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Minstream Press: USA Today

USA Today | Protesters take to streets as delegates converge for GOP convention NEW YORK (AP) — Demonstrators took to the streets on Sunday to protest President Bush's foreign and domestic policies as Republican delegates gathered to nominate the president for a second term. more...  8 Comments

To NYIMC, Re The Rating System

P. Bazouni | more...  2 Comments

Rock Show

Eric Francis | Commentary on the RNC coming to NYC more...  0 Comments

NYC DOT Webcams

edgar friendly | Oregon is trying to watch the demonstration via NYC DOT Webcams, but as of this morning most of the webcams along the demo route are disabled. Anything to this? more...  10 Comments

live web coverage of protest

alexandria | has a camera aimed at seventh avenue and 22nd street. more...  11 Comments

Yesterday's Protests - March For Women's Lives + More

Rach - HammerHard | Yesterday about 25,000 people marched in New York City to protect women's health and lives from the Republicans. more...  4 Comments

The ugly shadow, obscuring the flag. (next thursday)

gop insider | This is how we, the Gop are going to show "the mission" of GWB. Hehe more...  1 Comments


A.Noise | !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more...  1 Comments

Online occupation on the White House today!

!!! | See link below for details...if you have mobile phone and are going to the protests in New York the website is asking for you to take part as well - great idea! Tell all your friends at the protest: more...  8 Comments

Fire on I-80 delays protestors.

Zach | At least 4 buses and 1 van full of protestors from champaign-urbana, IL and Chicago, IL were delayed this morning on route I-80 in PA. more...  6 Comments

Hundreds Protest Starbucks Union-Busting Efforts; Organizers Arrested

Andrew Kennis | Shortly after activists spearheading the unionization campaign at a Manhattan Starbucks gave interviews to The NewStandard during a protest outside the store, police arrested them and other demonstrators. more...  10 Comments

!BASH-croft!-Benefit for Persecuted Artist Steve Kurtz

Garrett | A benefit for Steve Kurtz of the Critical Arts Ensemble, facing 20 years in prison for "federal mail fraud", and previously targeted by the feds for a 'bioterrorism' investigation that was thrown out of court. more...  0 Comments

Time's up space harassment

Green Monkey | 7:45pm 8/26/04 more...  0 Comments

Paradigm Pink

Neela Ghoshal | We all know both the Republicans and Democrats are on a perpetual quest for the pot of gold, but these days it feels like they’ve stolen away with the whole damn rainbow. Between the post-911 ubiquity of red white and blue, and the terror alerts vacillating between green, yellow and orange with every new Bush popularity poll, Crayolas seem to have lost their childlike innocence. But CodePink’s Women Against War Concert at Riverside Church reclaimed at least one color. From the cardboard cutouts decked out in pink slips demarcating each aisle, to the row of pink doves stretched across the stage, performers and organizers roundly rejected both the terror alerts and the red white and blue, in favor of pink, for peace. more...  0 Comments

People's Picnic in Central Park

cath | There will be a People's Picnic in Central Park on the Great Lawn on Sunday. more...  4 Comments

Party! Sunday Night 8-29 at the Tank

AF - A.Noise - August NoRNC Sound Coalition | w/the Treblemakers, bands and dj's. Special Guest DJ Dmitry (Dee-Lite) more...  0 Comments

In Depth: IWW Starbucks Union Rally and IWW Arrests

x356012 IU 660 | Today, August 28th, a rally of 100-150 IWW members and supporters confronted union-busting Starbucks in front of the store on 36th and Madison and at thier regional headquarters on Park Avenue. Two Starbucks workers, both IWW organizers, were arrested. more...  4 Comments

Web Broadcast from August 28th 2004 (Audio)

imcista | this is just a link to the streaming audio from august 28th 2004. includes live calls from the march for womens lives and the starbucks protest other random actions and commentary from all around the country! more...  0 Comments

Shadow Protesters Actions Felt

mamap | more...  11 Comments

Rally for Women's Rights Photos

peter | aug28 2004 - Thousands of women and allies crossed the brroklyn bridge and rallied outside NYC city hall to defend reproductive freedom and women's lives. performace by staceyann chin. more...  2 Comments

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