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War & Peace

Close the SOA! This weekend: Converge on Fort Benning, GA

SOAW | Nov. 17-19 Vigil and non-violent direct action to close the SOA (WHINSEC). more...  0 Comments

Providence, RI: Protest Monday, November 20: Defend the Oaxaca Commune!

Working Class Emancipation | US, Mexico, Hands off Oaxaca!
Troops and police out of Oaxaca!
For a general strike until Ulises Ruiz falls!
For a government of the APPO and the workers' organizations!

Monday, Nov.
20, 3PM
Kennedy Plaza
Providence more...  0 Comments

BTL:Israeli Massacre of 19 Civilians in Gaza Spurs Movement Toward a...

Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus | Gates to Replace Rumsfeld at Pentagon as Iraq Continues to Burn

Interview with Mel Goodman, former CIA analyst and senior fellow at the Center for International Policy, conducted by Scott Harris

With the Nov. 7 congressional election serving as a referendum on President Bush's failed policies on the Iraq war, the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld the day after a sweeping Democratic party victory was not surprising. As Rumsfeld left the scene, president Bush nominated former CIA director Robert Gates as his successor.

Gates, who was forced to withdraw his nomination for CIA director in 1987 -- due to his ties to the Reagan-era Iran-Contra scandal -- came back to narrowly win the post in 1991 serving under President Bush's father. During his career at the National Security Council and CIA, Gates has been accused of politicizing intelligence on the Soviet Union and in other areas critical to formulating U.S. foreign policy. Gate's checkered history is of concern to many observers in that the Iraq War was justified by flawed and manipulated intelligence with regard to non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the dubious threat posed by Saddam Hussein.

With the violence in Iraq continuing to surge in what many are now openly labeling a civil war, President Bush is awaiting advice from his father's secretary of state, James Baker, who heads the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, which is making recommendations on changing U.S. policy on the war. Robert Gates was a member of the Study Group until his nomination. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Mel Goodman a former CIA analyst, who is now a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy. Goodman comments on the nomination of Robert Gates for secretary of defense and why he advocates withdrawal from Iraq.

Contact the Center for International Policy by calling (202) 232-3317 or visit their website

Goodman's book, "Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neo-Conservatives are Putting the World at Risk," is published by Prometheus

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Center for International Policy at Middle East Report at

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Final Reminder - Antiwar Soldiers Speaking 11-17-2006 7 p.m. Judson Church

Matthew Capri | Friends,
Please excuse repeat postings. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of committed activists finding out more about G.I. antiwar sentiment and activism.

Soldiers who organized against the war while serving in Iraq will be speaking at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Sq. South, NYC) on November 17th 2006 at 7 p.m. about their how they organized an anti-war group while deployed and how civilians and veterans can support the GI movement here at home.

We want you to hear about the work that many people are doing to catalyze and build GI resistance to this war.

For the Military Project Organizing Committee,
Matthew Capri

PS: Please forward this meeting notice widely--this is a free public meeting and all are welcome to attend.

more...  3 Comments

Rep. Lantos to chair International Affairs Committee? TELL PELOSI "NO!"

Peacemonger | If you want the new, Democrat-led Congress to stand up for peace, NOW is the time to call or fax Rep. Nancy Pelosi and your Representatives and urge them to support a peacemaker--not a war-enabler--as Chairman of the House International Affairs Committee.
more...  2 Comments


tristyn | On Friday at 9:00am the Pentagon Five will have their initial court appearance at the US District Court in Alexandria, VA. more...  0 Comments


Frida Berrigan & Matt Daloisio | January 11th, 2007 marks The 5 year anniversary of the first prisoners being brought to Guantanamo. Come to DC or organize locally. For more information, please contact Matt Daloisio ( or Frida Berrigan (
more...  0 Comments

Bring the Mandate for Peace to Washington DC on Jan. 27

UFPJ Action Alert | Join United for Peace and Justice in a massive march on Washington, D.C., on Sat., January 27, to call on Congress to take immediate action to end the war. more...  1 Comments

Hold Their Feet to the Fire!

Daithí | No time for a "honeymoon"!!!!!! more...  1 Comments

11 Indigenous Murdered in Chiapas

Narco News | Note: published by Narco News 11/13 - not confirmed yet by other sources as of 11/14. more...  1 Comments

Upcoming Events and Worldwide Direct Action in Support of Oaxaca on November 20th

el enemigo común | "On November 20, blockades will be set up to show the Mexican government we mean business. We are calling upon YOU to join in these blockades. That could mean blockading the consulates’ websites, jamming their phone lines with calls about the conflict in Oaxaca, occupying the offices of the consuls, or shutting down the roads around the consulates in whatever way you see fit." - EZLN

please add more events as a comment

Donate in Solidarity with Oaxaca

Oaxaca is calling for US to get Organized

Global Solidarity with Oaxaca more...  2 Comments

Republican Meltdown: Election Analysis by Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Freedom Road Socialist Organization | The midterm elections represented a defeat of historic proportions for the Bush administration. They were a referendum on the war against Iraq. The American people voted ‘no.’ The Republican agenda of racism, inequality and reaction met with a setback. This is a moment to savor. It’s payback time for the politicians who left people to die on freeway overpasses in New Orleans and who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

World Peace Religion Lambastes U.N. Report of Alliance of Civilizations

Karen Fish | It's a tragic comedy. more...  0 Comments


George French | In a poor terror tag team propaganda attack, Eliza Manningham-Buller and Prime Minister Blair show they are totally inept at interdicting terror plots even with their new found powers and are using psychological warfare techniques on an unsuspecting public to further usurp the freedoms of the citizens of western nations. more...  0 Comments

URGENT: Immediate Action Needed to Protect Free Speech

more...  0 Comments

Grand Theft Pentagon

A.K. Gupta | With a Democratic majority set to take over Congress in January, the White House has put forth a brazen request that amounts to a heist of the federal treasury. This past February, it requested an additional $72.4 billion for its wars. About $70 billion was approved by Congress with $60 billion of that for the Iraq War alone. Now, the White House is having the Pentagon ask for a staggering $160 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for 2007.
more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity Action on the 16th in D.C.

OAXACA SOLIDARITY ACTION | Please if you can send this out to everyone you know and hopefully come down!

Oaxaca Solidarity Action is a loose collective of folks that got together after the last protest at the Mexican Embassy, that was called for by the DC IWW (who also had one a few weeks before!) We must stand up for Brad Will but also majorly for the people of Oaxaca who have been struggling for a long time. more...  0 Comments

For Veteran's Day: The myth of the brave soldier

Mickey Z. | There are many who identify themselves as "anti-war" who will vigorously defend the troops. Even when faced with documented evidence of criminality, Americans still cannot summon the bravery to condemn the military. more...  0 Comments

Antiwar Soldiers Speak Out

Matthew Capri for Military Project | Dear Friends,

During the Vietnam War, anti-war troops built a movement inside the armed forces: the GI movement. It was amazingly effective in ending the war. Today, with that inspiration in mind, Iraq veterans have revived this tradition of resistance.

Soldiers who organized against the war while serving in Iraq will be speaking at the Judson Memorial Church (55 Washington Sq. South, NYC) on November 17th 2006 at 7 p.m. about their how they organized an anti-war group while deployed and how civilians and veterans can support the GI movement here at home.

Please join us for this important meeting, where we will talk about concrete strategies to advance this important work.

For the Military Project Organizing Committee,
Matthew Capri

PS: Please forward this meeting notice widely--this is a free public meeting and all are welcome to attend.
more...  0 Comments

Impeachment Call Echoes Near Independence Hall

William Hughes | In 1974, Elizabeth Holtzman, then a Congresswoman from New York City, served on the House’s Judiciary Committee, which drafted Impeachment charges against then-President, Richard M. Nixon. On Nov. 11, 2006, she appeared on a panel, in Philadelphia, PA. Holtzman believes George W. Bush has “subverted the Constitution” and that “the people are ahead of the politicians” and will bring Bush and Dick Cheney “to impeachment.” more...  0 Comments

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