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Getting Dirty: Community gardens introduce solidarity

Freedom Walker Birch | The Black community is plagued with disunity. The plethora of approaches to solve this dilemma has failed to transform relations amongst people of color. But the recent influx of community gardens has introduced a simple, effective solution to building solidarity. more...  0 Comments

Even as MTA hikes fares, service lags on the L train

Jessica Aguirre | The MTA L train has a good reputation. Its cars are clean, the announcement boards are reliable, the Straphangers campaign always gives it a high subway report card rating. But for L train riders, who have recently undergone service disruptions in addition to citywide fare hikes, things may not be as rosy as they seem. more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Vatican's views on bioethics lack scientific outlook. more...  1 Comments

HAARP and 9/11

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | Moret added "This interview addresses the "Energy Budget" as the constraints and method for analysis of the scientific and technological evidence for the use of HAARP and Beam Weapons at the World Trade Center site on 9/11/01." more...  0 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Scientists are thinking about bringing the mammoth back to life. more...  3 Comments

High-tech music production to compete with top Las Vegas attractions...

Dan. | More Power Productions, Inc. corporation announced that it is developing and implementing a high-tech, futuristic interactive musical production that includes proprietary Audience Interaction Technology that will be contracted to a Las Vegas Casino or similar venue for entertainment purposes.. more...  0 Comments

PANIC DECLARED Empty store shelves, gas pumps, ATMs ahead.

Clayton Hallmark | We know capitalism is a goner when neocons like Bush switch from privatization to nationalization -- and when everything we tried since the 1930s Depression has failed. We would still be in it if not for WWII. After the war we relied on Interstates and suburb evelopment, then the service economy, especially finance (see chart). Well the finance economy is failing -- esp. important to NYC -- and there is no leg left to stand on. more...  0 Comments

Social Forum of the Americas LINKS LIVE with NYC

May First / People Link | Join together, in real time, with participants of the Americas Social Forum in Guatemala, for a simultaneous workshop on collaborative democracy and the Internet. This workshop is a unique opportunity for those of us in New York to attend the forum, interact directly with Latin American activists and organizers, and contribute to building a collaborative and democratic agenda on the Internet. more...  0 Comments

Bad Code

BG | 9/2008 more...  0 Comments

International Conference on Human-Powered Transportation

mind wide open | Human-Powered Transportation Festival Begins. All rides Free This Weekend. more...  0 Comments


moo | The Memory Hole has the feasability study & plans for the proposed Plum Is. II to be built near some unsuspecting farm community. Details on the doings at Plum Is. (off the end of Long. Is.) more...  0 Comments

CUNY Sustainability Series on Governors Island

Carina Molnar | The CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities is proud to present the 3rd annual Governors Island Science, Art Exhibition and Lecture Series: Sustainable CUNY | Sustainable NYC. This summer's program seeks to engage the public by approaching sustainability in the city from all lenses, drawing lectures from the public, private and research sectors. more...  0 Comments

Boycott Del Monte Philippine products contaminated with deadly pesticide

Kalikasan-PNE | Endosulfan is very toxic chemical which is very harmful to human and the environment. Its use was restricted and banned is some countries like Singapore and Philippines. In 1993 the Philippine government decided to restrict the use of of endosulfan to products containing no more than 5% endosulfan, and to ban its use in rice cultivation. Before the decision, endosulfan is the number one cause of pesticide poisoning in agricultural areas in the country. more...  0 Comments

Crane failure/System failure

Gregory A. Butler | Why are young construction workers falling from the New York City skies? Why do the gleaming hirises of this city have workers blood pooled on the sidewalks in front of them? Read the story you won't get in the mainstream media, from a worker/activist/writer on the inside.... more...  3 Comments

Critical Art Ensemble's Dr Steven Kurtz Cleared .

C Murray (ireland) | After four years of persecution Dr Stephen Kurtz (CAE) has been cleared of all
charges of mail and wire fraud. more...  1 Comments

EPA, DEP, Scientific Integrity, and Politics

Dwight Hines | Concerns about the loss of scientific integrity by federal and state environmental agencies because of political pressures need to be resolved in fair courts so we can work at restoring our natural and cultural ecologies. Environmental justice and strict science must proceed on parallel paths in the lab and in the courts to attain optimal qualities of life for all of us.

more...  0 Comments

¿Qué es la SimBioDiversidad?

agustin antunez corrales | La SimBioDiversidad es un nuevo enfoque transdisciplinar desarrollado en las últimas dos décadas con el objetivo de incluir, en el concepto de Biodiversidad, todo lo relacionado con lo humano y lo social. De esa manera trata de superar la visión biologicista dominante de la Biodiversidad, en la que las disciplinas relacionadas con lo humano y lo social están prácticamente ausentes, ya que no suelen formar parte de los estudios universitarios de Biología.
Creemos que La SimBioDiversidad supera con éxito la barrera entre humanos y naturaleza, o entre las llamadas ciencias sociales y ciencias naturales.

more...  0 Comments

Bio-Jet Fuel

Andria Mitchell | Airbus and Honeywell plan to create bio-jet fuel
more...  0 Comments

Steven Pinker's "The Stuff of Thought"

Thomas Riggins | Cognitive scientist Steven Pinker seems to rely more on metaphysics than science in framing his theories. more...  0 Comments

Open Letter To My Fellow Apes Regarding Civilization

sd | We are quickly killing off the last of Earth's creatures who can tell us about ourselves. more...  0 Comments

Join virtual sit in to protest privatization of oil in Mexico

La Septimavieja/Resistencia Creativa | Join the 100,000 women from Resistencia Creativa (Creative Resistance) protest the imminent privatization of Mexico's oil resources by participating in this virtual sit-in. All you need to do go to this webpage:

Sumense a las 100,000 mujeres de Resistencia Creativa a protestar la inminente privatización del petróleo en México al participar en este plantón virtual. Lo único que tienen que hacer es visitar esta página web: more...  2 Comments

JaqueMate al M.I.T.

Frente WanGulisTúm | Para resumir, basta con que busquen este anuncio en nuestra Güai Güeby Gëb:
(Sí, lo han adivinado, "cabezas de chorlito", es una "simple"
dirección de correo electrónico, cuya palabra clave es
"superbibencia"). more...  0 Comments

A Gift for M.I.T.

IniciativasSostenibilidadMedioAutoGestión | Using the New Science of Art-Wriding, as a very easy way of expressing our selfs, and, mainly our child-selfs, we mix colours, spontaneity, freedom, and "exam-erde" to demonstrate that nowdays an infinitum power of creativity is hidden in everyone, under a very tiny cap of "domestication" by reading-writing-reading-writing...r..w..r..w.wr....wriding.
"If Science is not Art, It is nor Science" more...  0 Comments

Virtual Sit-In Against Nano/Bio War Profiteers! NOW!

EDT and borderlands Hacklab | To join the action and learn more, go to more...  2 Comments

How Green Are Organic Shampoos and Lotions? | Not too long ago, organic beauty supplies — shampoos and lotions — were perceived as products for unkempt hippies.
But now they're for well-coiffed, urbane hipsters, too. more...  0 Comments

The Pioneer Effect, and a New Theory of Gravity

Brent Herbert | It was inevitable that if there were found to be serious flaws in our physics and in our understanding of gravity or such things as 'momentum' these would be quickly revealed beginning in the early 1970s, when human beings first began to explore space. more...  0 Comments

Hannity investigates SSRI antidepressants and violent behaviour

brian |

Good 6 minute discussion of the presence of SSRIS in most if not all recent putbreaks of school shooting violence

more...  1 Comments

Cheaper than Coal? More discussion of a phosphorescent solar cell

Brent Herbert | The following is a continuing discussion of the development of a solar cell based upon phosphorescence... more...  2 Comments

Cheaper than Coal: Developing A Solar Power Supply

Brent Herbert | According to what I have read recently, the people over at Google are planning to spend tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars on research into renewable energy sources that are ‘cheaper than coal’. This has spurred me to begin research on the development of a solar cell based upon phosphorescence, which is the most logical and sensible approach to take towards developing a renewable energy source. more...  2 Comments

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