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Jesse Jackson @ 8/29 Pre-March Rally

Andrew Geller | Jesse Jackson Sr. closes out the pre-march rally at 7th Ave & 23rd St. prior to the United for Peace & Justice sponsored march against the Bush agenda during the RNC. more...  4 Comments

Youth Feeder March photos

Fatal | more...  0 Comments


Anne | A class action lawsuit is already in the works for those bikers targeted today by the NYPD. It is vital that y'all contact me as soon as you are released. more...  4 Comments

RNC thugs dressed as dolphins to mock Democrats.

lss | The RNC thugs think the last 4 years was funny. more...  8 Comments

RNC Saturday: Indymedia, MSG Photos

B.G. Johnson | Photos of BikesAgainstBush, Indymedia welcome center, outside MSG on Saturday. more...  1 Comments

Don't Just (Not) Vote, Get Political; Our Dreams Will Never Fit in Their Ballot Boxes

Don't Just (Note) Vote | Nationwide Call to Action on Election Day more...  2 Comments

noRNC Weekend Vid Clips

Michael ONeil | Clips taken at Critical Mass on Friday (at 3rd Street and 6th Ave),and Central Park on Sunday (Rev Billy marriage mob on the Great Lawn). more...  0 Comments

More August 29 pix added | Here's my view of the protest more...  1 Comments

NYTimes does good job reporting RNC protest

sofiushka | more...  9 Comments

Permit Obtained for ANSWER March Outside MSG as Bush Accepts Nomination

Shawn Redden | International Answer has obtained a permit for a permited protest outside of MSG on Thursday night beginning at 7PM and lasting through Bush's acceptance speech on SEPTEMBER 2nd. Link from website posted below more...  5 Comments

Half-Million Marchers Defy N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg to Denounce Bush War and Lies

Dave LIndorff | Despite threats and intimidation from New York’s Republican Mayor, a record half million protesters marched in New York City against Bush’s war in Iraq and his attacks on civil liberties at home in a disciplined and spirited march past the RNC convention site. more...  0 Comments

indy pics of youth feeder march to the huge Sun march

Adam Micah | indy pics of youth feeder march to the huge Sun march more...  0 Comments

Where are the delegates staying?

suzie swarm | Well you can always spot them by the red NY Times bags and rnc lapel pins. more...  3 Comments

Forty to Fifty people arrested by Marriott, Times Square

booger | Last night forty to fifty people, according to one of the only demonstrators who escaped, were arbitrarily arrested right outside the Marriott in Times Square where many delegates are staying. more...  1 Comments

A29 video wrapup: "Several Million Billion New York Minutes"

Mike Flugennock | Citizens of conscience gather nearly a half million strong in New York City to demand an end to war and tyranny and the rest of the Bush agenda, are given good old-fashioned NYC welcome. RealVideo, 04:56 more...  1 Comments

Free radical trainings

dustin | Music for America is hosting free trainings. Check it out! more...  0 Comments

Demonstrations Against the Bush Agenda, Downtown Manhattan

M. Monalisa Gharavi | August 29, 2004. As the RNC delgates poured out of high-end Manhattan theaters today they were greeted by demonstrators opposed to the Bush agenda. The protesters used chants and visual symbols strongly denouncing the "war on the poor" and the indiscriminate use of violence and war against civilians in Southwest Asia. more...  2 Comments

NYPD will picket today

Arson Daily | NYPD will be picketing. See if they enconter repression... more...  11 Comments

Info Regarding Helmet Cams

Cascadian | a quick post, y'all more...  7 Comments

Bronx Cheer: Well Into Evening, GOP Delegates Unwelcomed by New Yorkers

NYC-IMC | After Sunday evening, there could be little doubt: the Republican Convention is certainly not welcome in New York City.

Wherever they went, across the breadth of Manhattan island, RNC delegates were taunted, mocked, and generally harassed by activists and ordinary New Yorkers alike.

The Central Park Boathouse
Tavern on the Green
On Broadway [Pics]
On Broadway [Pics 2]
Outside Bowlmor Lanes
At Crobar
Alice Tuley Hall

One frustrated Republican was heard to exclaim sarcastically: “its good to see that New Yorkers are so polite!!†But polite we are. Just not to smug outsiders looking to use this city’s tragedy for political gain.

more...  30 Comments

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