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Nine arrested at sit-in targeting Sen. Schumer

Laurie Wen & Katie Robbins | On Monday Senator Schumer (NY) announced his support for an expansion of Medicare to those 55 years old and older. Activists say this is not enough. The Mobilization for Healthcare Now launched another wave of protests in its campaign demanding a national single-payer system in the US. On Thursday December 10th, demonstrations occurred at the office buildings housing Senators offices in 16 states. Not including today 35 sit-ins have been organized in a two month period. Video is available at more...  6 Comments

Bronx Healthcare 'Town Hall' Meeting a Charade of Democracy

Billy Wharton | The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx New York City neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry. more...  4 Comments

Press Release: Socialists Call for Swift Action to Combat Swine Flu Outbreak

Socialist Party USA, NYC Local | “Access to healthcare is no problem for a billionaire like Michael Bloomberg,” says Billy Wharton, Chairperson of the Socialist Party of New York State, “for the rest of us hospital visits mean facing medical bills and debt." more...  0 Comments

Make Obama enact Single-Payer health care!

forwarded by Skinny John | The Obama "Transition" Team has announced a project for people across the country to host and attend "health care discussion meetings" to gather ideas and input from the grassroots about healthcare reform. more...  1 Comments

Update from Greece:Students take the streets again

No justice, no peace | Students take the streets again on the eve of a major strike and the murderer's pleading yesterday more...  1 Comments

Hold Obama Accountable, Part 2

forwarded by Skinny John | Is this the first chance for the new president and his party to make good on their promises to protect US jobs, to deliver health care and be the "change" tens of millions voted for? Will they take it? Can we make them? more...  1 Comments

Nuclear Waste Dumped into Hudson River

Cathy Garger | Internationally renown radiation scientist and researcher Dr. Chris Busby speaks about the radioactive waste dumping into New York's Hudson River.
more...  2 Comments


Healthcare-NOW | Demonstrate in NYC to demand the end of the private
health insurance industry and to call for a national
single-payer healthcare system that would guarantee
health care for all. more...  2 Comments


forwarded by "Skinny" John McDermott | Obama supporters, PLEASE participate in one or both of these events,
because Obama does NOT support single-payer. We ALL need to make sure
he does what YOU elected him to do! Thanks! more...  0 Comments

U.S. is now 29th in World in Infant Mortality

Thomas Riggins | As the movie SICKO indicates-- socialized medicine works! more...  0 Comments

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