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"Nine-Eleven" Retrospective

Juergen Nieth | After declaring war on terrorists, an endless war, the balance sheet is rather depressing three years later-and after two wars. Numerous terrorism experts see America's reaction to Sept 11 as catastrophic. A gift was given to the terrorists with the Iraq war. more...  0 Comments

Africa and Live8

Andrés Vallejo | On the colonial imaginings of Africa more...  1 Comments

Killer Coke's deadly policies exposed

Bryan G. Pfeifer | The Student Coalition to Cut the Coca-Cola Contract—with over 20 organizations representing 5,000 students at the University of Michigan—dealt the latest blow to the multi-billion dollar corporation... more...  0 Comments

Book Review: Reclaiming City Streets for people: Chaos or Quality of Life?

Stephan von Pohl | This book is available for free online in PDF format. more...  0 Comments

Sophia Quintero: Hip-Hop Lit

Kazembe Bulagoon, for The Indypendent | Ever since Slick Rick dropped “A Children’s Story,†hiphop has been a story-telling form, telling tall tales while “keeping it real.†This is a truth not lost on hip-hop activist turned novelist Sofia Quintero. Writing under the pen name Black Artemis, her second novel Picture Me Rollin’ reclaims the insurgent radical politics once common in hip-hop. It’s no small task cutting against the current flood of crass commercialism and misogyny in big media hip-hop, but self-confessed “bona fide hip-hop purist†Quintero considers herself up to the challenge. more...  0 Comments

Heavy Ceiling & Love Ties

Diane Mason | Highlights Of The Human Rights Film Fest more...  0 Comments

review of 'Recipes for Disaster'

oriana fallaci | "An Anarchist Cookbook" To Replace Bibles in Motel Rooms. By Kirsten Anderberg more...  2 Comments

Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election?

Messenger | A post-election headline from the Akron Beacon Journal cites a critical report by twelve prominent social scientists and statisticians, reporting: "Analysis Points to Election ‘Corruption': Group Says Chance of Exit Polls Being So Wrong in '04 Vote is One-in-959,000." Citing "Ohio's Odd Numbers," investigative reporter Christopher Hitchens, a Bush supporter, says in Vanity Fair: "Given what happened in that key state on Election Day 2004, both democracy and common sense cry out for a court-ordered inspection of its new voting machines." more...  6 Comments

Strategy for Another World: Walden Bello's De-Globalization

Mohssen Massarrat | Walden Bello's de-globalization has a power that can burst openthe system. Redistributing work through radical reduction of working hours and exchanging part of paid work for more freedom and quality of life are two powerful steps to regaining human autonomy. more...  0 Comments

Whistling Free Dixie

Kazembe Bulagoon | SELF-DEFENSE, SELF-RESPECT, AND SELF-DETERMINATION By Robert and Mabel Williams AK Press Audio CD, 2005 more...  0 Comments

Sympathy For The Devil: Zizek on Lenin

Jed Brandt | World-class cad and lecture-circuit dilettante, Slavoj Zizek is a willful parody of a polymorphous European intellectual who cuts pop-culture semiotics with the Byzantine discourse of the contemporary smarty-pants set. He’s penned everything from advertising copy for Abercrombie & Fitch to the introduction for Bob Avakian’s latest book on “re-imagining communism.†Fitting, then, that his most striking work of late is the set of essays he wrote to bookend a Verso anthology
of Lenin’s writings from the revolutionary year of 1917. more...  27 Comments

Mclibel Documentary Inspires

Matt Wasserman | MCLIBEL Dir. Franny Armstrong, 2005 more...  0 Comments

Te Recuerdo, Victor

Steven Wishnia | Chilean singer Victor Jara was South America’s leading left-wing troubadour of the 1960s and early ‘70s, a rough equivalent of Bob Dylan or Pete Seeger. more...  0 Comments

Report From Burning Man: Playa del Fuego

Nicholas Powers | “Why am I here?†I ask myself at Burning Man events. It’s a question sparked by my guilt and anger that beyond our counter-culture cocoon is a world at war. It was a hard fact to ignore at Playa del Fuego, the Mid-Atlantic spin-off of Burning Man, because over the tents loomed a Vietnam-era army helicopter, held up on beams but pointed nose down, as if crashing to the ground. more...  8 Comments

The Banality Of Imperialism

Matthew Wasserman | CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN By John Perkins Barrett-Koehler Publishers, 2004 more...  0 Comments

Lying and bullshitting the same thing

An Australian | So now I suppose that takes liars off the hook. Or does it? I wonder how he managed to separate the two? Did he get a knife and cut a turd in half? Then paint one half a different colour and call it something else? Oh! He's not bullshitting he's just lying. Thank God for that! more...  0 Comments

Photos from Tompkins Square concert Sunday June 5th

Peter | (from the Open Newswire): Despite the tragic lack of a bandshell, it was a very pre-Ghouliani, pre-Doomberg atmosphere; a noisy oasis from the deathly silence of botoxed yuppies slowly decomposing in their quaint cafes. more...  1 Comments

Brian Haw clocks up 4 years of Iraq protest!

Paul O'Hanlon | This is a 1,400 word piece on Brian Haw's one man protest for Iraq in Parliament Square, London. He has now been there 4 years of 24/7 and survived 5 attempts to evict him. more...  0 Comments

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