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War & Peace

Kristen Ess, Divide And Conquer

Kristen Ess | The divide and conquer technique seems so easily employed in the Middle East. Under US occupation, Iraq has fallen apart in Sunni – Shi'ite fighting, not that it did not exist before, but not to the same extent in intention. Under Israeli occupation, Palestine has fallen apart with the Hamas – Fateh fighting. But the issue of timing and political party in Iraq may have more to do with the United States' publicly stated plan this summer for its “New Middle East” than originally thought. more...  0 Comments

Saddam No "Cause Celebre" for Death Penalty Opponents

David Crossland | Even Saddam Hussein had a right to human dignity despite his crimes.. It's a bizarre notion that this inhuman spectacle should aid the development of democracy and order in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Pizza and Peace this Thursday 1/04 7:00 PM: March 19 Antiwar Coalition to Evaluate M19 Weekend Action Proposals

War Resisters League | We are organizing a weekend of events and actions that will let the broad mass of New Yorkers make a personal political statement against the Iraq War. The millions that went into the streets on February 15 need to make themselves heard again - now joined by the millions more that have come to oppose the war since it began four long years ago. We are looking for new ideas and new blood -- novel actions that will both give voice to the city's diverse communities as well as capture the imagination of a new generation of protestors. Pizza Provided. more...  0 Comments

ALERT: Drop the charges against the Smoke Shop Seven!

Working Class Emancipation | Drop the charges against the Smoke Shop Seven!
Jail those responsible for the attack, from governor Carcieri on down!
Hands off the Narragansett tribe!

Working Class Emancipation calls for a DEFENSE PICKET LINE:
All day on Tuesday, January 16
at the Rhode Island fourth district court:
4800 Tower Hill Rd., Wakefield, RI (take RIPTA #66) more...  0 Comments

Photos from Zapatista Encuentro in Oventik

John Gibler | Photos from second and third days of Zapatista Encuentro in Oventik more...  0 Comments

Join Chomsky, Sheehan, Zinn, etc: Out of Iraq Now!

Out Now | Petition: Why we stand for immediate withdrawal from Iraq more...  0 Comments

Philippines: shameless act of collaboration of the Arroyo regime and the U.S. government

Task Force Subic Rape (TFSR) | "It's an utterly shameless act of collaboration of the Arroyo regime
and the U.S. government."

This was the statement of Myrla Baldonado, spokesperson of Task Force
Subic Rape (TFSR) on the stealthy transfer of custody of Daniel Smith
from the Makati City Jail to the U.S. Embassy.

more...  0 Comments

Grandmothers Against the War Holds New Years Vigil

fred askew | On the first day of the New Year, Grandmothers Against The War and supporters lined the sidewalk along 5th Ave in NYC. more...  0 Comments

Bush silenced Saddam by sudden hanging after unfair trial - because Democrats take over Congress two days later. | SEND THIS TO OTHERS TO READ

War criminal President George Bush and his handlers, invaders and conquerers of Iraq for oil and greedy corporate war profits of their crony funders, had their Iraq puppet government suddenly hang Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, after an unfair trial, late in the night December 30 over the New Years weekend, in an American military base, when Congress was closed for the New Year holiday weekend (and on the holiest day of the Muslim religion The Eid, on which executions are prohibited by the Iraq constitution) - before the new January 2007 Congress controlled by the now majority Democrats...because if Saddam was still alive, the newly Democrat majority Congress might have delayed or stopped his execution, and obtain information from Saddam that would make the Bush regime look bad. maybe even give Saddam a new and fair trial.

These possibilities are why the Bush regime wanted Saddam dead before January 1, even if Bush and his PR agents lie again and deny it. They have repeatedly lied and misled about the reasons for starting this war from the start. And committed major war crimes by killing thousands of Iraqi citizens who have justly tried to drive out the American invaders, and thousands of civilians who did not even attack the Americans. The Bush regime has waged a war of terror against the people of Iraq, with puppet government death squads roaming freely, and government censorship of the news media in Iraq. With kidnapping and torture of critics by the CIA and its allied death squads in Iraq. The Bush regime runs a police state in Iraq, and never really sought democracy for Iraq. Despite the lies by the Bush regime - it is proven that Iraq was not behind 911, was not building a nuclear bomb. did not have weapons of mass destruction, was not a terrorist state. The American Federal Government gave a lot of military support to Saddam for years when he was at war with Iran and was then conveniently and hypocritically silent about his human rights record. Saddam invaded Kuwait after he got approval from the American ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, which wa s a trick to get into a war with him. Kuwait had been part of Iraq until European imperialist powers took it away decades ago. The American governemt lies at that time included claims that Iraq soldiers were throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait. A history of deceiving lies by the American governemnt.
Some Democrats in Congress, including Senator Hillary Clinton, support the war, but may want a new strategy to achieve victory. Just like in the Vietnam war, both duopoly parties , Republican and Democrat, supported that imperialist war of conquest. When Democrat senator John Kerry ran for President against Bush. Kerry publicly stated that more troops should be sent to Iraq. He can't have it both ways. Both parties are pro-war. Cleveland Congressman and Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has recently publicly stated that Congress should stop funding the war. But Congress still will fund it. The December 28 Rolling Stone magazine has a long article proving the cost of thw war will be $2 trillion, putting America into huge debt, that we the taxpayers will pay - but enriching the military-industrial complex that President and Four Star General Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his farewll address. How correct he was. And the bankers are happy to get huge interest payments from our government's giant war debt.
If Saddam was a war criminal deserving to be hanged, then so is Bush and his war-makers Vice-Presdent Cheney and recently resigned Secretary of War, Donald Rumsfeld. They both were a nasty duo in Federal government who together waged the Vietnam war - which killed about a million people in Southeast Asia, again for war profits.
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Bush Breakdown Dead Ahead?

W. David Jenkins III | What if Bush’s infamous bubble is really beginning to break?
more...  1 Comments

Tel Aviv's center blocked by the wall

aatw | Basel Street, one of Tel Aviv's hippest coffee shop centers, was blocked by 20 anarchists, using razor wire from the wall itself Dec 28 2006 at around 14:00. more...  0 Comments

Brad Will is waiting for justice

carlos vigueras | Brad Will is waiting for justice. His camera is runing on looking for the killers of 20 people in Oaxaca.
The Mexican goverment lie everyday and dont respect the human rights in Oaxaca.
Brad Will need our support, we need to demand justice for our friend. more...  1 Comments

GDAEman 2006 Retrospective

GDAEman | This is a synopsis of a collection of essays on our times in 2006. more...  0 Comments

Former Longtime Confidant Accuses Ariel Sharon of Assassinating Yasser Arafat

Stephen Lendman | Ariel Sharon likely poisoned Yasser Arafat more...  1 Comments

Are We Committing Genocide in Iraq?

Ken Meyercord | I'm sick with concern that we may be behind most of the so-called "sectarian violence" devastating the Iraqi people. Whether the aim is to simply kill as many Iraqis as possible or to drive them into exile so as to make it easier to govern those remaining, the immediate target of the tactic is the Iraqi people as a whole - not enemy combatants, insurgents, or any identifiable subgroup- and in this sense it constitutes genocide.
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Selective Justice and the Execution of Saddam Hussein

Gregory Elich | The transformation of Saddam Hussein from ally to enemy more...  0 Comments

End of the neocons

Azmi Bishara | This year marked a major shift in American fortunes; one to which nationalist and leftist Arab political forces much respond in unity
more...  0 Comments

A Life of Crime

nano | The execution of the murderer, Saddam Hussein, by American organised criminals, via their proxies in Iraq, highlights the fact that criminals vying for power determine the course of the world. The coalition of Bush, Blair and Howard is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians yet these leaders commit their crimes with impunity. The defining principle is not law (as is claimed) it is brute force! Economic and military power determines who is a ‘criminal’ and who is a ‘saviour’, regardless of the similarity of the acts committed. more...  1 Comments

American Defeat: an anti-state communist perspective on the current US war in Iraq

Kevin Keating | While some of the smaller predictions I made here weren't borne out by subsequent events, the overall analysis and the larger picture I present are spot-on. more...  0 Comments

Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war?

Jonathan Cook | "But in fact, each of these breakdowns of social order appears to have been engineered either by the United States or by Israel. In Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, sectarian difference is less important than a clash of political ideologies and interests as rival factions disagree about whether to submit to, or resist, American and Israeli interference. Where the factions derive their funding and legitimacy from — increasingly a choice between the US or Iran — seems to determine where they stand in this confrontation."
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