and NYC police arrest two people on charges with conspiracy to blow up the Harold Square Subway Station more...  3 Comments

Secret Agent Man's Son. A Parody.

marco | Secret Agent Man's Son. A Parody. Dedication. George "War" Bush. more...  2 Comments

American Voices Abroad - a letter of support and solidarity

Peter Johnson | hello NYC, this letter below comes from American Voices Abroad ( to our friends in NYC protesting the Bush Admin. Our hearts are with you...... Peter Johnson AVA - Berlin "We, Americans living abroad, hereby express our support and solidarity with all those who are gathering in New York City on August 29, 2004 to peacefully protest the reckless agenda of the current U.S. administration. Regardless of party or other affiliation, it is the responsibility of all U.S. citizens to make their voices heard against an administration that has jeopardized the principles of civil liberty at home and abused the instruments of international stability abroad. As is painfully clear from abroad, the shabby, sophistic justifications and brutal but ineffective methods of the current administration have exhausted American moral and political authority throughout the world. We sincerely hope that the protest in New York City and in coordinated demonstrations throughout the rest of the world will be heard by those Americans who are more persuaded by reason and justice than by the rabid ideology of a small minority within their ranks." more...  1 Comments

More Pics from Critical Mass Last Nite

Matt Pascarella | more...  4 Comments

Photo Essay: Radical Pro Choice CHEERBLOC at the March for Womens Lives, NYC

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Why Oh Why Should the Men Make the Choice? What I do with my body, what i say with MY VOICE!? Who oh who, does Bush think that he is.. putting laws on my body with those buddies of his? more...  0 Comments

Call for Text Messaging Stories

Brandon Keim | Journalism student (really) looking for stories of how text messaging has (or hasn't) been useful to you during the protests. more...  0 Comments

Some pics from Critical Mass Last Night

Matt Pascarella | more...  0 Comments

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