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War & Peace

Lebanon Based Hezbollah, Iraqi Mahdi Army Form Alliance

Written by Daniel Maldonado | According to CNN’s “Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, senior U.S. intelligence sources have told CNN that Lebanon based Hezbollah and Iraq’s Mahdi army, lead by militant cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr, 33, and staunchly anti-American have joined forces in solidarity. Both militias are Shiite and are now allied. more...  0 Comments

Rally for Oaxaca, THIS FRIDAY! Dec. 1, 12 pm Mexican Mission to the UN

Friday, December 1, 12pm
Mexican Mission to the U.N.
44th Street btw. 1st and 2nd ave more...  0 Comments

The Downside of ‘Liberation Democracy’

dingo | A recent study highlighting the rapid expansion of organised criminal activity in those areas where NATO and the U.S. have engaged in aggressive military intervention offers further evidence of the lasting negative social consequences of foreign occupation by neo-colonial powers. As corporate driven America attempts to assert its dominance over weaker nations, organised crime, quick to exploit traumatised societies, becomes the principal beneficiary in the 'war against terror' and the spread of ‘democracy, liberty’ and free market capitalism – what is good for capitalist America is even better for a crime boss! more...  0 Comments

FAO Schwartz Supports Racist Hate Site

Jackie Chiles | Contact them and tell them why they should not be patronizing LGF. more...  3 Comments

World War 3 Illustrated #37 "Unnatural Disasters" release party Saturday, December 2nd

friends | Saturday, December 2, 7 PM
MOCCA, Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, Suite 401, between Prince and Houston
212 254 3511
FREE ADMISSION more...  0 Comments

The Case For Immediate Withdrawal with Anthony Arnove 12/6

International Socialist Organization-Brooklyn | Please forward widely! more...  0 Comments

Anti-Bush Concert 12/1 with George and Julius, Yikes! McGee, 12/1 @ Vox Pop

George Mann | A special concert of anti-Bush, anti-GOP music with Yikes! McGee, George Mann and Julius Margolin.

9- 11 PM, donations accepted.

more...  0 Comments

Battle Rages in Oaxaca Over the Weekend

Simon Fitzgerald |

What was supposed to be a peaceful eight-mile march to the Oaxaca City Center from the offices of the repudiated Governor of Oaxaca Ulises Ruiz ended in violent confrontations that spiraled into a five hour battle between police and protesters this past Saturday. This confrontations started less than an hour after the start of a "48 hour peaceful siege" of the Federal Police encampment in the Zocalo.

Read the APPO Communique of Nov 26 more...  2 Comments

America's moment in the Middle East is about to end

By Mike Whitney | There are no “accidents” in Middle East politics. This week’s assassination of Lebanese Industry Minister, Pierre Gemayel can only be understood in the context of the ongoing struggle between the competing political forces in the region. Presently, the United States is the big loser in this regard due to its failed campaign in Iraq. The war has severely damaged the perception of US military invincibility and triggered a stunning rejection of Bush’s policies in the in the midterm elections. Now, the political-paradigm in America has shifted and a phased withdrawal of American troops could begin in a matter of months. Needless to say, this is not the outcome that the hawks in Washington or Tel Aviv had in mind.

Could the assassination of Gemayel be an attempt to forestall the impending withdrawal of American forces?

Yes. more...  0 Comments

The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available!

Worker Freedom | The Industrial Workers Of The World: Its First One Hundred Years 1905-2005 now available! more...  1 Comments

Make Dec. 1 Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee | Make December 1 Rosa Parks Human Rights Day

Friday, Dec. 1
1:00pm - Rally/March
Dudley Square, Roxbury, MA
more...  2 Comments

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War”

Hermann Bellinghausen, c/o Hans Arp, Postleft | ... “the beginning of the end for a political system that, since the Mexican Revolution, became deformed and began to cheat generation after generation, until this one arrived and said, ‘Enough,’” warned Subcomandante Marcos during a press conference. Calderón, he added, “will begin to fall from his first day.” more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca's Popular Movement Suffers Yet Another Brutal Day

Jeanne | November 25th, 2006 - Radio Zapote writes: Today, after the seventh megamarch in
Oaxaca, members of the APPO attempted to form a human fence around the federal
preventative police (PFP), but were attacked with gas more...  0 Comments

APPO and PFP battle in Oaxaca After March

John Gibler | After a peaceful march of tens of thousands reached Oaxaca's city center, police and protesters fought in the streets, police firing heavy amounts of tear gas, protesters throwing rocks and shooting bottle rockets through plastic tubes. By nightfall the police had forced the APPO to retreat back from Santo Domingo. Police beat and fired upon protesters. Protesters set fire to cars and buildings. more...  30 Comments

Photographs From Iraq: November 1 - 25, 2006

combat | As Americans traded one set of pro-war politicians for a slightly more opportunistic batch of pro-war politicians, the killing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine continued. U.S. troops tried to "stem the sectarian violence" and "get Iraqis to stand up and do more of the fighting"..? more...  3 Comments

The Schumer-Clinton-Bechtel Show

Daithí | …from Senator Charles E. Schumer and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: more...  0 Comments

Regime Change Still in the Future

Rudiger Goebel | With the Bush administration, there can be no improvement in bilateral relations. No detente is possible with the mad or insane. more...  0 Comments

Report from November 20 Day of Action in Boston

Boston Con Oaxaca | In Boston, as in seventeen US cities, people took direct action Monday in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. Actions included a banner drop, a flag hoisting, popular education, popular assembly, disruption of the corporate media, damaged windows on the Mexican consulate, and a street march and roving blockade of traffic on some of Boston's busiest streets. more...  0 Comments

El asesinato de Pierre Gemayel: ¿Cui bono (a quién beneficia el crimen)?

Quibla--taken from | more...  0 Comments

Histroy of Thanksgiving

Scott Thomas Hunter | Thanksgiving Day is much more than turkey, trimmings, and football.
more...  0 Comments

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