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Civil & Human Rights

Populist #7

Franklin | Constitutional Democracy as a Protection against Internal Hostilities - continued more...  0 Comments

Evidence of Massacre by UN Forces in Haiti

Seth Donnelly (repost) | more...  2 Comments

London's trauma

Benjamin Creme | more...  1 Comments

London’s trauma

Benjamin Creme | more...  0 Comments

Samaritans Arrested - Flood the Border Patrol!

AZ IMC | Human rights workers arrested in southern Arizona - urgent action needed now! more...  0 Comments

The Anti-War Movement March: From Istanbul to Binghamton, From DSM to SP4

Tarik Abdelazim | The first and only federal trial arising out of an act of civil resistance against the Iraq War begins this September 19 in Binghamton, NY. Four Christian parents, facing charges of conspiracy, respond to Judge's gag order (issued in May) by planning a Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq to articulate the legal defense of civil resistance against this immoral, illegal war and occupation. more...  0 Comments

TUE 7/12 Protest PATRIOT Act

nyprotest-admin | Tuesday, July 12 Noon New York Public Library, 41st Street & 5th Avenue Protest the PATRIOT ACT with New York City Bill of Rights Defense Campaign, New York Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way more...  0 Comments

British MP George Galloway Calls for Bush and Blair to Stand Trial

Galloway | They must face charges for crimes against humanity! more...  0 Comments

The Provocateur State

Frank | These are interesting times and about to get much worse. more...  0 Comments

The Summits of the Americas Informs

Albert R. Ramdin | Ministers of Health and Environment of the Americas gathered in Mar del Plata, Argentina on June 16-17, 2005 to discuss how to improve linkages and integrate a joint agenda in both areas. more...  0 Comments

Toronto police brutality

hrm | Toronto police brutality more...  2 Comments

Bike to Avoid Transit Scare

CMer | Bike to Avoid Transit Scare more...  5 Comments

Civil Rights Film Released After 2 YRS of Suppression!

kalitara | LIBERTY BOUND, shunned even by organizations like and Democracy Now!, has finally found the distrubution it deserves on Free Speech TV! (Dish Network 9415) Thursday, July 7th - (EST) 2am, 9am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm, 9pm more...  0 Comments

CAFTA is a Disaster for the People of Central America and the USA

David Roknich | If things continue, as the Ghost of Christmas Future may have predicted in an updated rendition of Dickens, the "third world" will have Democracy just like ours and we will have Poverty just like theirs.
CAFTA Must Be Defeated. more...  1 Comments

A Mom's FYI: Reality Bites

DF | *** more...  0 Comments

Leonard Peltier Moved to Indiana & Solitary Confinement

Socialist | Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier was moved to Terre Haute, Indiana on 6/30/05 and is in solitary confinement. He was framed on false murder charges, has sat in prison for some 30 years, and is now a frail 60 year old man. His lawyers, family and friends were not notified of this move. This is another "rendition" or kidnapping perpetrated by Nazi USA. more...  0 Comments

Killer Coke's deadly policies exposed

Bryan G. Pfeifer | The Student Coalition to Cut the Coca-Cola Contract—with over 20 organizations representing 5,000 students at the University of Michigan—dealt the latest blow to the multi-billion dollar corporation... more...  0 Comments

The Growth in Bush's Character

CHUCKMAN | more...  1 Comments

Leonard Peltier Moved to Indiana, and Put In "The Hole"

Paula Ostrovsky-LPDC Media PR | Urgent alert! Without notice to his family and attorney, Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier was moved to Terre Haute, Indiana, Thursday June 30th, 2005. He has been placed in solitary confinement indefinitely. more...  1 Comments

Unduly Unauthorized Unrepresentatives of the Rainbow Gathering Hold 2nd Press Conference

Karin | On Tuesday July 5 at 9 AM, a second “Rainbow†court is scheduled for gatherers who missed the first court date. Once again, the Cranberry Mountain Visitor’s Center is being transformed from an educational nature facility to the court of a federal magistrate and more people will be tried for camping in the woods. more...  0 Comments

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