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Viola Chasm | A guilt trip beyond measure more...  10 Comments

NYC cop who knocked down CM cyclist indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges

plausible_deniability | A grand jury indictment is expected to be unsealed Tuesday in the case of a New York City police officer shown in video footage knocking a bicyclist to the ground in Times Square. Officer Patrick Pogan is expected to plead not guilty. more...  1 Comments

Stand with Greece, Stand with the Revolution: Sat Dec 20th

solidarnosc | The 4th New England Assembly of the Northeast Anarchist Network is endorsing the call to a Day of International Action Against State Murders (see call from the assembly of the occupied Athens Polytechnic School, below). The day of action is this coming Saturday, December 20th, 2008.
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Eyewitnesses tell the press about Alexandros' murder in cold blood.

nystagmenos | Two eyewitnesses who were in a nearby cafe saw the whole thing and described it to the press; they are intending to testify about what they saw. Their stories contradict what the cops charged with the murder have said. more...  0 Comments

Greece: The Rebelion of Silence

Carlos Vigueras | Greek youth joins the world in their demands for justice for the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos of just 15 years old, killed by police heir to the dictatorship of the colonels in Greece.
Socially anger accumulated by long years of dictatorship and repression springs in the streets of Greece in search of freedom and justice.
The hope of youth worldwide and the millions of men and women who love freedom is to do justice for Alexandros and release all the political prisoners. more...  0 Comments

More of the truth about Alexandros' murder, from... cops!

exegermenos | Excerpts of statements from the cops near the incident and from the radio conversations with central operations contradict the stories of the two cops involved in Alexandros' murder more...  0 Comments

Statement of Nikos R., a friend of Alexandros

Exorgismenos | This is a translation of the statement of Nikos R., which describes what happened on the night of December 6 and how the police shot his friend Alexandros Grigoropoulos. It completely contradicts the statement of the policeman who pulled the trigger.
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This civilization is rotten to the core !!!

Seven Star Hand | The Vatican and its primary cohorts are the secret rulers of Planet Earth and their primary tools of governance are secrecy and the deceptive triangle formed by money, religion, and politics. It is beyond obvious that monetary, religious, and political leaders will never solve humanity’s persistent problems. To do so would free you from their deceptions and put them out of work… more...  1 Comments


NYCLAW -- New York City Labor Against the War | If there is a happy ending to the Groundhog Day of repeated wars and plunder, it may well be found in the very mass movement whose enthusiasts registered voters and knocked on doors and brought Obama to power. Will they now be satisfied as spectators to the cynicism of "continuity"? more...  0 Comments

AJLPP Commends Dec. 12 People’s Mass Actions Against Charter Change

AJLPP-East Coast | Moral corruption and objectivity is the latest victim of the US-Arroyo’ regime’s propaganda in the Philippines.

It is really unnerving that even the mass media including the ABS-CBN News, the Inquirer Publishing Inc. and others who cannot get their facts straight.

It is but fine for the military and police in the Philippines to diminish the effect of the mass actions in the Philippines by under estimating the people’s turn-out, but for the media to quote police estimates and fail to make its own estimates really makes people sad.

To the AJLPP based in the United States, this means they even failed to count the number of people who attends rallies honestly. more...  0 Comments

DC rally: world warned of nuclear nightmare

Ahmar Mustikhan, Freelance Journalist | The American Friends of Baluchistan, a voice for peace in southwest Asia, expressed solidarity with the victims of Mumbai mayhem at a rally in Washington DC. It deplored Pakistan has refused to hand over the wanted terrorists. more...  0 Comments

Continually updated news on the Greek riots

l | The Center For Strategic Anarchy blog is being continually updated with news, images, video, and accounts from solidarity actions around the world. Come get your piping hot Greek riot news: more...  0 Comments

Summary of pleadings of Korkoneas in police murder of 15 year old Greek youth

nystagmenos | This is a summary of the main points covered in the first court pleadings of the police officer who pulled the trigger on Alexandros Grigoropoulos, and who was charged with intentional homicide. more...  0 Comments

23rd Annual Holiday Appeal Benefit Fundraiser for Class-War Prisoners

Partisan Defense Committee | Saturday, December 13th
4:00-8:00 p.m.

Nuyorican Poets Cafe

236 East 3rd Street, Manhattan
between Aves. B and C
(take F train to Second Avenue, or #6 train to Bleecker St.) more...  0 Comments

Jesús Reyes Heroles, despidos y corrupción en PEMEX

Unión Nacional de Técnicos y Prof. Petroleros | El jueves 4 de noviembre a las 19:00 horas el director general de Petróleos Mexicanos, Jesús Reyes Heroles González Garza fue obligado a recibir a la Comisión de Trabajo de la Cámara de Diputados requerido para que explicara los despidos injustificados. more...  0 Comments

THE STATE MURDERS! communique by the Polytechnic School Occupation in Athens

anarchist | communique by the Polytechnic School Occupation in Athens more...  2 Comments

Rights advocates protest “Diamonds & Champagne” cocktail at Leviev’s store

Adalah-NY | New York human rights advocates protested this evening at the Madison Avenue jewelry store of Israeli billionaire and settlement mogul Lev Leviev where the elite, online social group “A Small World” held a cocktail party to "Buck the Recession with Champagne & Diamonds." Ten protesters chanted and banged drums on the street in front of the store despite the rain and cold, and despite an aggressive, but failed attempt by the NYPD to move them down the street from the store.
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THE RESOURCE WARS - Antony Loewenstein @ Bluestockings TONIGHT

j hill | Friday, December 5th @ 7PM - Free Reading: Antony Loewenstein "The Blogging Revolution" @ Bluestockings
With the advent of decentralized publishing with a wide reach (think: the interweb!), blogging has become a important tool for international reporting. In "The Blogging Revolution," Antony Loewenstein investigates the impacts of blogging on state authority and mass media in propagating truth. Loewenstein is an Australian journalist and the author of "My Israel Question." - Bluestockings: 172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington, 212.777.6028 more...  0 Comments

No 2010 Olympics Vancouver Canada - No Olympics on Stolen Native Land

afrikakorps | A coalition of Indigenous elders, social justice activists and community organizers are voicing opposition to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. NO OLYMPICS ON STOLEN NATIVE LAND! more...  0 Comments

AJLPP Support the Protest Vs Charter Change Dec 12 in the Philippines


The Alliance Philippines ( AJLPP) vehemently and militantly condemns in the highest terms the GMA controlled House of Representatives led by well known GMA puppets Speaker Prospero Nograles that the impeachment complaint by voting it down by a vote of 183-21 Last December 2. The AJLPP also hail the Thai people in their recent victory against the deposed Thai prime minister Songchai who was ordered to quit by Thai Constitutional court for cheating in the elections. The AJLPP based in the United States and the Filipino American community also strongly and militantly supports the mass actions on December 12th against the charter change and against the imperial and fascist presidency of Gloria-Macapagal-Arroyo in Manila and the rest of the Philippines. more...  0 Comments

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