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War & Peace

Journalist in grave danger: Needs support now before death in Mexico

Fredy Munoz | "Colleagues and friends, from within this enclosed space, I send my message of thanks to all of you who continue to stake life and freedom in this vital profession, and in everyone else who engages with fervent struggle.

It is so ironic that while the judicial officers opened a file on me for charges very removed from the reality of my twelve years as a journalist, Colombian television transmitted a homage on the sacrificed Jaime Garzón, a journalist whose work aroused the rage and intolerance of a stubborn, detrimental authority, entrenched in the institutionality of the country. " more...  0 Comments



Glimpse of Secret Gitmo Panels

Jackie Northam | Snip: "They relied instead on secret evidence that was classified," Denbeaux says. "And the government's procedure was, anything in that secret evidence was presumed to be valuable and valid. And then the detainee was given the opportunity to rebut the secret evidence. But he was never told what the secret evidence was." more...  0 Comments

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Discussed at Brecht Forum

Clark Merrefield | Last night, the Brecht Forum sponsored an information session titled Holding Israel Accountable: The Case for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). With hostility between Israel and Palestine showing little or no sign of attenuating, lawyer and human rights activist Issa Mikel and Riham Barghouti, former Director of Public Relations at Birzeit University in Palestine, presented a non-violent alternative to combating what they perceive to be war crimes committed by Israel against Palestine. more...  2 Comments

"My Brazil" A film screening with director Daniela Broitman

John trudell | A wonderfully committed piece of documentary, inspirational and galvanizing at the same time, affirming the union of faith with activism
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PFP and APPO clash in Oaxaca

John Gibler | Here are some photos from a brief clash between the PFP and the APPO. As a march was passing by the PFP barricade, some people in the crowd threw rocks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas. The APPO retreated a few blocks, built a new barricade of their own and fired bottle rockets through plastic tubes at the police. The PFP continued to fire tear gas. At least 40 people were overwhelmed by gas, three were injured by the grenades, 15 were detained, but seven released. The APPO called on its members to retreat and prepare for the Nov. 25th offensive.

See also: APPO supporters endure torture more...  0 Comments

Zapatistas Sucessfully Block Roads

Jon Wilkes Booth | Thousands of indigenous residents of Chiapas - civilian support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN, in its Spanish initials) - have successfully blocked all major roads and highways in the state in defense of the people of neighboring Oaxaca state.

Fuck Yeah! more...  0 Comments

Extreme Makeover: Uncle Sam in Solidarity w/N20 Day of Actions

Tio Zapata Brigada | The Uncle Sam Monument in Troy, NY dressed up today as Emiliano Zapata to try to point passersby to the EZLN's call for a general strike in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca.

TZB, more...  1 Comments

Democrats Call For Military Draft To Congress

will you go? | Democrats Call For Military Draft To Congress ( danger - danger) more...  1 Comments

The Draft Maybe Coming Back: Courtesy Of The Democrats

j p x |
Today, a congressman from New York reveals a plan to introduce legislation in
the House to reinstate the draft. more...  0 Comments


leijia | In solidarity with the Zapatistas' call for a general strike, there will be a Oaxaca press conference held at the New Schoolon November 20th. more...  4 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Monday, November 20th

el enemigo común | "On November 20, blockades will be set up to show the Mexican government we mean business. We are calling upon YOU to join in these blockades. That could mean blockading the consulates’ websites, jamming their phone lines with calls about the conflict in Oaxaca, occupying the offices of the consuls, or shutting down the roads around the consulates in whatever way you see fit." - EZLN

please add more events as a comment

Donate in Solidarity with Oaxaca

Poster for November 20th promotion

Global Solidarity with Oaxaca more...  0 Comments

Ludicrous Assumptions

gan | Ludicrous assumptions are many but perhaps the most absurd is the assumption that those who steal the greater percentage of available wealth and continue to implement economic strategies designed to enslave are (somehow) safe and secure. From the Pacific islands to the pitch battles in Mainland China, exploited people of the world are retaliating against injustice. more...  0 Comments

On Nov. 3, Chicagoan Malachi Ritscher Immolated Himself to Protest the War

IMCCHICAGO | "Thou shalt not kill."
more...  0 Comments

Art Against Empire

Bill Fisher | Anti-imperialist art from the big obnoxious brass buckle of the Bible Belt more...  0 Comments

Another Day in Ramallah - more Israeli provocation and aggression

Annemarie Jacir | My nerves a
Four hours ago my sister, her curator Carolyn and I were shot at by the Israeli
army. My hands are still shaky. My legs are weak. I feel I can’t stand on them.

Today in downtown Ramallah at around 4:15 pm as we were driving down Ramallah’s
main street….we had just bought kanafa to eat ….after spending the day at
‘amari camp.

I was driving down the main street. A taxi driver cut me off. I rolled down the
window and cursed at him. We pulled over and Emily and Mohammed jumped out to
buy kanafa. Then we continued, dropping off Mohammed at his car…which he had
left in the center of town. We agreed to meet at Mohammed’s place down the

I was alone in the front seat. Emily and Carolyn in the back. Suddenly there
was a van directly in front of our car. He veered a bit towards our car. I
slowed down, wondering how I was going to pass him. And then he emerged from
his window…pointing an m-16 across the street and spraying bullets.

The three of us hit the floor of the car. All around us…shooting, shooting,
shooting. So close. So close.

And then on the other side of the street, another van – looking exactly like
the first….men with guns spraying bullets everywhere.

Next to us a man with his 5-year old daughter… Like us, stuck between all the
shooting. He opened his door and tossed his daughter to the ground with him.

I lifted my head…the man shooting was around 6 feet from me. Shooting away.
Israeli secret service…dressed up like an Arab. They do this all the time…so
they come into town and no one notices. Then I saw tens of Israeli soldiers
crawling the streets all around us. Did they come out of the vans? They were in
full uniform, unlike the two van ‘drivers’ who had dressed as plain clothes
Arab men. “Mustarabeen”…Israeli agents who dress like Arabs.

Shooting shooting. I covered my head. All I could think about was Emily in the
backseat and Carolyn. Emily…my precious sister…my beautiful sister… Kamran in
Scotland… the man who escaped with his daughter. I braced myself at the
shooting continued. Told myself calmly that if the windows of the car were hit.
Which they surely were about to be. That it was nothing. To remember that all
that meant was the window was broken and not necessarily that one of us had
been hit.

Mohammed called…I picked up the phone…my voice broke. Crumbled. I hadn’t
realized my fear until that moment. Why couldn’t I speak? Why? I didn’t
recognize my own voice. I knew I sounded hysterical. I didn’t want to sound
like that.

Took another peak. Army everywhere. The men shooting shooting shooting
shooting….god, that sound.
Emily. Emily in the back. We made eye contact. What could we do. We were stuck
in the middle of a shoot out ..right in the middle of it…with no where to go.

We couldn’t even get out of the car and make a run for it. We’d have been shot

I wondered if they’d kill us. I wondered if someone on the street might duck
into our car for cover. But the streets were empty.

We stayed on the floor of the car for 20 minutes like that. I thought, really
truly felt I was going to die this way. And I didn’t want to die like that.
Totally helpless. In a trapped car.

The more the shooting went on, the more I felt my nerves turn to jelly. And

Bam. Our car was hit. I heard glass break. I covered my head. My head was
covered anyway I think. For fear of the car windows being hit.

We were ok. Emily was ok. Carolyn was safe.

More time passed. How stupid to have my hands on my head. what would that do?
Where is Emily? I think i will die today. I am going to die today.

I peaked out. I saw the Israelis grab a man off the street and shove him into
the other van.

Then the undercover Israeli closest to us, in the van, …decided to leave.
Operation over. He pulled towards us. The criminal. I stared at his face, my
head on the passenger seat…he didn’t have enough room to get by us,…so he
smashed into our car and scraped his way by. The whole time I couldn’t take my
eyes off his face. He didn’t even notice us I think. Three women so close to
him, stuck to the floor of the car…

We are all ok. Nothing happened. There’s a bullet in the car. It hit the back
of the car. It didn’t hit the gas tank. It didn’t hit the gas tank. We are ok.
But three young men tonight are not. And many, many more are not. This is
nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary.

A man disappeared this afternoon. Two men were killed. It won’t even make the

Nov. 15th, 2006

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BNFL MOX Nuclear Fuel Shipment - 22nd November 2006

turoe |
According to news sources, a shipment of MOX fuel will leave the Sellafield Nuclear Facility in the UK, for France. The shipment is due for arrival on Wednesday the 22nd of November.
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“My Brazil” A film screening , Friday at 1:30 PM.

Kandombe para Oaxaca. | In the violent favelas of Rio de Janeiro, local
community leaders put their lives on the line to fight
for basic rights and services for their fellow
citizens. What compels these volunteers with no
political ambition to make such a personal sacrifice? more...  0 Comments

A New Approach to Justice From The Doors Of A Mexican Consulate: From Portland to Oaxaca

Nikki Thanos | Oaxaca occupies a sacred place in my heart; her mountains, coast, mole and native corns nourished my spirit for a good part of the years I lived in Mexico and her people—mis companeros/as—have been my teachers and friends.

But this has been a sad couple of weeks.

October 31 I found myself locked to the front door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland, Oregon to protest the violent repression against the People’s Popular Assembly of Oaxaca (APPO), a peaceful resistance movement in Oaxaca. more...  1 Comments

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