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War & Peace

Cheney’s speech at Sydney’s Shangri-la Hotel

finn | The American Vice-President, Dick Cheney, today delivered his only address to the ‘public’ at the plush Shangri-la Hotel. He will later meet with the servile Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson and other minor government officials at Victoria Barracks, Paddington. The symbolism of Cheney’s visit in the last days of neo-conservative rule is not lost on Australians; the absence of the Prime Minster, John Howard, from the venue was the most notable aspect of the event! more...  0 Comments


Southern SDS | Call put out by Students for a Democratic Society for nationally coordinated local anti-war demonstrations against the Iraq War on March 20, 2007. more...  2 Comments

Encampment to Stop the War

stop the war | ENCAMPMENT TO
In Washington DC more...  0 Comments

Aussies ramp up for Dick Cheney visit

peace fem | Two hundred people protesting against the war in Iraq have scuffled with police in Sydney ahead of the arrival of Dick Cheney, the US vice president, in Australia.

A police spokeswoman said seven people were arrested when police barred up to 200 members of the Stop the War Coalition from marching through Australia's largest city. more...  0 Comments


Jack A. Smith | An Analysis of U.S. Militarism Focusing on the Pentagon’s Futuristic Battlefield, Upgraded Nuclear Weapons and the Militarization of Outer Space more...  0 Comments

Preparing for Cheney

finch | See how Australian conservatives run! “No Australian should be surprised. In fact I would like to think they would support it ... The people who murdered 100 Australians in Bali trained in this place with these people and that's why we're there." The statement by the Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson is his latest despicable attempt to garner support and justify increased Australian military involvement in Afghanistan – the truth is the Howard government is at the beck and call of the Americans, that is why ‘we’ are in Afghanistan, Mr. Nelson. Defence Minister Nelson, in preparation for Dick Cheney’s arrival in Sydney tonight, has resorted to flagrant LIES and K-Mart political strategies to demonstrate to Cheney that Australian conservatives are able emulators of their master’s cheap tricks and lying political methods. more...  0 Comments

Ending the Occupation through STRATEGIC ACTION!

Not a Victim | We appreciate the spirit of constructive criticism in which the proposal to UFPJ to support D.C. actions on March 17 was offered. As we approach the 4th anniversary of shock and awe, we would like to give credit where credit is due. more...  3 Comments

The Honorable Way Forward Resolution

John Pagoda | There's more to supporting the troops than buying a new bumper sticker. more...  0 Comments

From George Washington to a Broomstick for a President

William Hughes | When Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) met with President George W. Bush, in the White House, on Feb. 15, 2007, he got the distinct impression that Bush’s “soul was shut down,” and that on the Iraqi War that his “mind was shut tight.” Non-binding Congressional Resolutions will not stop Bush’s “Surge.” Cutting off funds for the war will. Antiwar activists are showing the way on this issue by taking their campaign directly to the U.S. Congress. more...  0 Comments

March 19th No War consulta set for March 6th! | Calling antiwar visionaries, tacticians, logistical wizards, facilitators,
organizers, artists, musicians, revolutionaries, and people just plain fed up
with endless war. And especially calling affinity groups, organizations,
dancers, posses, covens, troops, and crews working for another, better world
beyond greed and violence.
more...  1 Comments

Imperialism and War: US Out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

Spartacus Youth Club | Spring 2007 class series on revolutionary Marxism - Imperialism and War: Down with the Bloody US Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan! Hands off Iran! Not One Person, Not One Penny for the Imperialist Military! more...  0 Comments

barack obama's time mechanism

ausarma | the boys need to get out of iraq. barack obama has a time mechanism designed to get the troops out by march 2008. but john howard is dead against it. condi plays the piano. more...  0 Comments

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

BBC | US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. more...  0 Comments

The War's Liberal Enablers

By Michael Donnelly | ...Given the chance to rise to the occasion and declare the illegal
war just that and declare that any candidate who supported the war
would not enjoy the political support of the Peace Movement; instead,
the Peace Movement allowed the entire issue to disappear from the debate. more...  0 Comments

UFPJ Splits the Antiwar Movement - Again

March 17 Leslie | UFPJ is once again working to split the antiwar movement by calling a counter-demonstration against the march on the Pentagon on March 17. more...  26 Comments

US agencies responsible for terrorism in Iran

Thomas Deflo | Military and civilian intelligence agencies perform a tactic of divide-and-conquer. more...  0 Comments

April 15-22: National Week Of Boycotts, Rallies For Impeachment

Solari | Please add this to your calendar and front page, and consider taking part in this unprecedented week of outrage and action against the unelected Neo-Fascists in DC, and those cowards in power who've betrayed us all by not acting to stop them, or them to account.

Enough of this Madness, already! Let's get it done, and make history doing it. C'mon, Seattle! Let's show the country what real civil disobedience looks like. more...  0 Comments

A Peace Action You Can Help With Right Now

Jack | New Peace Video announcing the March on the Pentagon the 17th more...  1 Comments

Is the Media Fomenting War between Iran and the US?

Florian Roetzer | Boredom strikingly prevails on the media stage despite the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the forgotten conllicts in other countries. more...  1 Comments

barack obama's time mechanism

ausarma | a remix/reconstruction of australian pm john howard's recent attack on senator barack obama's plan to pull troops out of iraq by march 2008. more...  0 Comments

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