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Chasing JP Morgan

Alex Kane | At least 30 homeless and housing activists rallied outside the headquarters of banking giant Chase December 2 to demand that the bank utilize their ownership of vacant property in New York City to create housing for poor people and the homeless. more...  0 Comments

The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit Glorifies Biking in a Crowded City

Julia Dunn | The Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit highlight all things transportation related, and many bicycle focused pieces. The Reinvention of the Wheel panel presentation combined many groups together to talk about progress and where New York City stands now. more...  0 Comments

4th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk

NYC Street Memorial Project | 10:45 am: Bronx
12 pm: Astoria, Queens
12:45 pm: Sunset Park, Brooklyn
2:30 pm: Chinatown
4 pm: Delancey and Allen, Manhattan
5 pm: St. Mark's Church, E 10th St and 2nd Ave more...  1 Comments

ABC No Rio Clothesline Benefit!

ABC No Rio | A two day holiday art sale to benefit ABC No Rio. Come check out a wide variety of works on paper, ranging from $25-$50... more...  0 Comments


chick | Come fast and scare the tourists! Bring the family and a dish! 39th NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING, with United American Indians of New England (UAINE) Thursday, 27 November 2008 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM (rally - march - potluck) Plymouth, Mass more...  0 Comments

Corporate Media Targeted in Actions Across US

Signore Gattaccio | On the morning after election day. Hundreds of newspaper boxes had their covers changed and contents augmented with anarchist news and opinion, a small payback for the election media blitz and near media blackout that followed militant conflict at the conventions. more...  4 Comments

New From the 123 Community Space

@ friend | The 123 Community Space 123 Tompkins Ave(at Myrtle) Brooklyn, NY 11237 206-333-1355 more...  3 Comments

Long Island Food Not Bombs Dance Party, Wednesday Oct.29th @ Cinema Arts

LI-FNB | On Wedne​sday,​ Octob​er 29th @ 7pm Long Islan​d Food Not Bombs​ is havin​g a benef​it Hallo​ween dance​ party​ at the Cinem​a Arts Centr​e.​ Invit​e your frien​ds and get ready​ to get your dance​ on. more...  0 Comments

Economic Fascism and The United States

Kenn Spacefield | If I do not believe in, trust, or support the US Federal Government, my home should not be in jeopardy. The Federal Government, whenever they choose, through the IRS, will take your home if you do not support them. This confiscation of property by the Federal Government is absolutely and unequivocally wrong, and it is illegal.

For the Federal Government to threaten me with stealing my home because I want them to fail, is economic FASCISM.
more...  0 Comments

Free Music for Free People

SP-USA (NYC) | Come out for a night of roots folk music with a conscience. more...  0 Comments

NYC Socialists Reject PSL’s – Call for Sports for all!

SP-USA (NYC) | New York sports fans are dedicated to their teams. Team owners are using this loyalty to extract greater profits thereby changing spectator sports from recreation to another money-making enterprise. Sports fans need to end sports-as-business. We will not allow our stadiums to become sanitized playgrounds for the rich and tourists. more...  2 Comments

F Your Change

binghamton | Inside the Pepsi Center, they talk about hope, about change, about justice.

On the streets outside, thousands of police in riot gear cage protesters, arresting whomever they can, assaulting others with pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and night sticks. more...  0 Comments

Afghanistan & Brooklyn: A Tale of Two Weddings

Counterhegemonic | The bride never made it to her beloved as a US bomb tore through her body. more...  0 Comments

A Letter Of Encouragement To All Anarchists

Annie Nimmety | A short introduction to a large problem more...  18 Comments

Alternative Challengers to Globalization

Kristen Hackett | All across the world, people are partaking in counter-culture communes in which they seize old abandoned buildings not only for housing needs, but also to actively protest the over-arching societal pressures created by capitalism, patriarchy, exploitation and racism.

This act of reclaiming free housing from existing vacant structures, called "squatting," has become a globalized movement, creating space for networking and making the act of day-to-day living a type of activism.
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