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D.C. Government Must Support Officers.

Elijah Gatewood | Newly elected D.C. City Councilman makes false race and youth bias claim. more...  0 Comments

Dividing The Sexes.

Elijah Gatewood | Uncovering a retired D.C. Cop's get rich quick scheme. more...  1 Comments

AKBAYAN: Filipino people ready to oust GMA

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) | 13 July 2005 : AKBAYAN today warned the President that the Filipino people is capable of using extra-constitutional mechanisms to remove her if she continues to refuse to listen to the demands of various sectors that are pushing for her resignation. The group said that extra-constitutional means remain to be a legitimate and valid option, especially if the available constitutional remedies will just be tainted by the same traditional politicians who are interested in securing their political future. more...  0 Comments


Dan Roberts | A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Cuba, Netherlands, and Russia. more...  0 Comments

Evidence of Massacre by UN Forces in Haiti

Seth Donnelly (repost) | more...  2 Comments

Sakhalin's Indigenous Peoples: Back to the Blockades

Rory Cox and Jenne Turner | The people of Sakhalin Island, Russia, are again being threatened by oil and gas companies. The following article details their conflict and offers a way for you to help. more...  0 Comments


Clayton Hallmark | He blew CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover. Here's how he's going to cover that: HE WILL SAY THAT ALL HE DID WAS TO TELL REPORTERS THAT JOE WILSON'S WIFE RECOMMENDED HER HUSBAND TO INVESTIGATE TIES BETWEEN SADDAM HUSSEIN AND NIGERIAN YELLOWCAKE. We are at war, declared by the president. Karl Rove, if he makes the above admission, caused the deaths of CIA operatives and compromised their mission in the defense of the nation in that war. That would make him, not just a felon, but liable to prosecution for T-R-E-A-S-O-N. more...  1 Comments

Harassment by the 13th Precinct

Lauren Giaccone | On Thursday July 7th, members of the No Police State Coalition were harassed and arrested by police from the 13th precinct. more...  5 Comments

S.O.S. from Venice ,Italy

emma | Nothing can be more exasperating then the realization that nefarious financial interests are wrecking the environment with the false excuse of saving it. more...  0 Comments


A. Stone | Landmark Campaign to Expose ExxonMobil’s Dangerous Environmental Policies more...  0 Comments

Another cyclist killed!

CLM | more...  8 Comments

Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

Nick Turse | An Army of (No) One: An Inside Look at the Military's Internet Recruiting War more...  0 Comments

Guantanamo Detainee Moazzam Begg on Wakeup Call Radio

Wake Up Call Radio | (from Wakeup Call): Today on Wakeup Call, the recently released Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg exposes the heinous treatment he received in prison; Begg describes the crimes committed by US soldiers, including abuse, torture, murder and desecration of the Koran; and rebuffs all US allegations against him. Full Audio of Today's Show-- Online Soon more...  4 Comments

Welcom Home Lt. Anderson! Well Done!

Ivan E. Duda | Twinsburg Ohio's town square sports a new sign on the sheriff's station: Welcome Home Lt. Anderson. Well Done. What he did was instruct his platoon members to put an Iraqi teenager out of his misery. more...  3 Comments

White House in Full Damage Control Mode as Plame Leak Closes in on Rove

Chris Anderson | The White House gave every sign of being in full damage-control mode today as growing revelations about Karl Rove's role in the leaking of the name of undercover CIA operative gathered steam. Additional Coverage From: Editor and Publisher || The Daily Kos || Billmon || Talkingpointsmemo || David Corn || Atrios more...  7 Comments

Squatter Victory in Vienna

DeeDee | For many years I have been in touch with Peter Grabher, an Austrian activist and one of the founders of Kinoki, a media collective in Vienna. I happened to be in Vienna while his collective prepared for eviction. more...  6 Comments

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