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Whose ass is Judith Miller protecting: Her source's or her own?

Dave Lindorff | Is Judith Miller, now in jail on a contempt charge for refusing to name her sources in the Valerie Plame outing case, a muckraking journalistic hero, or was she a journalistic poseur who was helping the White House slime whistleblower Joe Wilson? ----------- more...  2 Comments

Manipulation by Language

Judith Barben | "Before tyranny becomes visible for everyone, it begins when the word loses its dignity.. Rulers never manage without manipulation and propaganda.. In neuro-linguistic programming, language has the task of diverting people.." more...  1 Comments

Valley Free Radio

Adam Hurter | national Grassroots Radio Conference coming up! more...  0 Comments

Understanding the relationship between antisemitism, conspiracism, and apocalypticism

Chip Berlet (posted by anon) | "I certainly acknowledge that there have been conspiracies. They simply don't have the attributes of almost superhuman power and cunning that conspiracists attribute to them..." --Michael Barkun more...  3 Comments

Judith Miller's Decision Reduces Journalists' Rights

Washington Post | Consensus among journalists outside the NY Times is that Judith Miller and her management's decision, to avoid cooperating with the grand jury, has harmed the rights of all journalists by narrowing the interpretation of a 1972 court case that defined journalists' privilege. more...  1 Comments

Open Letter To Reverend Al Sharpton.

Elijah Gatewood | D.C. Rebel demands well known minister to "act like a man of God"! more...  6 Comments

WOID #XIII-21. Fall Girl

Hoipolloi Cassidy | It's not just Judith Miller but the journalistic culture that created and supports her. more...  5 Comments

New York Times reporter sent to jail in leak case

madhatter | New York Times reporter sent to jail in leak case more...  4 Comments

Job Opening at The Indypendent!

The Indypendent | The Indypendent, NYC Indymedia’s award-winning biweekly newspaper, is looking to hire a volunteer and editorial coordinator fulltime starting this August. more...  1 Comments

Bush speech to the Nation

AmigaPhil | more...  3 Comments

Union Busting for the United Nations television crew

tahira faune alford | Negotiations started today for the UNtv contract. The United Nations television crew has been staffed for the last 12 years by EJ electric, and represented by IBEW 1212 has just recently lost their contract. According to union negotiators, the negotions are going very poorly. more...  1 Comments and back online

Chuck | Infoshop (, Flag (, and related websites and email lists were recently offline for several weeks. During this time we set up a new server at a co-location facility. more...  3 Comments

what are they saying -- we do or do not negotiate with terrorists?

nick cooper | It's like, of course we talk to insurgents, I mean not like we're negotiatiating, that's absurd, we just kinda... you know, talk about stuff, aloo al akbar and all that, nothing too serious. And, lest you get some ridiculous notion that violence is a useful tool in getting our ear, we think that is nonsense, violence never solved anything, unless we do it. We just like to talk to as many people as we can, and we would be talking to them anyway even if they weren't making our war look bad, I mean even if they just sent us a letter we would have been happy to meet, have a beer, I mean, uhh, what do they drink again? blood? No we don't talk to the ones that have any big bloodstains on their hands. I mean, we check them out carfefully, under the nails. We basically want to talk to everyone involved, but not any of the bad guys, we basically want to talk to pacifist friends of the violent ones, who can put in a good word. It's all very reasonable and consistent. more...  0 Comments

Dialogue is 'Po;itics of Race' Banned by Pacifica Published at Indymedia

Jared Ball | The host of the show the Blackademics recently published the audio banned from being heard on Pacifica radio station WPFW in DC on DC Indymedia. Listen to it and judge for yourself. more...  0 Comments

Race and National Origin at Pacifica Why Should You Care?

Tom Gomez | Turn on your radio. Spin the dial. Companies like clear channel and Cox own well in excess of 3000 broadcast outlets. That's how most of us get our information. Pacifica exists to counter that. It has only 5 stations, but in major cities, With $400,000,000 in assests and 16 million in yearly budget the foundation is the single most valuable asset of the left. Under one vision it would move to the right, under another it would recruit activists to actually create media. more...  0 Comments

Rooftop Films Summer Schedule


Moderation, Trolling, and NYC IMC as a Community Media Site

Chris | This post is related to multiple posts and comments on this thread: more...  17 Comments

Who Needs Big Bird?

Dave Lindorff | Forget those desperate appeals to "save" PBS and NPR. They're already lost. Progressives can do better things with their time and their tax dollars than to give it to these liberal media poseurs. ---------------------- more...  2 Comments

Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank accused of Fraud and Misconduct: Complaints filed against Austrian Financial Group

Kurir Article Summary | Kurir reports that Austrian banking giant Hypo Alpe-Adria has been accused of stealing confidential information acquired from a loan application by client BREIF S.A.Luxemburg; BREIF fund managers revealed sensitive partnership information to the Bank which their attorney claims was misused. more...  0 Comments

PULLED FROM THE RUBBLE: Human Rights Documentary Screens this week in NYC

RadiKelly KaPOWski | more...  0 Comments

WPKN: Monday, June 24 - Interview with attorney Jose Pertierra

WPKN | Denise Manzari interviews attorney Jose Pertierra on the case of Luis Posada Carriles, who escaped from a Venezuelan prison while facing charges for the terrorist downing of a Cuban airliner in 1976. more...  0 Comments

The 'Downing St. Memos' destroyed? Not on your Nelly!

Henk Ruyssenaars | If one as an investigative journalist wants to stay alive, one way to do it is 'serving' the explosive information in portions. First fifty%, then 25, and the last 25% is a kind of 'life guard': used until a 'case of emergency' erupts, like when the journalist or whistleblower is "suicided". more...  0 Comments

As with Terri Schaivo, It’s Time to Pull the Plug on a Brain-Dead US Media

Dave Lindorff | The sorry display of editors making lame excuses for not informing the American public for over a month of the damning written evidence of Bush lying to get the U.S. into a needless war in Iraq—the Downing Street memos—makes it clear that no one who wants to know what’s going on should waste time reading or watching the corporate media. ------------------------------ more...  0 Comments

Help Deep Dish and the WTI

Deep Dish Volunteer | Help Deep Dish TV To Provide Global Television Uplink of World Tribunal on Iraq June 24th-27th, 2005 from Istanbul, Turkey more...  0 Comments

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