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Updating Lynne Stewart's "Love Struggle"

Stephen Lendman | Lynne will be resentenced July 15 more...  3 Comments

Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed

Stephen Lendman | The US criminal justice system failed this heroic woman more...  17 Comments

Freedom Socialist Party letter on the 2009 NYC elections

Harlem | Freedom Socialist Party Open Letter on the 2009 New York City Elections more...  0 Comments

Two Thumbs Down On Video Violence (IndyKids)

Amanda Mendez & Diana Fernandez | The January/February 2008 IndyKids is Out!

The new issue includes a primer on sneaky housing loans, a full-color spread on global warming, the end of the death penalty in New Jersey, a look at New Year's Celebrations around the world, a review of Dr. Suess' classic, The Lorax, and more!

Go to www.indykids. net to download the paper and teacher’s guide, find out how to get copies and subscribe.

 http://www.indykids .net/teachers/ index.html
for the Teacher's Guide that accompanies the new issue.

Free copies of the new issues are currently available in New York City at:
• New York Indymedia office, 4 W. 43d St., 3nd floor, Manhattan
• Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St (between Stanton & Rivington), Manhattan
• Revolution Bookstore, 9 W. 19th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenues), Manhattan
• Julia de Burgos Cultural Center, E. 106th St & Lexington Avenue, Manhattan
• E. 96th St branch library, 112 E. 96th St., Manhattan
• Aguilar branch library, 174 E. 110th St., Manhattan
• Jackson Heights public library, 35-51 81st St., Queens

IndyKids is a new free newspaper and teaching tool for kids in grades 4-8 and high school English language learners. IndyKids aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire a passion for social justice and

P.O. Box 1417
New York , NY 10276
Phone: 212-592-0116
Email: indykids@indymedia. org
Web: www.indykids. net
more...  0 Comments

IndyKids Cartoon (IndyKids)

Gary Martin | more...  0 Comments

Creative Chaos: Review of "Graffiti" at the Brooklyn Musuem

Black Man With a Library | Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Museum to check out the "Graffiti "show. As a child of the 1980s, I remember vividly the aerosol chaos that covered the CC train that my brother and I took on our way to school in the Bronx. Those were crazy times, where the ground of the city was shifting under our feet. Crack cocaine devastated our community and kids were worried about getting AIDS from water fountains. Violence was the norm and so was poverty as I made quick friends on the free cheese line at the Polo Grounds community center. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

BikeBlog on Critical Mass: The Most Defiant Ride Yet

Bike Blog | Wow. Critical Mass kicked ass in NYC last night. What a weird, sometimes scary, fun, sometimes you-lost-everyone...ride. Riding around NYC for the last couple of weeks I can't help but think about when and if some cop is going to feel like giving me a ticket. [Read More at BikeBlog] more...  0 Comments

Break the Chains

NMASS Video Collective | A video clipfrom the Break the Chains coalition, a broad alliance of community-based organizations that have come together to address the deteriorating working and living conditions faced by all working people. The alliance calls for the repeal of the modern-day slave law known as the Employer Sanctions Provision; especially in light of the newly introduced McCain – Kennedy immigration proposal. [/a>] more...  0 Comments

Movie Review: King Kong

Hip Hop Music | I liked the movie. A lot. But for real, for real, somebody needs to hook Peter Jackson up with some Black friends. I mean damn, Peter, I know this was as much as anything else a tribute to your own romance with cinema, that began with seeing the O.G. Kong. But couldn't we have done just a teeny tiny bit... [Read More] more...  2 Comments

One Never Knows What to Say to the Servants

truthout | One Never Knows What To Say to the Servants Scenes from the class struggle in Delhi--and Brooklyn. BY TUNKU VARADARAJAN Friday, January 16, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST It's not possible to spend an hour in urban India without ingesting life's unfairness. When families subsist in cardboard shelters a few yards from Italianate villas, a visitor must drop the dearly held American pretense that Being Created Equal amounts to equal opportunity and treatment for all. Luck and grueling effort are the main safety nets in places like India, and poor children aren't spared the legion of woes that their parents face daily. more...  0 Comments

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