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Journalism Tools and Tips

The 'Downing St. Memos' destroyed? Not on your Nelly!

Henk Ruyssenaars | If one as an investigative journalist wants to stay alive, one way to do it is 'serving' the explosive information in portions. First fifty%, then 25, and the last 25% is a kind of 'life guard': used until a 'case of emergency' erupts, like when the journalist or whistleblower is "suicided". more...  0 Comments

TIME'S UP! Video Collective Meeting

TIME'S UP! | Putting out a call for Videographers for May Critical Mass more...  0 Comments

Web Search Engine Security

googlemenot | Some may be concerned about data google stores whenever you use their search engine. Compare search engines. more...  0 Comments

Open Letter to Air America Radio

Jen Amos | Disenfranchised by commercial progressive radio. more...  5 Comments

Can the Left Tolerate a Dissenting View on Ward Churchill?

Hobbit | Censorship has inveigled itself into many Indymedia servers around the country. In NYC, ANSWER and UFP debate on the NYC boards. But if the folks running the servers are going around deleting and ip banning posts from people more to the center, the whole discussion is endangered. This writer questions whether we are going to allow dissent on the Ward Churchill controversy... more...  7 Comments

Indymedia History

repost | Indymedia History more...  0 Comments

EL LIBERTARIO de Venezuela: hacemos balance y seguimos adelante

Redacción del periódico El Libertario | * En el Editorial publicado en el # 41, febrero-marzo 2005, el colectivo responsable de esa publicación bimensual hace el recuento de lo que ha significado la tarea de una década por construir, mantener y consolidar tanto un periódico como una propuesta anarquista consecuente en Venezuela. more...  1 Comments

NYC Indy Media on the fritz?

CSD | Is there a tech problem with NYC Indy Media? more...  5 Comments

'Baby 81' story is another New York Times fake

Foreign Press Foundation | If there is a Pulitzer award for embellishing, exaggerating, and outright lying and misleading in print, the New York Times coverage of 'Baby 81' would merit top billing. more...  0 Comments

PropoGannon: Gannon Denies Everything to E and P

Editor and Publisher | In a lengthy, wide-ranging interview with E&P today, former White House reporter Jeff Gannon, whose real name is James D. Guckert, revealed that, contrary to many media reports, he had not been subpoenaed in the Valerie Plame/CIA case. He also threw into question media accounts suggesting that he had seen a classified CIA document critical to the Plame case, saying he had made references to the “internal memo,†but adding, “I never said I had it or had seen it.†But when asked if he had in fact seen it, he declined to say. more...  0 Comments

J20 National STOP "Bush" Sign Stenciling

Le Artiste | The media will try to ignore the protest in D.C. but the signs of the time are everywhere and everyone can read the writing on the wall. Show some solidarity and improve a few signs in your locale. Let's make this part of the story -- a national epidemic. more...  0 Comments

J20 Mainstream Media Blitz

Miss Maam | Getting through to the mainstream media about the J20 general strike and Bush inauguration protest is essential. Not one damn dime day seems to be breaking through already but we can and should do more. Find allies and true journalists in the mainstream corporate media and continue to forward messages to them in newer, less conventional ways. more...  3 Comments

The Inaugural Map

The Inaugural Mapmaker | On Thursday January 20th, 2004 thousands of people are expected to convene on Washington, DC for the inauguration of George W. Bush. The Inaugural Map is an on-line portal created to facilitate and coordinate the plans of these visitors coming to Washington, DC from all around a very divided America. In order to direct these visitors to the most appropriate places around DC, the Inaugural Map contains links to both the "Red" & "Blue" websites to further coordinate visitor plans. more...  0 Comments

the new york r(A)t needs your help!

black r(A)t collective | email to get involved with nyc's new anarchist paper, which could be as simple as taking 100 copies to hand out somewhere, or sending us a paragraph describing your group's newest project! more...  25 Comments

'Being the Media' and Critical Mass

Chris Anderson | Since August, this website’s coverage of Critical Mass and its accompanying legal and police battles has been remarkable, and it points to the long-touted, too-often unrealized potential of Indymedia. When the first IMC website was founded with the slogan “be the media†its founders meant exactly that—ordinary people, participants in events both big and small, would “be their own media†and would break free of the stifling corporate and governmental control that has dominated communications for hundreds of years. Sometimes, especially during large political protests, Indymedia has lived up to this founding idea. But other times, it (and internet journalism more generally) has fallen short. Why has NYC Critical Mass inspired such an outburst of participatory journalism? Can it continue or even grow, or expand to other events and issues? more...  8 Comments

Soon-to-be-illegal photos from the MTA 'Flash(bulb) Mob'

mike | These are some photographs from the 'Flash Mob' held Sunday to protest the pending ban of photography in the MTA. more...  0 Comments

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