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Political Theory

Mumbai massacres: 'Army of Pure' spawned by al Qaeda, I.S.I.

Ahmar Mustikhan, Freelance Journalist | The new administration that will take charge next year appears set to say goodbye to U.S. castration and is likely to play a more active role in combatting terrorism in South Asia. A pointer to this effect is an article by Bruce Riedel, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, who reportedly has President Barack Obama's ears on South Asia. more...  2 Comments

You’ll still get more change from McDonalds than you will from Obama

MN Roy | Now that Barack Obama has picked a cabinet that Carl Rove feels at home with, isn’t it time for the “left” to look reality in the face instead of keeping their heads up the Democrats’ derrieres and acting as if “everything is possible” because the preferred candidate of the capitalist class won. more...  3 Comments

Progress or Regress? : Considering the Future of Leftist Politics under Obama

Jeremy Cohan | The Platypus Affiliated Society in New York presents a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A to critically evaluate the widespread assumption that the election of Barack Obama presents an opportunity for today's Leftists. Asking how opportunity can be distinguished from opportunism, Platypus has invited several intellectuals and activists to publicly think through the foreseeable pitfalls and potentials posed by the passing of the Bush-era into the age of Obama. more...  3 Comments

India's 911: Muslim Pope brother hurt in 'Army of Pure' shooting

Ahmar Mustikhan, Freelance Journalist | Shabbir Nooruddin, brother of the pope of a Muslim sect, was hurt at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai when the Pakistan-based 'Army of Pure' turned India's famed Bombay or 'City of Joy' into one of tears for three whole days. He is still in hospital. more...  0 Comments

Martyr remembered, brother faces U.K. jail

Ahmar Mustikhan, Freelance Journalist | Glowing tributes were paid to Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri at a meeting at Busboys and Poets in Washington DC on Saturday afternoon. The victim's brother Hairbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch face jail in the U.K. for trying to organize Baluch resistance against military brutalities. more...  0 Comments

Editorial Cartoon: White House Bathroom, Jan. 21 2009

Mike Flugennock | Rahm Emmanuel? Tom Daschle? Eric Holder? Hillary, f'crissakes? Just in case you're still wondering – you're certainly not the only one marveling at the number and quickness of old Clinton mobsters and liberal interventionists crawling out from under their rocks to score cushy gigs with the Change Administration. No goddamn' wonder President-Elect Change practically fell over his wingtips trying to disavow himself from the Donkeycratic Leadership Council when they were giving him big ups way back at the dawn of the last Presidential "Election" campaign... more...  2 Comments

Mumbai carnage: world unity to punish culprits must

Ahmar Mustikhan | As India and Pakistan were trying to mend fences, the attacks in Mumbai are aimed at making the two arch-rivals come eyeball-to-eyeball once again, a Pakistani intellectual argues. But the Baluch believe whatever the motives the rogue agency must be taken to task y the world. more...  1 Comments

Viva Obama: yes we can change the world

Ahmar Mustikhan | Even before the new U.S. adminstration has taken charge of office there is widespread joy among the forgotten and stateless peoples of the world, like the Kurds and Baluchs in the Middle East, who were denied statehood by the British that their fate may change soon, thanks to the strong advocacy of balkanization by U.S. Vice President-elect Joe Biden.
A young Baluch rights activist Noordin Mengal was deported from Newark in June most probably because of his name and small beard, though he is totally secular. more...  6 Comments

Offe's Paradox | Klaus Offe, a left thinker, once proposed Offe's paradox, the idea that "while capitalism cannot coexist with, neither can it exist without the welfare state. Canada has done better than some countries in protecting social welfare
The welfare state is not dead; what is dead is people's economic security. more...  0 Comments

11/20: Hubert Harrison - The Voice of Harlem Radicalism

Socialist Party USA | The Socialist Party USA invites you to join us for a discussion on the new book "Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism 1883-1918" with author Jeffrey Perry on Thursday November 20th @ 7 pm.
339 Lafayette St. (buzzer #11) NYC more...  1 Comments

On My Expulsion from World Can't Wait, an open letter from Lee James

Lee James | Kasama would like to direct your attention to the following letter from Lee James. Lee is facing an attempted expulsion from World Can’t Wait because of her participation in our Kasama Project.

World Can’t Wait, as many of you know, is an activist organization that sought to drive the Bush administration from power, promoted impeachment for Bush and Cheney, and campaigned very strongly against the government's policies of torture. Now that Bush is going, WCW and similar resistance organizations face a crossroads over focus and strategy. more...  16 Comments

Free corn

Tom Jackson | something to think about more...  0 Comments

WTO Chief Says Free Trade Plays Small Role in Job Losses: A Critical View

Sharat G. Lin | Pascal Lamy, head of the World Trade Organization, argues that free trade in a regulated environment drives economic growth worldwide. Speaking at Stanford University, he dismissed claims that free trade is responsible for job losses. Yet in every case where trade barriers have been dropped between structurally dissimilar economies, free trade has introduced profound socio-economic distortions, income inequality, and job displacement. more...  0 Comments

Reflecting about immediate effects of Obama’s victory and Latin America

Bruno Lima Rocha | Reflecting so rushed about the victory of a Columbia political scientist and lawyer for Harvard, I have to start explaining and repeating the obviousness. Barack Obama has passed through the rites of passage of entry into the US’s elite. He is a ruling class member and there is no doubt on this subject. To be part of this closed circle, it is necessary to expend a small fortune in achieving excellence in academic education and some contact with the Ivy League (League of Northeastern Universities in the U.S.). more...  0 Comments

MEXICO: Atentado contra Mouriño

Martín Moreno | El martes 4 de noviembre sobre las 18:40 horas se desplomó sobre la Fuente de Petróleos el avión privado en que viajaba el espurio secretario de gobernación, Juan Camilo Mouriño, el antiguo jefe de la SIEDO, Santiago Vasconcelos y varios funcionarios más. Hay 14 muertos, y se produjeron unos 40 heridos de gente que salía de trabajar a esa hora o pasaba accidentalmente por el lugar. more...  0 Comments

Not "Fascism or Obama": Fascism and Obama

DG | It is all too obvious that anti-fascism renounces revolution. But anti-fascism fails exactly where its realism claims to be effective: in preventing a possible dictatorial mutation of society. The fight for a democratic state is inevitably a fight to consolidate the state, and far from crippling totalitarianism, such a fight increases totalitarianism's stranglehold on society. more...  0 Comments

Omali Yeshitela's statement on the election of Barack Obama as U.S. president | African People's Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela leads the Uhuru Movement, whose protest at an Obama rally in Florida in August raised the question "What About the Black Community, Obama?" more...  2 Comments

Re: Rahm Emanual: Don't say we didn't warn you

MN Roy | So who's Obama going to listen to: Rahm Emanual or Carl Davidson? more...  3 Comments

God's Nation

Lotta Suter | Since September 11, it has been easy to reduce the fate of the nation, its "Manifest Destiny," to a battle of good against evil, the constitutional state against a rogue state, Christians against unbelievers and the civilized against the uncivilized. Whenever a real or imaginary danger threatened, the US has united to a We or core group that excludes everything foreign. For outsiders or outlaws, other laws are in force than for the in-laws, the ordinary population. The indigenous population of North America, the Indians, first made this experience. more...  0 Comments

Obama's Demobilization Campaign

Counterhegemonic | The struggle for healthcare, economic justice and political participation is open to all those who elude the management of their imagination. Anyone remember - yes we can? It was not so long ago. more...  2 Comments

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