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Audio From Yesterdays Web-Radio Broadcast

imcista | This is the live audio stream from yesterdays web radio broadcast from portland indymedia. It includes calls from the UFPJ March, the Gathering in Central Park, the action outside the Boathouse in Central Park, and also calls from TImes Square, Mouse Bloc, Kiss-In, and other actions around the city.

This stream is from which is working with the New York based A-Noise stream to provide as m,uch indy coverage as posible. To call in a report from the street use these numbers: 1-800-939-7973 OR 212-233-5767. portland indymedia also ran a long list of breaking news from yesterdays action.

Both groups will be working throughout the week to proveide as much coverage as possible, tune in if you arent here, and call in if you are. Be the media!

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Tejas Bloc on Broadway

chickpea | answering the call for a mouse bloc, some members of the tejas bloc greeted a group of texas delegates as they exited the broaday performance of 42 street on sunday evening. more...  4 Comments

watch the rnc from a to z from inside

Sick TV | cheers, cspan1 has an insight witout comment.... more...  0 Comments

Volunteering at the RNC; Part #2

Pete Salame | I got up at 5am this Saturday morning. I shaved and showered, skipped the sit-ups, and headed out to the Sheraton at 53rd and 7th to pick up my volunteer I.D. and t-shirt.

The gaggle of cops at the hotel entrance didn’t take notice of me, but a self-styled ‘conservative’ young man who I spoke to later on told me that they’d stopped him for a thorough interrogation, figuring he might be some sort of protester.

It’s nice to know my fellow activists can make their presence felt, even if they aren’t early risers.

I’d like to report that from 7am to 1pm I was implementing some particularly entertaining and outrageous scheme, but the truth is I ended up amiably talking politics with various volunteers and staff for the duration of my shift.

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Police Presence at Times Square Sunday Night

Gochfeld | more...  0 Comments

Secret Service Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs as Part of Harassment Campaign

NYC-IMC | As was reported in today's New York Times, the Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation and is demanding records concerning anti-RNC deleagte posts to this website. Specifically, the DOJ is seeking information on lists of 2,200 RNC delegate names posted to our Open Newswire.

NYC Indymedia believes that this investigation is wholly without merit, and is part of a larger campaign of intimidation against our supporters and peaceful protest activities surrounding the RNC.

Additionally, NYC Indymedia does not keep the records that the DOJ is seeking. According to Global Indymedia, "as a result of [previous] attempts to violate our clear rights, we felt it prudent to develop a policy of not voluntarily gathering data for the government on people who visit our websites, or who post material to sites. '. . . we do not log IP addresses as a way of protecting the privacy of our visitors. . .'

Those of us at New York Indymedia feel, first and foremost, that this site is in the business of media-making and journalism. We invite first time visitiors to look around, and we hope they like what they see.

Calyx's contacts at Indymedia are represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We advise all members of the press to contact our lawyers for further comment on this matter.

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FUJI / NYPD blimp discussion

Fuji sponsor | Post any pictures or comments about the FujiFilm / NYPD spy machine more...  5 Comments

Manipulation of votes

kim | Flaws in new electronic voting system to be demonstrated in New York more...  0 Comments

Secret Service Subpoenas NYC Indymedia over Delegate Lists

MDac | The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation and is demanding records regarding Internet postings that list the names of Republican delegates and urge protesters to give them an unwelcome reception in New York City. more...  15 Comments

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign Announces International Human Rights Observers to Monitor Police Conduct during their "March for Our Lives" on August 30th at 4:00pm from the UN

Samantha Heller | International Human Rights Monitors from around the world to speak about why they have come to the United States to observe the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign “March for Our Lives†Rally and March on Opening Day of the Republican National Convention more...  0 Comments

big violent protest planned tomorrow by right wing anti abortion group

track | Randall Terry, of operation rescue is planning on a clinic blockade. Be careful if you are downtown tomorrow morning.. these ppl are crazy. more...  7 Comments

Even the liberals want to SHUT IT DOWN! | Call for a general strike in NYC (and beyond?). more...  4 Comments

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Bush Agenda in New York

NewStandard Correspondents | Citing the war on Iraq, economic hardship, loss of civil liberties, and many other greivances, anti-Bush demonstrators took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in a landmark demonstration on the eve of the RNC. more...  2 Comments

Photos of unprovoked arrests in times square!

Jonathan | Photos of unprovoked arrests in times square! more...  4 Comments

Press Release - 30th August - Tell Bush the world says no campaign

Tell Bush the world says no | Tell Bush the world says no campaign Press Release - 30th August ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday (29th August) as hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of New York to protest the Bush regimes policies, 217 registered participants from around the world took part in an online march on the White House in solidarity with those in New York at 2 PM US Central Standard Time, 8PM UK time. more...  0 Comments

Audio from "Married to the State" Action

darby +dc radio coop | Here's a collection of gathered sound and interviews from the Queerfist action Sunday Aug 28 afternoon on Manhattan's West Side. The action targetted the "Big Tent Event" of the Log Cabin Republicans. more...  0 Comments

Times is no Tiananmen -- Radicals stay safe trying to save the world

Just Another Anybody | more...  0 Comments

the real story at 37th and 7th on sunday

ch | this is the actual account of what occurred at 37th and 7th on sunday, more...  6 Comments

More UFPJ March Photos

Eric Wagner | More photos from the UFPJ march. more...  1 Comments

QueerFist Times Square Kiss In Photos

Ida | more...  8 Comments

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