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War & Peace


Ya Basta | WE WILL act; we will sound the alarm; we will wear orange. On March 19th, facing five years of war, we will gather at 9:00am along the so-called “Canyon of Heroes” and execute our first public maneuvers in the face of the police. more...  0 Comments

Shut Them Down: The Democrats Will Wine and Dine. Maybe We Can Show Some Spine?

CLASH Collective | The Democratic Party has managed to successfully ride the wave of opposition to the policies of the Bush administration. And yet, all they can offer us is a non-binding resolution to express their disapproval for an EXPANSION of this inhuman, deadly, unprovoked conflict. The monstrosity of Guantanamo Bay continues unchallenged; innocent civilians, citizen and undocumented alike, are still being indefinitely detained; and after four years they’re still telling us the troops will be pulled out “next year.” It’s enough to make you wonder about the honesty of politicians!
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Is Iran Next? What can the average person do to stop a new war with Iran?

Sadie Anderson | Marches, petitions, calls, and faxes to congress are important channels for political action, but what could possibly stop a new war with Iran? One has to wonder, are our congressional leaders even reading their faxes? A notable website called recently published over 80 names and organizations of people whom directly influence policy and the president. Maybe through side channels, average Americans can get their message through. more...  1 Comments

On March 19th: Ya Basta!

NYC Ya Basta | The first official press release from NYC Ya Basta announces a convergence in the Financial District during March 19th demonstrations. more...  1 Comments

SAT-MON, NYC: A weekend of preparation & action against the wars

M19 Coalition | NYC peace groups and activists are planning a weekend of coordinated antiwar actions and events to protest the start of the 5th year of the Iraq War. As the culmination of a weekend of actions, we are planning a nonviolent mass civil disobedience to take over Wall Street and converge on the New York Stock Exchange, a symbol and organizing center of the greed driving our country on a path of war. We need your energy, creativity, solidarity and commitment to take another step in bringing the power of the people of New York City against the war machine. more...  3 Comments

Fake Congressional Opposition to War

Stephen Lendman | Congress again betrays the electorate more...  0 Comments

Memorial to the War Dead In Times Square Comes to an End.

Sharon Swerdlow | Thousands passed by it, by few people stopped to hear the names of the war dead.The Granny Peace Brigade's Endless War Memorial paid honor to the memories of thousands of war dead, from March 11 through March 16, 2007. Often standing in the cold and rain, their voices muffled by traffic, members spoke the names, ages, occupations, and dates of death of thousands of Americans and Iraqis. Sadly, most passers-by did not take even a moment to stop and show respect for the Memorial. more...  2 Comments


Thomas Riggins | Towing a modified neocon line Clinton has decided U.S. interests require continued Iraq occupation more...  0 Comments

Rise of the Anti-War Soldier

Labor Beat | A new video about the Washington D.C. anti-war protests in January, 2007, including US-Labor Against the War and Iraq Veterans Against the War. more...  0 Comments

Radical Youth Call

Shane Waters | Radical youth bloc -- DC march 17th more...  0 Comments

Oinker who killed Diallo demands gun back so he can kill again

JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN | Police Officer Kenneth Boss once was part of a group of officers who fired 41 shots at an innocent Muslim, Amadou Diallo. Gunning down another Muslim in Iraq last year as part of the Marine Corps whetted his appetite for more Muslim blood. Now he wants his NYPD gun back so that he can be free to kill again. more...  1 Comments


ntuit | Now Is the Time for Gays & Lesbians to End the War more...  0 Comments

It's Starting: Antiwar Activists begin subpoening Democrats for financing war

Mitchel Cohen | This strategy proposal was discussed at the World Can't Wait summit in NYC. Now, state of Washington activists are the first in the country to put it into practice. Who will be next? more...  0 Comments

Nicaraguans Protest Iraq War

Prensa Latina | The Nicaraguan Social Movement "Another World is Possible" called the population to protest against Iraq war on occasion of the fourth year since the US invasion.
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AIPAC’s Gabfest: Israel Lobby Shows Off Its Power

William Hughes | The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was in Washington, DC, for a three-day gabfest. Leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties were slated to make appearances at the event held at the Washington Convention Center. The Israel First Lobbying group is known for its dominating influence over the U.S. Congress and the presidency. Outside the Center, on March 12, 2007, activists made their voices of protest heard. more...  1 Comments

What can “We the People” Do to End the War in Iraq?

Event | What can “We the People” Do to End the War in Iraq?
Astoria Forum on Iraq

Judith Leblanc - National Co-chair, United for Peace and Justice on the “war on terror" and challenges facing the anti-war movement

Arun Gupta - Founding editor of the Indypendent on Shia-Sunni sectarianism, neo-liberalism and the politics of oil more...  2 Comments

Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena to Speak in NYC Wednesday

Center for Constitutional Rights | As the fourth anniversary of the war approaches, CCR would like to invite you to an event this Wednesday featuring Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! ; Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian Journalist abducted in Iraq and shot at by U.S. forces when returning to the Baghdad airport after her release, and Vincent Warren, the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. more...  4 Comments

Only the Debris of War is Left

Lutz Herden | Vietnam could not be conquered or defeated - despite all military efforts.. Three years after Johnson's ultimate demonstration of power, Nixon used the final exit strategy.. The Vietnamization of the war was Vietnamization of coffins. more...  0 Comments

Mitchel Cohen's call for People's Impeachment Tribunals

Mitchel Cohen | All over the country people are wondering what they can do to end the war and restore the Bill of Rights and some semblance of civil liberties. Here's one direct action proposal that goes beyond issuing demands into the ether .... more...  1 Comments


Andy Thayer | Two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups cruise the Persian Gulf, just off the shores of Iran. As the situation in Iraq deteriorates, an embattled Bush administration increasingly scapegoats Iran for its failed occupation. The U.S. arrests Iranian nationals in Iraq and admits it has special forces in Iran, apparently hoping to provoke a confrontation. more...  0 Comments

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