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Frack Ban Activists with Dr. Vandana Shiva at Riverside Church

JR | Climate justice and food justice activists rallied at the lecture of noted environmentalist and ecofeminist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, at Riverside Church today to clarify the responsibility of activists in the face of concerted pressure by pro-gas drilling industry and 'environmental' groups. Marcia Reynolds, whose family has been farming in upstate Otsego County for four generations pointed out the folly of movements that call for a moratorium on gas drilling, saying "I don’t want the drilling delayed while these companies keep buying up leases. I want it banned now". more...  8 Comments

Rainforest Action Network stars in “FSC and the City”

Anais Pagano | Activists Challenge Mainstream Environmental Organization's Continued Support for Industrial Logging of Old-Growth Forests, Tell RAN “It’s Time for a Divorce” (from FSC) more...  8 Comments

Don't Trust the NYS DEC. Gas Drilling still not Banned!

Anne Marie from Online | You may have heard or read that the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has decided not to allow gas drilling within the Catskill and Delaware watersheds, which supply water to NYC.

Don't believe it. more...  3 Comments

Climbers Unfurl Banner to Protest NYC's Use of Rainforest Wood | During lunch hour in New York City, two climbers scaled the 40-foot flagpoles at the southern entrance of City Hall Park to hang a 150-square-foot banner reading, “If Bloomberg Is So Green, Why Is NYC America’s #1 Consumer Of Rainforest Wood?” more...  5 Comments

Activists Hang Banner Protesting Rainforest Wood Use @ City Hall Park Flagpoles

Rainforest Relief & NYC Climate Action Group | April 21, 2010: Today at 1PM, two climbers scaled 40-foot flagpoles at
the southern entrance of City Hall Park to hang a 150-square-foot banner
reading, “If Bloomberg Is So Green, Why Is NYC America’s #1 Consumer Of
Rainforest Wood?” more...  1 Comments

Community Garden Controversy Reignited.

Jennifer Riveraton | New Yorkers for Parks (NY4'P's) announced the hiring of a new executive director last month, but the appointment of Lee Stuart has disturbed some in the community garden movement. Ms. Stuart played a central role in a major open-space dispute in the South Bronx, that on November 21, 2002, led to the arrest of three residents – at gunpoint – advocating for community gardens. more...  2 Comments

Activists Against PVC and Mountaintop Removal Speak at NYU Environmental Forum

Wetlands Activism Collective | On Wednesday, April 14th: Lois Gibbs of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice and Dea Goblirsch and Jeff Friederich of Climate Ground Zero and spoke at a panel on environmental justice issues entitled, " PVC and Coal Corporations: Poisoning Our Communities & Destroying Ecosystems." The event was sponsored by Students Creating Radical Change @ NYU. more...  1 Comments

RED CROSS UNDER FIRE! Where's The Money For Haiti?

Amadi Ajamu | “We have been on the ground and we know the people are in need of shelter. The money collected by the Red Cross for Haiti is not getting there. We are tired of the excuses. That's our blood down there and our money. We demand immediate shelters for our people,” more...  4 Comments

Campaign to Correct NRDC Continues at Bar Association

Kerry | A coordinated campaign to challenge the promotion of gas drilling by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a corporate-friendly environmental organization which has come under fire in recent years for its controversial stances, funding sources, and what-some-perceive as a Board of Directors with many conflicts of interests between their ties to polluting industry and the mission of the organization expanded into Midtown today.

Related: NRDC Blasted For Gas Drilling Support: Activists exposed NRDC's support for gas drilling at Green Drinks event in West Village more...  3 Comments

Pan African Unity Triumph! Black New Yorkers Deliver for Haiti

Amadi Ajamu | A delegation from the December 12th Movement and the Friday Haiti Relief Coalition departed from Kennedy Airport destined for Haiti on Monday morning. In the wake of the tremendous earthquake that shook the island nation, Black people throughout New York came together to begin their contribution to the relief process.

more...  1 Comments

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