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War & Peace

Feb. 15, 2007 Anti-War Columbia Strike Details

columbiawatch | More details on Thursday's anti-war strike at Columbia University in Uptown Manhattan were revealed today in the February 13, 2007 issue of the Columbia Daily Spectator student newspaper. more...  0 Comments

Civil War in Iraq

Rainer Rupp | The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) contradicts assertions of the White House that Iran and Syria are playing an important role in Iraq. "Actors from the outside do not decisively influence the violence and the prospects for stability." more...  0 Comments

PIZZA & PEACE: Tu 2/13 Planning Meeting for March 19 Peace Actions Coalition

March 19 Peace Actions Coalition | Help us stir up the City and give release to the frustration of four years of unwanted war by cooking up your own March 19 action or joining in the planning of one of our large scale events. This 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is the year's key date for combining forces and making a political statement in the streets - our response to the Sean Bell tragedy showed the world how deeply New Yorkers feel the loss of innocent life, now it's once more time to take to the streets and stop the slaughter in Iraq being perpetrated in the name of our grief. more...  0 Comments

Green Party Warns...Don't Vote For War

Kimberly Wilder | The Green Party warns major party Senators not to vote for further funding of Iraq occupation. This week, the Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC)was granted national Senate campaign committee status by the Federal
Election Commission. more...  0 Comments

Can Hillary, Inc’s Village Raise Palestinian Children?

Daithí | Senator Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and potential Presidency, will doom the Middle East to an Armageddon of Hopelessness and Despair. more...  0 Comments

SEE Italy's Proof for Trial of CIA 26 (cr card/phone No.s, IDs) in Imam abductio

Paulo Cabreezse |
This is about blowing the CIA wide open -- with all their dirty tricks and secrets revealed. (Talk about lowlifes getting their comeuppance.) more...  0 Comments

Sat. Feb 17 - March on Clinton & Schumer's office - No More $ for War Day

Troops Out Now Coalition |
February 17 is "No More $$ for War Day." In dozens of cities across the country, tens of thousands will take to the streets to demand that Congress cut off all war funding now. Local organizers are planning marches, pickets, rallies, sit-ins, and other forms of protest and resistance. more...  0 Comments

The Russian Bear rouses from Hibernation

Kingfisher | Speaking at the Munich security conference, Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to denounce America for its pursuit of world domination. Putin’s verbal attack lacked the clout the old Soviet Union once possessed, however, the message was not lost on the Americans who immediately went into recovery/spin mode regarding their hegemonic pursuits. more...  1 Comments

The Alley - New Film from Palestine

a-films / RJI | These days, a new short movie from occupied Palestine was released. The film deals with aspects of the current political economy of Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus. It provides the viewer with insights and voices from this hard-hit community. Starting with vegetable sellers and other residents of Balata, the video ends in a sweatshop at the edge of the camp, dealing with a form of employment, which is forced upon many Palestinians through the conditions created by Israeli occupation.
more...  0 Comments

3/10 Giant Peace Symbol in Boston

Stop the Wars | 500 people are needed to form a 100' diameter peace symbol in Copley Square.
more...  0 Comments

Christian Antiwar Demonstration Set for March 16 in DC

Pat Elder | Event will include a service at the National Cathedral and a march to the White House more...  0 Comments

Peace Plane flies to Grammy Awards with message "Bring Our Troops Home Now"

Simon Rose | A small group of members from Democracy for America Miami and Miami Veterans for Peace have come up with a novel approach to broadcasting a message to end the occupation of Iraq: an aerial banner that reads, "Bring Our Troops Home Now". These two groups decided to first try their idea at this year's Super Bowl in Miami, but bad weather prevented the plane from taking off. Now the organizers have turned their attention to this Sunday's Grammy Awards, which will be in Los Angeles. A plane has been leased to fly the same message over the Staples Center where the Grammys are taking place. more...  0 Comments

Petition to set up an international tribunal to judge Bush

Joan Russow | While there are many important campaigns to impeach Bush and Cheney, the Bush regime must also be judged by the intenational community. HEre is a sign-on Petition to set up an international tribunal to try the Bush regime. more...  0 Comments

My Letter to William Cardinal Keeler

William Hughes | The RC Bishops in the U.S. are against abortion. Most of the RC laity is against it, too. They get the message from the Bishops on that issue. Yet, these same Bishops, and the Pope, too, are also, on moral grounds, against the war in Iraq. Nevertheless, that idea, strangely, hasn’t gotten down to most of the faithful. William Hughes asks Cardinal William Keeler why. more...  0 Comments

What’s the Death Toll, Mr. Bush?

peptide | The ever increasing, unmentionable death toll of U.S. military expansionism in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere exceeds one million souls. The human casualties have achieved unification and consensus at last! The slogan of death is unutterable, perfectly silent and devastatingly effective! Devoid of tribe, nation, race, religion and every other divisive factor that contributed to their demise, all humans are united in death – they are finished! In death there are no ideologies, 'critical issues' or causes. more...  0 Comments

DC Anarchist Anti-War Network CALL TO ACTION: DC 3/10-20

@ | The DC Anarchist Anti-War Network is a non-hierarchial non-organization in which everyone who wants to be a member can simply vote with their feet and with their voice.

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Under the Spell of the Hegemon: Book Review

Ludwig Watzal | Empire-building is a blindness, delusion and false security. Since all people yearn for freedom and self-determination, imperial hubris is based on rewriting human nature and history, stylizing arrogance as a natural law and trasdhing international law and democratic empowerment. Regionalization, de-centralization and economic democracy are keys to domestic and international security, not the warrior cult or the rule of the clenched fist. more...  0 Comments

Grassroots, nonviolent resistance to Israeli Apartheid in Palestine

ISM-NYC | Mohammed Khatib of Bil'in and Feryal Abu Haikal of Tel Rumeida, Hebron are grassroots leaders of Palestinian communities that have received worldwide attention because their communities are immediately threatened with destruction by the Israeli military and settlers, and because of their communities' nonviolent mobilization to resist expulsion.
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Open Mike IRAQ PEACE FORUM at St. Mark's Church Sunday 2/11 6:00

March 19 Peace Actions | "What Would a Successful Peace Movement Look Like?"
This is the first of a series of Sunday night discussions leading up to the 4th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on March 19. This is a public examination of the problems that confront us in mobilizing the general public - we now have their support, how do we turn that into political power? how do build enthusiasm and energy without setting people up for disappointment and demoralization? What sort of actions threaten power without scaring away the mainstream? more...  0 Comments


Steven C. | Rally to Stop War Funding more...  0 Comments

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