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War & Peace

Populist #12

Franklin | Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued more...  0 Comments

Battle Lines Behind the Battle Lines

Annabeth | The Peace Movement not only has the terminology of war projected upon it, but at times embraces war terminology itself. How can we stand against war when we actively use the war words to describe our actions? Are we simply offering a different type of warcraft, non-violent generals, and non-violent troops? Or is it time to create a terminology of Peace to describe our actions, thus causing a shift in reality and in perceptions? more...  1 Comments

Nepal: 'Prachanda Path' to Urban Insurrection (Indy)

Gary Leupp | The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) announced last Saturday that its guerrilla forces, the New People’s Army, will observe a three-month ceasefire. This is particularly significant in that the move is a unilateral one. The regime might decide to respond in kind , and reign in the Royal Nepali Army, which is reportedly unhappy with the war and the king. But the Maoists, who will defend themselves in any case if attacked, seem less concerned with the government’s response than with the reaction of the mainstream political parties sidelined and abused since the king’s February 1 coup. more...  0 Comments

Why Protest? (Indy)

Geoff Mendoza | When one woman showed up outside George Bush’s ranch demanding nothing more than dialogue and received massive national media attention for weeks on end, the antiwar movement stopped momentarily to rethink itself. “Is this the new face of protest?” wrote The Nation. more...  5 Comments

The Reality of War: Occupation Dreamland (Indy)

John Tarleton | When the antiwar movement that converges on Washington, D.C., on Sept. 24, it will, thanks to Cindy Sheehan, have wind in its sails. The case will be made (again) that the best way to support the troops in Iraq is to bring them home now. But who are the troops? What are they doing exactly, and how do they feel about it? more...  0 Comments

Afghanistan Adrift (Indy)

Antrim Caskey | KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—After almost 30 years of fighting – against the Russians, between rival warlords, and then the U.S. occupation – three generations of Afghans know life as war. Many cannot imagine any other future. “Afghanistan is never getting better. I am sure of it,” says Sayeed, a 24-year-old textile dealer in Kabul. more...  0 Comments

Hungerstrike at Gitmo; Court Rule for Padilla Detention Without Judicial Review (Indy)

Mike Burke | Two short stories on the current state of the police state... more...  0 Comments

Iraq: Cleansing the Voting Rolls (Indy)

A.K. Gupta | Katrina wiped more than New Orleans off the map—it wiped coverage of the Iraq war almost completely out of the news. The single deadliest event of the occupation—the stampede on a bridge in Baghdad during a religious festival that killed almost 1,000 people on Aug. 31—was overwhelmed by the flood of hurricane coverage.
more...  0 Comments

Antiwar Grannies Raging Nationwide (Indy)

Jessica Lee | TUCSON, Arizona—Five women between the ages of 65 and 81 attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army and were arrested for criminal trespassing. Topped in Victorian hats and singing antiwar lyrics written to popular songs, the Tucson Raging Grannies surprised the world when they said they were serious about joining the Army. more...  0 Comments

Counter-Recruiting Cuts Military Down to Size (Indy)

F. Timothy Martin | Rundown of recent anti-war activism around the country. more...  0 Comments

From One Gulf to Another: It's All Connected (Indy)

A.K. Gupta | It’s all connected: the hurricane, Iraq, racism, global warming, a credulous media, a corrupt government, greedy corporations,
a militarized society, a bitterly divided America. Starkest were the parallels with the disaster of Iraq. First was the White House’s blithe assertion that “no one could have predicted” the levees would break: The prospect that a powerful hurricane would
ravage New Orleans was as predictable as the possibility that the occupation of Iraq would turn into a bloody insurgency. more...  0 Comments

Blackwater Down: Mercenaries in New Orleans

Jeremy Scahill | In the October 10, 2005 issue of The Nation, Jeremy Scahill reports on the private security firms operating in New Orleans. It contains new information on Israeli paramilitaries, more info on Blackwater and its ties to the White House and one very disturbing story about BATS security, an apparently unregistered firm, whose chief security officer admitted that he "shot up" some "black gangbangers" in New Orleans. more...  2 Comments

Civil Disobedience Against War Gets Day in Federal Court (St. Patrick's 4)

The NewStandard | The federal government is looking to punish Catholic activists who already escaped state prosecution for spilling their own blood at an Army recruitment office in protest of the US-led invasion of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

The St. Patrick's Four: The Feds Confront the Anti-War Movement

James Petras | On September 19 the first federal conspiracy trial of civilian war resisters to the US invasion of Iraq will take place in Binghamton, New York, a declining and decaying city in upstate New York, 3 hours northwest of New York City. This is the second trial of the “St Patrick’s Four” – over a year ago a jury in Ithaca, New York voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal in which the presiding Judge David Peeble conceded that the four had represented themselves “probably better than some of the attorneys that practice in this court.”

Complete Trial Coverage on Binghampton IMC

more...  1 Comments

Report on the recent developmenton the war that has been declared by the so-called "Antiauthoritarian Movement" against

Anarchist Group BACK TO THE STREETS | Report on the recent development on the war that has been declared by the faccist gang that describe themselves as "Antiauthoritarian Movement" against anarchists in Thessaloniki, Greece.

more...  0 Comments

Judge Gone Crazy? Tells Colombian Revolutionaries: “Come to D.C.”

Fight Back News Service | Washington, D.C. - A U.S. judge placed ads in Colombia’s newspapers the last week of August "ordering" the FARC - the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, to appear in his Washington D.C. courtroom. This adds to a list of bizarre procedures involving the extradition, imprisonment and trial of Ricardo Palmera, an important FARC leader. U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan ridiculously asserts that the FARC members should leave their homeland and come to the U.S. to appear on charges of, "taking hostages in violation of U.S. laws." more...  2 Comments

Police seize and destroy Camp Casey material in early Wed. morning attack - Replacement supplies and help needed

Sterling Brooks | This is the third major attack on Camp Casey. The one preceding this was the attack on the Cindy Sheean rally. more...  1 Comments

Will we use the power we have on September 24?

Mike Ferner | If nonviolent direct action is the most powerful tool we have to stop this war, what is the best time to exercise it? When a few hundred people surround the White House on September 26, or when a half-million (and more) people are in the streets September 24?
more...  1 Comments

Stop the War - Come to Boston October 29th

October 29th Coalition | Stop the War!
Mobilize on Boston Common - October 29th
End the Occupation of Iraq!
Bring The Troops Home Now!
Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools!
Fund Human Needs- Not War!
more...  1 Comments

Welfanos Sing: "Ooo Ahh, Chavez no se va!"

Welfano News | President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was
welcomed to the Bronx yesterday by the cheers of "Ooo ahh, Chavez no se
va, Ooo ahh, Chavez no se va."

Pres. Chavez was in NYC for the Security Council meeting at the United
Nations where he blasted the council's initial document as well as the
council's undemocratic nature, citing the outdated veto ability of five
nation members of the Security Council. more...  1 Comments

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