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War & Peace

First organized resistance to unconstitutional New York City subway searches

sterling brooks | A flying squad of lower Manhattan activists is attempting to locate where the New York City police are performing random subway searches, reach the stations while the operation is still underway, and advise subway riders that the recently-initiated searches are in violation of their Fourth Amendment right to be "secure against unwarranted searches and seizures of their persons ... and effects", and that the riders are within their rights to refuse.
Everyone who witnesses or undergoes a search is requested to forward all details to more...  0 Comments

Worse than the Plame Case

The Prelude to "7/7" | A full independent investigation is needed to smoke out whoever betrayed national security and endangered our allies in the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan more...  1 Comments

Regional Consulta on World Bank, IMF, anti-war Protests: Aug. 13 Washington DC

Mobilization for Global Justice | WHEN: August 13, 2005, 3 PM – to no later than 7 PM

WHERE: Washington, DC, The Flemming Center (9th and P Streets NW, at 1426 9th St. NW … 4 blocks from Convention Center – Green and Yellow lines – or 3 blocks from Shaw Metro – Green Line)

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Photos of Bush as the devil in New Zealand ads | Check out these ads for Hell Pizza in new Zealand depicting Bush as the devil... Awesome! more...  0 Comments

Bush Policy: Making the World Safe...for Nukes

Dave Lindorff | By invading countries unilaterally, and by threatening countries without nukes while negotiating with, or even having friendly relations with those that have them, the Bush administration is courting nuclear disaster.
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How Building a Saudi City Made a Lefty Out of Dick Underhill, VFP

Greg Moses | Dick Underhill just one example of how the backshop of a movement keeps going. more...  0 Comments


GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | [gangbox] GANGSTER SOCIALISTS OF the Workers World Party used thugs to intimidate participants in a community speakout against the war more...  11 Comments

Mother Of Dead US Soldier Protests Bush: Says Emperor has No Clothes: Is Threat

America's Mom' | America's Mom'

A woman called Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in Iraq is galvanising anti-war opinion in the USA to an arguably greater extent than any previous anti-war protests. She is camped at the side of the road with a small (growing) number of accomplices at Bush's ranch in Crawford (Waco) Texas for the last couple of days and is demanding Bush meet her and explain a few things to her.
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The World Cant Wait Drive Out the Bush Regime 11-02

amol | The World Cant Wait-Drive out The Bush Regime more...  4 Comments Up and Running! Come here for housing, rides, events calenda

septemberACTION Collective | Come to for the most updated information and resources for the September 23-26 anti-war, global justice, anti-torture people-powered driven mobilization. Here you can find ride boards, housing boards, resource boards, events calendars, articles, links to legal and medical information, and more! more...  1 Comments

What have we done?

Repost from jamie | As the blood of US soldiers continues to drain into the hot sands of Iraq over the last several days with at least 27 US soldiers killed and the approval rating for his handling of the debacle in Iraq dropping to an all-time low of 38%, Mr. Bush commented from the comforts of his ranch in Crawford, Texas today, “We will stay the course, we will complete the job in Iraq.”
Just a two hour drive away in Dallas, at the Veterans for Peace National Convention in Dallas, I’m sitting with a roomful of veterans from the current quagmire.
When asked what he would say to Mr. Bush if he had the chance to speak to him, Abdul Henderson, a corporal in the Marines who served in Iraq from March until May, 2003, took a deep breath and said, “It would be two hits-me hitting him and him hitting the floor. I see this guy in the most prestigious office in the world, and this guy says ‘bring it on.’ A guy who ain’t never been shot at, never seen anyone suffering, saying ‘bring it on?’ He gets to act like a cowboy in a western movie…it’s sickening to me.” more...  0 Comments

Desparately Seeking Democrats:

Roy Rollin | Two years ago millions of people across the US took to the streets in an unprecedented show of opposition to the impending attack on Iraq. Little less than a year later, with the tall tales that the Bush administration used to justify its war, ie, “WMDs” and “Links to Al Queda,” unraveling faster than a roll of toilet paper, the Abu Ghraib torture scandal exploded the lie about going to war to put "Saddam's torture chambers" out of business as well. Yet at the very moment when everything that anti-war activists had said about the war had been proven correct, the anti-war movement was nowhere to been seen or heard from. Had all those who had marched and protested given up and made their peace with the administration and its occupation of Iraq? more...  0 Comments

Muhammed Naeem Noor Khan, the London Bombing, and White House Leaks

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | Will the people of London ever forgive us once they understand the full backgound of their tragedy? more...  0 Comments

Two NYC officials endorse racial profiling

Scott Adams | Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Staten Island Councilman James Otto want racial profiling of Middle Easterners.
Hikind: "They all look a certain way...It's all very nice to be politically correct here, but we're talking about terrorism."
Otto: "Plain and simply, young Arab fundamentalists are the individuals undertaking these acts of terror...A particular group of people who are engaging in these terrorist activities. And they're not skinny, balding Italian-Americans from Staten Island." more...  5 Comments

Indypendent: Live 8’s Empty Lyrics

Christina Zawerucha | Perhaps some awareness was generated through the feel-good Live 8 concerts – but viable, effective solutions were not. more...  0 Comments

Kosovo Confronts Its Future

Jackson Allers | Six years after U.N. Security Council resolution 1244 designated Kosovo a U.N. protectorate, the beleaguered U.N. mission administering the province is looking to leave as quickly as possible despite the fact that the U.N.-appointed envoy to the region says the security and freedom of non-Albanian communities is at risk. more...  1 Comments

Baghdad to Jerusalme via Damascus

Maher Osseiran | Neocons' master plan unveiled. Many of you have been wondering if there is a relationship between what is going on in Palestine and what is going on in Iraq and to many, even though you sense that there is a connection, the explanation is elusive. The article reviews Middle East events since the Iran-Iraq war and uses past actions by the United States and the reasons behind them to predict what the neocons' next steps are. more...  2 Comments

Who's the Terrorist: Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Dave Lindorff | A-Bombs then, Shock & Awe and DU now. So who is the real terrorist in the world today? Some guy with a satchel bomb, or the nation that unloads its arsenal of death on innocent civilians by the tens of thousands? more...  0 Comments

Senator Schumer petitioned on case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan

Daithí Mac Lochlainn | Over 300 individuals have subscribed to a petition calling on U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York to follow up and press further on correspondence which he had sent last year to the White House pertaining to the leaking of sensitive intellegence on Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan last year.
more...  0 Comments

Putting the Occupation on Trial

Amy Wolf | The World Tribunal on Iraq has posted the majority of transcripts and testimonies from this seminal event on its Web site, In addition, Deep Dish TV recorded the testimonies and panel discussions, and will provide those to the public soon. more...  0 Comments

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