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Conservatives Posting on Indymedia?

Questioner Number Six | Conservatives are posting in NYC Indymedia. more...  31 Comments

NYPD Tickets Political Signs

Jonathon Vreeland | The point is that THIS TICKET WAS ISSUED ON PURELY POLITICAL GROUNDS. This is hardly an isolated incident. Yeah, I know, it's not like I got arrested or beaten, but how PATHETIC is America (and New York City) when the local police demand money for speaking in public? more...  8 Comments

Marc Cooper's McCarthy-Era Attack on Naomi Klein

Rene | It's about time Marc Cooper got what he had coming for what Al Girodano calls his McCarthyist tactics! (He also worked to censor Pacifica here in L.A.) It is of local interest because Naomi is in New York and was writing from New York when Cooper went after her. more...  14 Comments

Dj Dmitry Spins

a-noise | Thanks to Dj Dmitiri and Robin for stopping by IMC and spinning for our listeners this afternoon before they depart for Germany next month. more...  1 Comments

-11 CONTROLLED DEMOLITION FLIERS/summaries: #1-WTC6, #2-WTC2, #3-WTC1, #4-WTC7, Pentagon

repost | Pass to Republicans and Republican delegates if you can. This happened to you, New Yorkers! A great flier. more...  6 Comments

A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers

unbridled | As shit heats up, those claiming to want "radical change" would do themselves well to have a serious understanding, in order to protect themselves from the usual toolings of dominating paradigms (mainstream and "alternative"). more...  1 Comments

Updated RNC Caucus Events on Monday, August 30, 2004

Convention Media Affairs | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 29, 2004 Contact: Convention Media Affairs (646) 272-2245 Updated Caucus Events on Monday, August 30, 2004 more...  1 Comments

Cops Videotaping Protesters

Another Angry Citizen | more...  90 Comments

Images from prtest march aug 29th

Joel De Gan | Images from the protest at Madison square gardens today more...  56 Comments

Hacktivists use Corporate Credit Cards to Donate to Humanitarian and Civil Liberties Groups

robin hood | Online protesters launch electronic civil disobedience campaign against the Republican National Convention Hacktivists have launched an online protest against the Corporate Machine by stealing hundreds of credit cards from major news services and have made over $2400 in donations to various humanitarian and civil liberties organizations including the Sierra Club, Save The Children, Animal Protection Institute, and more. This action is part of a broader electronic civil disobedience campaign against the Republican National Convention to coincide with the massive demonstrations in NYC. Speaking out against corporate control of major news services, the war in Iraq, and the GOP’s exploitation of New York to further their political agenda, these hackers are pioneering the internet as a new medium of protest. more...  14 Comments

Photos of arrests + Fire

Rach - HammerHard | Photos of some arrests today as well as of the fire that caused the march to be re-routed. From the corporate news. more...  59 Comments

Flag-Draped Coffin Demo: Photos of CSPAN RNC Protest Coverage

mjb | 3 photos snapped of the CSPAN coverage on my tube... something in addition to the AP photos to tide you over until more media straight from the streets comes. more...  6 Comments


watcher | Good sources of live video. more...  3 Comments

NYC live footage

watcher | more...  5 Comments

Republicans being brought into theaters NOW!

Aaron S | Just got a call from a trusted friend at the demo (Dean T from Berkeley) that the cops are already bringing Republican delegates into the special broadway shows that were scheduled for 5 PM! more...  1 Comments

Newer Photos from Today

HammerHard - Rach | Mostly corporate stuff . . . more...  3 Comments

Photos From Today

HammerHard | AP Photos more...  134 Comments

Non-NYC Support?

Boris Van Der Hooooof | more...  35 Comments

Today, and in the Coming Days: Be Careful

Indy Matthew | Arrested at "Critical Mass," I would like to warn everyone protesting on Sunday and in the coming days. more...  13 Comments

Corporate News Video From This Morning

HammerHard | More video + images to be posted as found . . . more...  8 Comments

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