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Urban Development

Bike Lane Liberation Day

g | Bike Lane Liberation Day coming soon. more...  3 Comments

Financial support to Passe-Livre Movement - Florianópolis

Passe-Livre Movement - Florianopolis | Passe Livre, or Free Passing, is a movement struggling against the ever increasing public transportation fares in Brazil, for free transportation for students and against the prevalent concept of transportation as a commodity, which implies the extension of the successes gained by students to the rest of the social spectrum. more...  0 Comments

Let's fix the ugly toothpick

Eugene Tenenbaum | Let's fix the ugly toothpick on the top of the Freedom Tower. more...  1 Comments

Workers Celebration, World Bike Messenger Championiships

Gustavo | Workers Celebration, World Bike Messenger Champions more...  4 Comments

Department of Environmental Conservation Extends Comment Period on Ikea Application

MCG | Attorney Antonia Bryson of the Urban Environmental Law Center in New York City has announced that interested citizens will now have until July 2, 2005, to submit their comments on Ikea's application to the DEC for a tidal wetlands permit and a clean water act quality certification for its proposed Red Hook project, and to request a public hearing. more...  0 Comments

North Brooklyn Greens Fundraiser

Mark Borino | Benefit concert for local Green Party political club. more...  0 Comments

Action on Central Park/Washington Square

leanne | more...  6 Comments

Images: Central Park Candlelight Vigil

fred askew | Central Park Candlelight Vigil more...  1 Comments

Cycling conference at City Planning 5/18

gustavo | Cycling conference at City Planning 5/18 more...  4 Comments

Half million for untagging | City council has unanimously voted this week to establish and fund a city-wide anti-graffiti program which will employ controversial means to wage war on tagging more...  0 Comments

Mismanagement still keeps WTC at zero

Eugene Tenenbaum | more...  0 Comments

Under the Pavement Website Online! philly biotech june!

under the pavement organizing collective | more...  0 Comments

Rev Billy CD Release Party: Free For All 5/09

Michael ONeil | Free food, open bar, performance from the Reverend and Choir...this is the big THANK YOU party to NYC on the record label's tab. Enjoy! more...  1 Comments

the World Trade Center Site as a Grand Public Plaza

James Wagner | Over seventy years ago the Empire State Building was completed within thirteen months and yet we're still staring at a hole downtown. more...  0 Comments

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