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War & Peace

Israeli anarchist asks court for jail time after conviction for protest

ISM-NYC | Jonathan Pollak: "It was not us who should have been standing accused here, but rather the architects and enforcers of Israeli Apartheid... I still believe that what I did was necessary and morally correct, and that resistance to oppression is the duty of every human being, even at a personal price."
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Please sign on to the following letter by directly replying to this
email, and circulate the letter widely to other progressive list serves
and individuals. Below are only initial signers:

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What is NYC doing for the 4th anniversary of the war?

Alex | I havent seen much talk about what's going to happen in March and would like to start oaganizing and planning actions. more...  2 Comments

Storming the Pentagon, 1967 .... and Today

Mitchel Cohen | Ron Jacobs wrote an interesting piece published in Counterpunch connecting the crucial upcoming antiwar march on the Pentagon on March 17, 2007 with the first march of the sort against the Vietnam war on Oct. 21, 1967, which was a turning point for the movement. See,

These are some of my own reflections on the same events, which I originally wrote as the introduction to my booklet "A Head Full of Ideas that are Driving me Insane." more...  4 Comments

ASI: Urgent support needed for freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry! | The African Socialist International (ASI) calls on urgent support
for the freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry; raises the slogan, “Touch One! Touch All!”
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Major NYC Antiwar March to Target Senator Clinton

Steven C. | On February 17, thousands of protesters will assemble in Times Square NYC at 1:00 pm and then march to the NYC offices of New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. The two senators have offices across the street from each other on 48th Street and 3rd Avenue. || Also See: Coverage of Columbia Feb. 15 Protest more...  3 Comments

Holocaust denial: Pulitzer Prize and Prison

Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent | The New York Times Moscow correspondent - calling eyewitnesses liars - for his holocaust denial was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. Ernst Zündel, the internationally known researcher and NOT a denier of the holocaust history, gets five years in prison. Conclusion: those 'judges' and their managers are guilty, further killing our freedom of speech which is contrary to the law. more...  0 Comments


Mark McGowan | The event will start at the main entrance to the Scope Arrt Fair
The Tent at Lincoln Center
Damrosch Park,
Corner of 62 Street and 10th Avenue
3pm Thursday 22nd February 2007 more...  0 Comments

This Weekend, Emergency Impeachment Summit

nycnion | Join a large number of individuals and organizations this weekend for an emergency impeachment summit. Cindy Sheehan, Dennis Loo, John Nichols, a wide variety of hands-on workshops and more. more...  0 Comments

Lost Directions

budgie | The USA is that way! The most servile government in Australian history achieved a new ‘personal best’ in bootlicking today. Yesterday's parliament question time witnessed the Minister of Defence, Brendan (studs) Nelson and the Foreign Minister, Alexander (cream puff) Downer bending over forwards in preparation for Cheney’s visit. Astounding as it may seem to most Australians these two lackeys were attempting to score political points by extolling the virtues of neo-colonial subservience to the United States! more...  0 Comments

Breaking! Thousands of Students Block CA Highway!

Jimmy Higgins | This is a breaking story, so I'll keep it short. As part of the national day of student strikes called for February 15, 3000 students stook part in a mass rally against the war at the University of California at Santa Barbara! more...  3 Comments

Anniversary Protest

Anti-Empire | I just participated in the Columbia anti-war rally/march/strike. It was a fairly good event, we had around ~300-400 participants (in my estimation). Several corporate media outlets were there reporting (for better or for worse...). I would just like to say that I am neither with ANSWER nor a Leninist (obviously can't prove that online, but for what its worth...) and I totally support a March 18/19 action on college campuses, whoever its called by (preferably all groups would participate). A few things I would suggest however. more...  0 Comments

Columbia University Owns $4 Milliion In War Stock

columbiawatch | Although some Columbia University administrators and professors might claim that they oppose the Pentagon's war in Iraq, as an institution, Columbia University still owns over $4 million in U.S. corporations that manufacture the weapons that the Pentagon needs to continue the Bush Administration's endless war in Iraq. more...  4 Comments

Iraq Peace Forum screening "Iraq For Sale" Sunday, 2/18 6:00 St. Mark's Church

March 19 Peace Actions | Acclaimed film delving into some of the economic motivations behind the United States invasion and occupation of Iraq - followed by an open mic discussion more...  0 Comments

Military-Industrial Complex

Mohssen Massarrat | The fusion of the new American patriotism with religious fundamentalism developed into the most powerful legitimation resource for continuing the MIC.. Stability and containing conflict in the Middle East are obviously not the goals of the neoconservatives. more...  0 Comments

John Howard: Profile of a Coward

finch | The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, has managed to gain some international attention after his hysterical attack on presidential candidate, Barack Obama. The seasoned Australian politician knowingly stated that a victory for Obama OR the Democrats would be a victory for al-Qaeda, “I mean, if I we're running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and pray as many times as possible for a victory not only for Obama but also for the Democrats”. more...  0 Comments

City-wide Outreach mobilization this weekend for Feb 17 - No More$ for War Day

Steven Ceci | Bush says "Stay the Course"...
The Democrats can't even pass a non-binding resolution opposing the surge...
The People must stop the war

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Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran

Sealion | "As a recent email points out, Iran does not manufacture 81mm mortar shells. According to a report offered by the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, connected to the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the neocon Brookings Institute, the smallest mortar produced by Iran is the 107mm M-30. This information is included in the JCSS’s “Middle East Military Balance,” updated last February. It can be read in this PDF file on page 15. According to JCSS, “The Middle East Military Balance has been the most authoritative source on Middle Eastern Armies since 1983.” It is quite fortunate for us the hubris-filled neocons care not to double check their engineered lies—erroneously described as a “machining process”—before unleashing them on an unwitting public." more...  1 Comments

WED 2/14: Activist V-Day w/Marisa Handler—FREE Book/Music Event @ Vox Pop, 7PM

Vox Pop | We are proud to host a fun, interesting, and FREE event featuring Marisa Handler, activist, author, and songwriter. (1/2 PRICE PINTS!) In her new book, Loyal to the Sky, Marisa takes us on a fascinating journey—from her childhood home in apartheid South Africa to Israel, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru, and all over the United States—to offer a rare and revealing glimpse inside the global justice movement. Through it all, the activism, travels, and writing became a foundation for her music. Her first full-length album, Dark Spoke, just came out this month. more...  0 Comments

"Oscar for Peace" Anti-War Vigil and Awards Ceremony

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