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Spokescouncil for A31

A31 | Final Spokescouncil before August 31st! Monday, August 30th Meeting Begins at 7:30pm, Orientation for new/unnafiliated folks at 7:00pm sharp more...  2 Comments

The Two Sides Of New York City

Stephen Bruckert | At the Loer Boathouse restaurant in Central park, vans and wheeled trolleys carted away RNC delegates as protesters screamed, chanted, and booed. Some even rushed the vehicles, slapping on the windows, throwing peace signs and the middle finger at the Republicans hidden behind tinted glass. more...  21 Comments

Afternoon reception for Speaker of the House disrupted

story | This afternoon, as Republicans gathered at the Tavern on the Green to celebrate Rep. Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House, some activists showed up to question this spectacle of wealth and deceit. more...  5 Comments

UFPJ Protest Photos

Ida | Some Photos from the demo today more...  2 Comments

misspellings are a turn off

Pablo Sablo | misspelling words like 'endurence' (should be endurance and summery (should be summary) makes the site look amateurish and not credible. Even though it's open publishing and independent the news posts should still be accurate and maybe be spell checked! just a thought more...  6 Comments

Undercover cops at burning dragon

NY Newsday photo | Picture from NY Newday, showing undercover cop wearing green-coded wristband more...  12 Comments

indy media representative arrested at march

sest | more...  3 Comments

Photos from Times Square

Stephen Bruckert | A few photos of police and horses stationed in Times Square more...  0 Comments

With the Danbury IMC

Jeff Green | A few pics from the A29 march more...  0 Comments

Secret Service Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs

marco | Reprint from global imc features. more...  8 Comments

CKUT Radio: United Against the RNC in New York

Stefan Christoff | ----------- more...  0 Comments

UFPJ - Jessie and KWRU etc

peter | Sun August 29 2004 - Hundreds of thousands turned out to march as United for Peace and Justice - We Say NO to the Bush Agenda. Jessie Jackson, KWRU's Cheri Honkala, and others addressed the crowd before it left for the RNC. more...  0 Comments

QueerFist! Kiss-in Times Square

peter | Sun Aug 29 2004 - Tired of gay marketing and the log cabins in town, radical queers took Times Square this afternoon, with tongue. more...  1 Comments

RNC on Broadway - theater!

peter | Sun Aug 29 2004 - Republicans visited The Great White Way and demonstrators met them outside with reminders of just how unpopular the party, convention, and administration really is in New York City. more...  12 Comments

Times Square Arrests - Medic and Observer

peter | Sun Aug29 2004 - Police interrupt peaceful protest against the RNC to arrest demonstrators. Some were targetted, some seemed random. more...  8 Comments

93 Photos of No RNC protest

peace fem | Newsday newspaper has a slideshow of 93 pix more...  2 Comments

Photos (Primarily of Radical Women and People of Color) from the UFPJ March

Puck | Photos (Mostly of Radical People of Color) from the United For Peace and Justice March on August 28 more...  12 Comments

NYC Indymedia, Yes! FBI/SS, No! -- Clayton Hallmark

Clayton Hallmark | I signed this because there are not enough of them to track all of us down. At least there won't be if enough sign their messages. more...  2 Comments

Mainstream Media Crowd Estimates

Stefan Wray | Here are crowd estimates for Sunday's march in NYC from mainstream media. Note that the BBC gives the highest figure. more...  11 Comments

Arrests at Times Square Sunday Evening (3 and 4 of 4)

Gochfeld | more...  6 Comments

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