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War & Peace

Art of War : Veterans

Larmee | Veterans more...  0 Comments

Scripted Libby Trial Ends on Cue: What Can Happen Next?

William Hughes | The Prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, crafted the “Scooter” Libby case to protect the Bush-Cheney Gang. Even the members of Libby’s jury knew something was missing. Now, it’s time for the House’s Judiciary Committee to pick up the baton. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NEV) said Libby manipulated “intelligence” to get us into the war and that the case revealed “deeper truths” about VP Dick Cheney. I say: “Bring Cheney to the Bar of Justice!” more...  0 Comments

San Francisco - Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down

Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner | About 200 Executioners will report for work one day soon at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons "Lab" in Livermore, California and methodically, even "professionally," set about executing the premeditated random murder of hundreds of innocent victims in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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March 19: Wall St. Direct Action

M19 COALITION | MARCH 19 - DIRECT ACTION IN NYC AT WALL ST! Stop the opening bell! Mass convergence to SHUT THEM DOWN!

More Upcoming Anti-War Events:

We Interrupt This Empire: The March 19 Peace Actions Coalition presents a screening of "We Interrupt This Empire..." a film about the Antiwar Takeover of SF Sunday, March 11, 6:00pm, St. Mark's Church, northwest corner of 10th St. & 2nd Ave., Manhattan

A Ride to End All Wars: A Ride to End All Wars is an inter-borough bike ride for peace in conjunction with the March 19 Peace Actions Coalition, taking place on Sunday, March 18th, 2007.

Root Force!: Sunday, March 18 - 6pm, Time's Up! Collective Space - 49 East Houston St. (between Mott & Mulberry); Are you tired of talking about "the system" and ready to do something about it? Are you looking for a way to fight the onslaught of corporate globalization beyond summit hopping and buying fair trade? more...  32 Comments

Immigration Gestapo kidnaps 500 workers in New Bedford

Working Class Emancipation | Immigration Gestapo kidnaps 500 workers in New Bedford
Mobilize labor's power to free them now!
Full citizenship rights for all immigrants!

* Emergency Protest: Thursday March 8, 12 noon *
* ICE Office, Dyer St, Downtown Providence * more...  0 Comments

Protests set to shadow Bush's Latin American tour

Jurnalo web site | Rallies, marches, fake bloodbaths and other protests, await US President George W Bush when he travels to Latin America on a five-country tour later this week.
While Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is set to play host to Bush on Friday in Sao Paulo, his own political party is backing harsh protests against the visit.
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In Washington DC

For daily updates see
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Join the Cuban 5 contingents the 17 March

sended by F Espinoza | Join Cuban 5 contingents in the Mar. 17 & 18 anti-war marches...
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AJLPP-USA Nationwide Mobilization for March 17 -18 Protests in Four Major US Cit

AJLPP_East Coast | The Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP), an alliance of Filipino American and allied solidarity organizations working for peace and justice, anti-war and racism in the United States and a member of the ANSWER Coalition will mobilize for the nationwide mass protests against the 4th year of the U.S Invasion and Occupation of Iraq and the 40th anniversary of the people’s march in Pentagon. March 1967 at the height of the US War in Vietnam.

Los Angeles and Washington DC will be the focus of the anti-war mobilizations on March 17 while Seattle and San Francisco will mobilize tens of thousands of the anti-war protestors on March 18. AJLPP will be present on the four major cities mobilization against the war and racism both in the east and the west coast.
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The Democrats and the Iraq War

Workers International Leauge | The war in Iraq is the most important issue on the minds of American workers and youth. The ruling class is also increasingly concerned about the course of the war, which has now gone on longer than World War II. The seemingly endless stream of dead and wounded Americans and Iraqis, combined with the colossal costs - which mean deep cuts here at home - is having a profound effect on workers’ and young people’s consciousness.

Students Protest WarThere is an entire generation whose world-view has been entirely shaped by the epoch of war, revolution, and counter-revolution through which we are living. They live in a world where the perpetual “war on terror” - a war of invasion abroad and economic attacks against working people here at home - is the norm. It should therefore come as no surprise that symptoms of a profound questioning of the system are emerging everywhere. more...  0 Comments

(Event) Friendly Fire: An Independent Journalist's Story of Being Abducted in Iraq, Rescued, and Shot by U.S. Forces

Events coordinator | While reporting the effects on civilians of the U.S. bombing campaign in Falluja, Giuliana Sgrena was taken hostage on Feb. 4, 2005, and held for one month. On the day of her release, as she was being escorted to Baghdad Airport by Italian security, U.S. forces fired on her vehicle, killing Maj. Gen. Nicola Calipari, as he shielded Sgrena. Mario Lozano, the soldier who shot at her vehicle, will be placed on trial April 17th for voluntary manslaughter. Giuliana Sgrena demands that the Pentagon be held responsible for the shooting-a product of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and not the actions of an individual soldier. more...  0 Comments

Consulta Tuesday night! Don't miss it!

m19 | Calling antiwar visionaries, tacticians, logistical wizards, facilitators, organizers, artists, musicians, revolutionaries, and people just plain fed up with endless war. And especially calling affinity groups, organizations, dancers, posses, covens, troops, and crews working for another, better world beyond greed and violence. more...  2 Comments

Was Pancho Villa Framed ?

Mark Walter Evans | According to an account in a book about the Mexican Revolution that has been made to disappear, Pancho Villa did not invade the United States at Columbus, New Mexico, on the night of March 9, 1916, as is commonly believed. A member of the State Department was with Villa at the time, and they were eight hundred miles away, in the mountains of Coahuila. more...  0 Comments


Yosef M. | So, on balance, the antiwar movement lies to workers about the Democrats, encouraging workers to support politicians who represent the interests of the class enemy, those who exploit working people. Even if some of the more left-talking groups may criticize the Democrats in their newspapers, they fight for a "broad," "single-issue" movement, that is, class-neutral, safe for the Democratic Party war-makers. more...  0 Comments

Hicks Update: Determined to Fight

Cleaves Eds via fleet | An Australian son abandoned by the nation and his government has decided to fight the fabricated charges brought against him by the criminal Bush regime. You bloody little bewdy! Against all odds and after years of psychological and physical torture Hicks proves his mettle. The murdering yanks and the slimy Howard government COULDN’T BREAK OUR LITTLE AUSSIE FIGHTER! One can only imagine the forlorn faces of the Howard servile government who no doubt desperately hoped that Hicks would break and accept a plea bargain in time for the elections. The Hicks case as previously stated has all the ingredients to bring down the servile government of John ‘deputy-sheriff’ Howard. more...  0 Comments

Barricade the War Machine: Pittsburgh Activists Blockade the National Robotics Engineering Center

Pittsburgh Organizing Group | On Friday, March 2, Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) and supporters set out to shut down the National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), a largely Pentagon-funded venture of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) that has become a world leader in warfare robotics. The action succeeded beyond the organizers' expectations. more...  2 Comments

Interview with a war resister

Workers International Leauge | Darrell Anderson received a purple heart after being wounded in Iraq, and has since been one of the wars harshest critics. He currently lives in Portland Oregon and continues to speak out against US war crimes committed in Iraq

Q: What led you to join the military?

A: Basically, I wanted money for education. I wanted a future. At the time I joined, it was a month before the war had started. So, I was ready to go to war, and I had actually joined because I wanted to see combat and wanted to go to war. I believed that If I died for my country, I’d be a hero, and I believed all the propaganda that they feed the youth of the country about war. more...  0 Comments


TONC | For daily updates see  http://encampmentto stopthewar. blogspot. com/ more...  1 Comments

A Review of Chalmers Johnson's Nemesis

Stephen Lendman | A review of how the US is passing from a Republic to tyranny. more...  1 Comments

Encampment to Stop the War Volunteers and Activists Meeting - Saturday, March 3,

Steven C. | Get the latest Information about, and help out with:

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