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Resource Wars

Activists Against PVC and Mountaintop Removal Speak at NYU Environmental Forum

Wetlands Activism Collective | On Wednesday, April 14th: Lois Gibbs of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice and Dea Goblirsch and Jeff Friederich of Climate Ground Zero and spoke at a panel on environmental justice issues entitled, " PVC and Coal Corporations: Poisoning Our Communities & Destroying Ecosystems." The event was sponsored by Students Creating Radical Change @ NYU. more...  1 Comments

Peruvian Community in Action Protest at the Peruvian Consulate

Nick Cooper | 30 people gathered today in front of the Peruvian Consulate to protest the treatment of indigenous in Peru and to support the Peruvian general strike. Nick Cooper spoke with those in attendance. more...  0 Comments


Jacquie Simone | Renowned leftist intellectual, linguist and author Noam Chomsky discussed democracy, the economy and global crises June 12 at Riverside Church in Harlem. more...  8 Comments

Lockdown at Schumer's office protests "free trade massacre" in Peru

Press release by activists (photos by Jb) | Activists charge Schumer with complicity in the murder of dozens of indigenous Peruvians killed over the weekend in a wave of repression against indigenous people engaged in nonviolent protest against the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement. Peruvian President Alan Garcia has used the FTA as a pretext to institute new laws that usher in an unprecedented wave of extractive industries – expanding logging, oil and gas drilling, mining, and destructive agriculture into the Amazon Rainforest. more...  4 Comments

In this week's Socialist WebZine....

Socialist WebZine | * Debs and Tubman Win National Holiday Poll more...  2 Comments

Israeli paper Globes on settlement-builder Leviev's rights abuses in Angola

Adalah-NY | "I was beaten until I fainted. When I return to consciousness it was dark. The next day I crawled back." Testimonies from the mine in which Leviev is a partner. Shooting at residents, murderous beatings with digging spades, whipping, and being thrown into the mud. Tough testimonies from Angola describe the treatment of the area's poor by security personnel at the mine in which Leviev is a partner. Associates deny this: "those were not out people." Leviev's spokesperson: "The group created a revolution in the diamond industry in Africa in general and in Angola in particular. We have widespread social and philanthropic programs there." more...  0 Comments

Canada's 'socialist' NDP supports US Terror War in Afghanistan

NoDifferencePartyWorker | In a shocking betrayal of significant Canadian anti-war sentiment, the New Democratic Party has joined the pro-war Liberal party in a coalition party designed to unseat the ruling Conservative Party government of Stephen Harper.
The NDP is now in support of the US led War on Terror in Afghanistan. This shocking betrayal by a "left" party must not go unremarked or unprotested. This pro-war position must be reversed. Please email NDP Party leader Jack Layton with your protests: more...  1 Comments

Manhattan Night Court At 100 Center St. Part I

Paolo Mastrangelo | One man present who had been charged with fare beating on the m35 that morning, who did not want to give his name, claimed that he and five others here in court were picked up that morning after boarding the bus at approximately 6:30am on their way to an outpatient facility in Harlem. They are homeless, living in the shelter, and the bus is their connection to job interviews, mental health facilities, friends and family. None of them had money for the fare, and all snuck on the bus from the back door. more...  1 Comments

Martyr remembered, brother faces U.K. jail

Ahmar Mustikhan, Freelance Journalist | Glowing tributes were paid to Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri at a meeting at Busboys and Poets in Washington DC on Saturday afternoon. The victim's brother Hairbiyar Marri and Faiz Baloch face jail in the U.K. for trying to organize Baluch resistance against military brutalities. more...  0 Comments

Continuing, Unrelenting Terrorism and Mumbai

Gary Sudborough | The terrorism conducted by nation-states is vastly greater in degree and the number of casualties it causes than that conducted by individuals or groups of individuals. However, the majority of corporate media coverage and condemnation will go to that terrorism conducted by individuals. more...  0 Comments

Viva Obama: yes we can change the world

Ahmar Mustikhan | Even before the new U.S. adminstration has taken charge of office there is widespread joy among the forgotten and stateless peoples of the world, like the Kurds and Baluchs in the Middle East, who were denied statehood by the British that their fate may change soon, thanks to the strong advocacy of balkanization by U.S. Vice President-elect Joe Biden.
A young Baluch rights activist Noordin Mengal was deported from Newark in June most probably because of his name and small beard, though he is totally secular. more...  6 Comments

Obama transition points to more war and repression

Bill Van Auken | "It is only 10 days since Obama was swept to victory in the presidential election by a wave of popular hostility to the Bush administration. Yet the actions of the president-elect and his advisers are already making it clear that the longing of millions of Americans for an end to the growth of US militarism and international criminality are not to be realized after the inauguration in January." more...  0 Comments

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