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War & Peace

23 Arrested: NYC Anti-War Direct Action: March 12th, 4PM

Tommy M | Around 100 activists occupied the military offices for close to two hours, surrounded by NYPD and FBI agents, who arrested 23. more...  21 Comments

Reading the Names of the Dead

a.lyn | these photographs were shot on March 12, 2007 in Times Square, NYC. The time was about 6:45-7pm. In the background is the army recruitment station more...  0 Comments

Multimedia for March 19th Actions

kilroy | The March 19 Peace Actions Coalition has released several multimedia promotions publicizing a flurry of events the weekend of March 19th. more...  0 Comments

Call for Another Massive Convergence at Port of Tacoma on Monday Night (3/12/07)

blaire fogerty | fyi for non northwest folks. more...  0 Comments

Endless War Memorial-All Week in Times Square

nycnion | At dawn on Sunday, March 11th as we approached the fifth year of the invasion of Iraq, people of conscience started reading the names of the war dead, both civilian and military. We will continue reading from sunrise to sunset for six days, through Friday, March 16th more...  6 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Monday:Bearing Witness: A Portrait of Women In War, Iraq

Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Monday, March 12, 2007, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM
or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

Email TV and sound ads for March 19 Wall Street Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

March 19 Peace Actions Coalition | A 30-second video promo and 60-second sound promo are available for the March 19 Peace Coalition events, both focusing on the nonviolent civil disobedience on Wall Street Monday, March 19. This is the culmination of a weekend of actions in protest of what is now four full years of war in Iraq. Please circulate widely via email, or add the HTML code to play the YouTube video on your website. more...  0 Comments

The Black Gangster as Urban Resistance: Sam Greenlee, The Spook Who Sat By the D

Ytzhak | we have seen greenlee’s works in the practical show and prove mode when a group of kids led by a crack dealer and pimp (eazy e of n.w.a.) fed up with destroying his own people deterritorializes the crack game and made it a rap business = out of oppression comes the transformative effects of sankofa—the underground scene which faces down capitalism by messaging the music via resistance on the street corner, prince buster’s “voice of he people” jamaican sound system or kids selling cds on sky trains and subways of independent creative beats, riddim and proletariat poetry delivered by and for the fighters in poverty—art of the oppressed and frontal attack of the insanity of amerikkkanadian industry and landscape.

more...  0 Comments

Two Officers Arrested in Venezuela for Plot to Assassinate Chavez

By: Chris Carlson | Two suspects, including a captain of the Venezuelan National Guard, were detained late Thursday night for their presumed involvement in a conspiracy to assassinate the Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez.
more...  0 Comments

Bush, ‘political cadaver’ -- It’s all but (over)

nano | There is something politically odd about Bush’s tour of various Latin American countries. South American nations were ‘lost’ to the U.S. some time ago – the price paid for America’s fixation in the Middle East. Bush is loathed internationally but is particularly despised in Latin America. The Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez accurately called Bush a “political cadaver” and led 20,000 Argentinian supporters in the chant, “gringo go home”, during his counter-tour of the region. more...  0 Comments

Boston Giant Peace Symbol Photos

Stop the Wars | Close to 200 people formed a 100' wide peace symbol in Copley Square in Boston. more...  4 Comments

Reformist left's response to ICE Gestapo raid: hollow words, empty gestures

Working Class Emancipation | The central problem that the reformists share in common is their promotion of kinder, gentler policies toward immigrants by the imperialist government. But in the US, as in all the world's imperialist countries, the racist persecution of immigrant workers has been an integral part of imperialist war from the very beginning. From the anti-Irish lynch mobs during the theft of northern Mexico to open the territory for slavery, to the massive deportation of Mexican and Eastern European immigrant workers during the First World War, to the internment of Japanese in concentration camps during the Second World War, the scapegoating and persecution of immigrants has served the dual purpose of fortifying the imperialist war abroad, and waging the class war at home by dividing the working class and smashing its attempts to organize across national dividing lines. more...  2 Comments

State Dept Report: Sickening Gov Abuse in Afghanistan

bracewell | The practice of courts ordering the defendant to provide compensation in the form of young girls in marriage to a victims' family continued. .... Human rights organizations reported that local authorities continued to routinely torture and abuse detainees - consisting of pulling out fingernails and toenails, burning with hot oil, beatings, sexual humiliation, and sodomy. more...  0 Comments

Join the Cuban Five contingents the 17th...

sended by F Espinoza | Join Cuban 5 contingents in the Mar. 17 & 18 anti-war marches...
more...  1 Comments


Thomas Riggins | T0he Bush administration may be shifting it tactics, but its strategic goals ( control of Middle Eastern oil) remains the same. more...  0 Comments

George Bush's Samson Option

Stephen Lendman | George Bush's reckless agenda to plunge the Middle East in total war. more...  0 Comments

Argentineans Welcome Chavez, Reject Bush

Prensa Latina | Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association called for Argentineans to attend on Friday a solidarity act with the Venezuelan people, during President Hugo Chavez visit to this country.
more...  0 Comments

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Antony C. Sutton | This is an area of historical research almost totally unexplored by the academic world.. Each system in its own way is a system of plunder, an organizational device to get everyone living (or attempting to live) at the expense of everyone else. more...  0 Comments


kilroy | A Ride to End All Wars is an inter-borough bike ride for peace in conjunction with the March 19 Peace Actions Coalition, taking place on Sunday, March 18th, 2007. more...  0 Comments

SUNDAY 6pm: We Interrupt This Empire / Film on Antiwar Takeover of SF

M19 Coalition | San Francisco, March 20, 2003:"Sirens wailed through downtown San Francisco and helicopters whirred above it all day Thursday as anti-war protesters poured into the city by the thousands and seized streets, blocked buildings and left beleaguered police and commuters fuming. "We were able to unplug the war machine for a day," an organizer yelled into a megaphone outside the Federal Building. This Sunday, 6pm: What Happened & how people made it happen. On screen at St. Mark's Church. more...  0 Comments

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