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War & Peace

Cop Assaults Activist at Lockheed Martin Protest

William Hughes | A peaceful rally, on the morning of Dec. 22, 2006, protesting Lockheed Martin’s production of lethal cluster bombs turned ugly. The giant defense contractor’s headquarters are located in Montgomery County, MD, just north of Washington, D.C. As one of the activists, Patrick J. Elder, was speaking to the demonstrators about the deadly effects of the cluster bomb device, he was ordered “off the grass” by a police officer. When Mr. Elder immediately complied and moved to the sidewalk, he was then assaulted by a cop. more...  1 Comments

Mexican Consulate Graffitied in Support of Oaxaca

People Standing with Oaxaca | In the early morning hours of December 22, 2006, on the outer walls of the New York City Mexican Consulate, we spray-painted slogans supporting the people of Oaxaca. Specifically, we wrote: "Fuera Ruiz", "Viva Oaxaca" and "Avenge Brad Will" and stencilled red hand prints ― the blood on the hands of the Mexican government. more...  9 Comments

Unqualified Slogans: “Win” and “Way Forward”

peptide | As America faces the most calamitous military misadventure in its history, the administration offers unqualified slogans rather than detailed plans to remedy the horror it created in Iraq. The American mass media is now buzzing with the sound of nothing meaningful. The Bush administration has resorted to contextually meaningless slogans in its efforts to dupe an increasingly sceptical public. The latest inane slogans saturating the airwaves are “win” and “way forward”. Only adolescents and the daft invest meaning in unqualified slogans – shall we test the latest two slogans and attempt to determine the ruse behind the deception? more...  3 Comments

Aaron Burr and Dick Cheney: Two Treacherous VPs

William Hughes | V. P. Dick Cheney is a very powerful, but desperate individual. The idea that the Bush-Cheney Gang is planning to send 30,000 more troops into the Civil War in Iraq is insane. A planned war with Iran is also on Cheney’s agenda as a diversion to save himself and George W. Bush from impeachment. The Special Prosecutor will soon cross examine Cheney in the “Scooter” Libby case. Unless the U.S. Congress acts soon to impeach, say good-bye to the Republic! more...  1 Comments

Bush sets stage for major escalation in Iraq

By Bill Van Auken | The remarks delivered by President Bush at a year-end press conference Wednesday, combined with a series of military and political developments, point inexorably to a major escalation of the US war in Iraq in the coming year.

Bush revealed little new in his encounter with the press corps, dismissing as “hypothetical” all questions on the reported turn by his administration to a new military offensive in Iraq based on a “surge” of up to 40,000 more US combat troops in the country.

The president claimed he was still weighing various recommendations from military, diplomatic and Iraqi sources—as well as those of the much-trumpeted but already marginalized Iraq Study Group—before presenting a new policy in a speech that is expected sometime in early January.
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March 17--March on Washington --and Stay there

Troops Out Now Coalition |
Forcing Congress to vote to cut off further war funding is the defining issue for the antiwar movement this spring and it is a struggle that we can win if we are bold enough to take it seriously. more...  0 Comments

NoWar Westchester Vigil: Reminding Hillary Clinton About the People in her Village

Jason Gooljar | White Plains, NY---With only a few shopping days left to go before Christmas; US Senator Hillary Clinton made an appearance at a Borders book store to sign copies of her book It Takes a Village. Waiting to greet her were members of NoWar Westchester, there to send a message that supporting an unjust war is not forgotten even with an electoral victory. more...  10 Comments

Left Wing Zionists to the Rescue?

Lloyd Hart | According to a article by Gregory Levey there is a new left leaning lobbying group being set up more...  9 Comments

NYMAA / anarchist contingent Thurs

nymaa | An Anarchist contingent will rally around the red and black flag at Spruce street and Park Row on Thursday December 21st at 11:30AM, in front of the Ben Franklin statue (no relation), 30 minutes before the main assemblage. This location is directly in front of Pace University. Many people have already confirmed they are joining this contingent... so come and add to the bloc.
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Close Torture Bay

Eds | January 11, 2007 -- Citizens to target illegal Detention Centre

The world today is in no doubt as to the criminal status of the illegal detention centre of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The past three years have not only witnessed unprecedented assaults on the founding principles of the USA by the Bush regime, but also on international law and convention. The government of the USA is clearly rogue, a fact in which its officials delight. The contempt the neo-cons display for their own citizens is only exceeded by the extreme disdain they exhibit toward the international community. Each day that Guantanamo Bay remains operational is a day of unspeakable psychological horror, torture and injustice. more...  0 Comments

Guess what our "anti-war" Republicrats are up to?

ALEXANDER COCKBURN | "This last Sunday Harry Reid, the incoming Democratic majority leader in the US Senate, went on ABC's Sunday morning show and declared that a hike in U.S. troops in Iraq is okay with him." more...  0 Comments

Mexican Struggles Today: Solidarity Across States and Borders

Left Turn Magazine | Reports and commentary from our featured guests to get a better understanding of the historical context and current struggles in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mexico City, and across Mexico and the U.S. And we will have a conversation about what this means for U.S. solidarity activism today, and the progress and possibilities of building alliances and movements at local, national, and international levels among these and other campaigns and struggles. more...  2 Comments

Government drops ACLU subpoena

jon wilkes booth | Federal prosecutors in New York yesterday withdrew a subpoena to the American Civil Liberties Union that had sought to retrieve all copies of a classified document. more...  0 Comments

APPO spokespeople detained and beaten

John Gibler | Plain clothes gunmen detained, beat, and tortured three members of the Oaxaca People's Popular Assembly (APPO)--also members of the Popular Revolutionary Front (FPR)-- Florentino Martinez, Pedro Garcia, and Otalo Padilla. more...  0 Comments

CCNY Snitch Sergey: Leader of the ProtestWarrior 101st Fighting Keyboardists (IDF Edition)

Modern Pitung | Not too long ago, Sergey "the Snitch" Kadinsky -- the bigot whose letter to The Daily News touched off the faux-controversy over the Morales/Shakur Community and Student Center -- came by these parts (among other sites covering the controversy) to drop some linkspam for his shitty Xanga blog. Doing some research, I've found Sergey Kadinsky has amassed quite a backlog of garbage under his online pseudonym, "Mazeartist". more...  1 Comments

Queens Council: Vast majority of Afghans struggle for the "bare essentials of survival"

AfghaiBlog | The bleak forecast of the heavily censored report is at odds with recent claims by other Canadian officials

Last year’s report slammed non-governmental agencies for their "squandering of aid money"

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Chomsky, Zinn, et al: U.S. out of Iraq

anti-war activist | Sign the petition and forward widely please. more...  0 Comments

On Pinochet's Death (Poem/Song by Mitchel Cohen)

Mitchel Cohen | Written originally in prison in 1973, updated when Pinochet was put on trial .... more...  1 Comments

Processing Information

budgie | U.S. Vice-President, Dick Cheney, today praised the outgoing U.S. Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, for his contribution in spreading ‘democracy and liberty’ to the Middle East; Cheney also claimed that Rumsfeld was the “best” Secretary of Defence in U.S. history -- additional evidence confirming the U.S. administration is INSANE no longer required. more...  0 Comments


Lloyd Hart | More troops in Iraq can only and will only lead to the mass genocide of innocent men, women and children. more...  0 Comments

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